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What is Product Launch Jacking? – NOI

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What is Product Launch Jacking and should you do it?

Product Launch Jacking is the process which steals traffic from the newly launching or introducing product in the market which shall generally go to the launching company or person’s domain. In fact, they steal such traffic from about to launch product or during their transit period. Many reviews of such product publish in advance before they introduce to the customers. So when the people search for those products using keywords, they land into their review pages. There are many ways people are using this type of business modality. Some are creating a website and posting blogs focused on related keywords search results of that product while other are buying domains with the similar name of such product targeting to sale similar or copied products in the market. People are making good money out of it because they don’t need to do any research on new product launch procedure. The company which is launching the product had done or doing researches and analysis for their new product i.e. what product to be developed, where to place, what shall be the price and what promotional campaigns are to be done to sell the product. They are already creating a huge blast through their announcements and advertisements and so on.

What about Product Launch Jacking?

So the later don’t need to do any of these jobs and get the information about their niche market. And making lots of money from this work. So, you are doing only keyword searches and writing articles targeting those highly searches keyword phrases and blogging in your website. Your good luck if you can rank higher in Google pages coz you will get more traffic to your webpage and possibilities of sales are even better.



You can market your copied product as never done before or first time in the market or new revolution in the market because you can take much benefits being the first one to review the product like ABC Review or ABC Legit or Scam or can I make money from ABC and so on, this will help you in fast ranking in Google pages. Your reviews will be new and unique to the audiences. But you also might get tough competition from the players of this market who can easily figure out the props of this kind of launching products.



The company has huge backlinks which means that they are using hell lot of spams like blog networks, link software, comment links etc despite of its fake reviews, to get low quality backlinks to their domain. They are reviewing the product not on research basis or experimental basis but with fake and unnecessarily elaborated stories, screenshots of people making money out of it or other false stories to attract the viewers, especially newbies for making sales. Or they might be buying backlinks to get ranked in Google page but they forget that the genuine way is only blogging the precise contents in your website. These kind of low rating backlinks might be helpful to get Google ranking in short term but when time passes by, your backlinks sources will be visible to the Google and you may be penalized for using fake way of getting backlinks. Because these backlinks actually doesn’t help you to sustain or compete in the market rather will spoil your image in front of Google society and you will be hit with Google algorithmic or manual penalty. Further, once the launching of real product done, your copied business finish here and you need to start again. So here you are spending your time and money not for once but time and again.


Our final recommendation:

We are very clear to say that yes you can make money from Product Launch Jacking but don’t ignore the fact that you need to spend a lot of money, effort as well as time to make the things happen because you are not offering genuine product but a copy of whatever being sold to your target audience with fake reviews based on the promotional tools and buzz. So your chance of getting genuine and fair traffics is very poor due to which you need to create traffic to your website. And your business is also not long lasting but periodic. Considering these factors, we do not recommend you this company where you need to spend your lots of money, hard work and time to make some money and that is also not with original but copied products. Why to go for such a company when there are better and legit options to make money online? Whatever you do, you should have stable and legitimate earning from your honest and fair reviews from which people get inspired to do business with you. You can click >HERE< to find many legit sites to choose for making money online.


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