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What is EasyHits4u? Is EasyHits4u Scam? – NOI

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What is EasyHits4u? Easy Hits 4u Review, Is EasyHits4u Scam?

EasyHits4u is not the best online work company to generate online income. EasyHits4u is a Traffic Exchange site which is online from 2003, from where members can earn very few amount of money by surfing the ads and referring people who like to surf the traffic exchange ads. You can also advertise free of cost in traffic exchange sites like EasyHits4u using the credit which you will earn by surfing the ads. But, it is not so good platform as it seems. Advertising with these kinds of sites don’t give any good results and even you can’t make a pocket money in a year working with these kinds of sites.


So, although there are some positive EasyHits4u reviews around the internet, from our side we don’t recommend EasyHits4u because it is not worth time and effort. You even can’t earn $10 per year on your own click and it is hard to get active referrals because when people know they can’t earn good amount of money, then they just leave the site. That is why we are here providing a review of EasyHits4u without any referral link, means here we are only delivering the truth, neither recommending nor promoting it. So, if you are looking for the opportunities to earn full-time online income, then you can find the list of legit online works and businesses by clicking this link:-


However, our No.1 recommended online business opportunity is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find the details by clicking this link:-

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The main reason we didn’t list EasyHits4u within our Good and Trusted Online Works section is because it is a traffic exchange site where you can earn very less amount of money and more than that, there were lots of traffic exchange and PTC sites in the past which were turned into scam even after running successfully for 4-5 years. That is why we don’t list any Traffic Exchange and PTC sites within our Good and Trusted Online Works section. On top of that, you can’t get good advertisement service from Traffic Exchange sites. They only claim you can get quality traffic to advertise your product, but the reality is opposite of that. So, we also don’t recommend you to use Traffic Exchange sites to advertise your website or referral link. Instead, you can find the best way to get referrals or sales in any companies by clicking >HERE<


Ok, now let’s begin with our EasyHits4u review as below in order to find out what is Easy Hits 4u in real.

What is EasyHits4u. com? EasyHits4u legit or not? EasyHits4u complaints. Easy Hits 4u reviews. Easy Hits 4u scam or legit?

What is Easyhits4u (Is Easyhits4u a scam?):-

Easyhits4u is a traffic exchange program which is online from 2003. You can earn money in EasyHits4u by surfing advertisements and referring people through your referral link. It also provides the platform to advertise your website or referral/affiliate links for free. For each site you surf in Easyhits4u, you will receive some credits which you can use to advertise your own website or your referral/affiliate links of other companies. However, it isn’t as good as it sounds because it takes almost a year to earn even a $10 by surfing ads and you will not get any good results from its advertising service as well. So, from our side, we don’t recommend it because it is not worth time and effort.


So, EasyHits4u is not a good platform to make money or to advertise.


Instead, we highly recommend you to join online businesses training program and learn the all the skills to be successful with any online businesses. Wealthy Affiliate is a good online business training platform where you can learn every skill to be successful from any online businesses. In order to find out more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:-  


Drawbacks of Easyhits4u:-

  • Easyhits4u do not have a forum, so you can’t discuss anything about EasyHits4u openly and can’t find the recent updates on EasyHits4U on time. If you need to contact the EasyHits4u support team, then you have to click the “contact us” at the bottom of the EasyHits4u page and need to send email to the EasyHits4u support team.
  • Earnings from Easyhits4u will be very low. After referring people also you can’t expect to earn even a pocket money within a year from EasyHits4u.
  • Easyhits4u also offers an additional platform to earn money like Matomy, TrialPay, SuperReward and Payment Wall which we think is completely waste of time same as surfing ads in EasyHits4u because you can’t earn a decent amount from these works compared with the time that you need to spend in it.

So, we don’t recommend traffic exchange sites like Easyhits4u either to make money or to advertise. If you are looking for the opportunities to make full-time online income, then better you check our Good and Trusted Online Works page by clicking this


If you like to share this EasyHits4u .com review with your friends and families, then please feel free to do so:- 

Your comments are valuable to us. So please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to report anything about Easyhits4u or want to provide any feedback for us. 

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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