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What is Serra-Invest? Is Serra Invest a Scam or a Legit?

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OK, now let's begin with our Serra Invest review in order to find out what is Serra-Invest.com in real.

SerraInvest review. What is SerraInvest? Is Serra-Invest.com scam or legit?

Serra Invest login and join in link:- https:// serra-invest. com/ (Not Recommended to join)

What is Serra Invest? Is it Scam? Actually it is. Why? Find the details below.

Serra Invest is a Ponzi scheme which means an illegal company which can have legal issues anytime or can simply collapse by itself because none of the Ponzi schemes are sustainable. They pay existing members using the money of new members for some period of time due to which they create debt into the system each time they pay to their members and ultimately collapse.


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However, there are some people who like to take a risk by working with Ponzi schemes because they know that all Ponzi schemes pay at starting for some days in order to lure more people into their company. So, those kinds of people want to take benefits till the date these kinds of companies pay. But, Serra Invest is not good for those risk takers as well because it seems it is not paying from starting. Those sites who monitors HYIP/Ponzi schemes are paying or not, they are also not sure Serra Invest is paying or not because most of them know that the rate of return which Serra Invest is offering is very high even for the Ponzi schemes. So those risk takers are also afraid to invest Serra Invest due to which it is hard to find either Serra Invest is paying or not.


But, it doesn't matter Serra Invest is paying at the moment or not because at last this company is going to be collapse and stop paying like all other Ponzi schemes. Even if Ponzi scheme manage to sustain for long time, they can be seized by government authorities anytime. But, most of time Ponzi scheme collapses by itself because they use the funds invested by new members to pay existing members due to which each time they pay existing members by adding profit to the original investment amount, they will create debt into the system because there is not any real source to cover those profit margin.


Like all other Ponzi schemes, Serra Invest has also registered in UK Companies House which is not a big deal because anyone who can pay 20 GBP can register company in UK Companies House by providing virtual address, means by renting address with virtual address service providers. In the past tons of Ponzi schemes has already turned into scam which had registration document from UK Companies House which proves that document can't stop scamming them. Actually that document is not the license to run an investment company, but is just the registration document for tax purpose.


More than UK Companies House document, SerraInvest fails to provide any details about their owner. They have hide owner details both in the website and in WHOIS details and just have provided the virtual address as their company address which they have used to registered in UK Companies House. If any investment company is not upfront about its owner details, then that is already a bad point about that company.




Aforementioned, it is clear that we Serra Invest is not a good company. So, we have listed it within our Bad and Scam Online Works section. So, stay out of it.


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