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What is Is Bit Luna Scam or Genuine?

Is BitLuna scam or genuine? Are you searching for the BitLuna review in order to find out what is Bit Luna, either is BitLuna a scam or a legit? If so, then here, within our Bit Luna review, we have provided the complete truth about, both pros and cons, such as about BitLuna complaints, scam claims, about negative Bit Luna reviews and so on, overall about what is BitLuna.

In short, we want to you clear that we have listed BitLuna within our SCAMS sites list because the owner detail of the company is completely hidden, they are following illegal business model such as cash gifting plan and over all their business model doesn't seem sustainable. You can find more details within our BitLuna review as below. 

bitluna review, Is scam or legit? what is

Background of Bit Luna. What is

There is not any information about the owner of the BitLuna either in their website or in WHOIS record which is one of the bad point because most of time scam companies or the companies who are not sure about their own business generally hide their owner details. As per WHOIS detail, the domain was registered in Nov 14, 2016.

BitLuna is a cryptocurrency mining plus revenue sharing advertising platform. They offers you to purchase AdPacks in return of which you will get advertisement benefits to advertise your products, referral links, websites, etc. and also will earn back 130% ROI of your purchased amount. The owner of this company also operates LunaWallet and MiteFX.

Actually LunaWallet mined a LunaCoins through BitLuna and MiteFX is an internal exchange. However, the problem is no one knows how they are mining the LunaCoins and no one knows who is responsible for all of this business because the owner details is completely hidden.

They also offers the donation platform which is almost a gash gifting illegal scheme. No matter how many options BitLuna offers to earn money for their members, almost all of those follow unsustainable business model.

How to earn money from BitLuna?

It is free to join with BitLuna, but in order to earn money from this company, you need to spend money first. If you purchase AdPack (for which you need to spend at least $10) in order to work with BitLuna, then you will earn back 130% ROI in total of your purchased amount and also get advertisement benefits to advertise your websites, referral links, products and so on. But, in order to be eligible to earn back certain percentage of ROI on daily basis, you have to click company supplied ads daily.

Another way to earn money from this company is by referring new people to join this company through your referral link. Once your referred affiliate purchases any services of BitLuna, you will earn 5% commission from the purchase amount of your level 1 referrals, 3% from the purchase amount of your level 2 referrals, 1% from purchase amount of your level 3 to level 5 referrals.

Level 1 referrals means those people whom you recruit directly using your referral link and the level 2 referrals are the referrals of your level 1 referrals and so on.

You can also make money from BitLuna by taking part in the mining process of LunaCoin. For this process, first of all you need to invest certain amount of money and then you have to download their special software and keep that running within your device. You can exchange your LunaCoin to BitCoins on MiteFX.

They also offer Donation Plan which is a kind of matrix program for which you need to invest at least $0.10 which goes to your sponsor as a gift and same way you can earn money when your referral invest $0.1. If you donate to your second level upline, you can earn gifts from your second level referrals when they donate for second level upline and so on upto 5 levels.

They also provide Lucky Grid game which is gambling kind of game for which you need to spend at least $0.50 and if you win, you will either earn a cash from $0.01 to $100 or Ad credits or Upgrades.

Actually all these platform that BitLuna offers are unsustainable and even some of them are illegal. Offering upto 130% ROI is little bit high commitment which is difficult to pay back to the members just by selling Ad services. Yep, they will say they have other platform from where they can generate profit. But we need to think again those other platforms are sustainable or not.

Mining process of LunaCoin is not clear and we never know how much profit they can make from that platform. Donation plan is unsustainable business model in itself which can't run for long time, it will sustain till that time when they can get deposit from new members. Once they are unable to get new members, donation plan can collapse completely.

More than that, donation plan is completely illegal in many countries due to which even they can face legal issues in the future. OK, they may can make some profit from gambling game, but for that they should have enough number of members who are willing to play that game on regular basis. 

Anyway, even if they can make some profit form gambling game, still it seems it is hard for them to make enough profit from their whole system to pay back their members 130% ROI.


Aforementioned, we have listed BitLuna in our Scams category because the details of the owner of BitLuna is completely hidden and on the top of that it offers its own kind of crypto currency known as LunaCoin under which members can take part in the mining process of Luna Coin by investing BitCoin.

But, it is not clear how they are mining and how much profit they are generating from that mining process and how the price of LunaCoin will be increase in the future. More than that, LunaCoin is not offer by any other crypto currency wallet than LunaCoin Wallet itself.

Their donation plan is illegal cash gifting plan and they are offering to pay back pure 30% profit for each member who purchase Adpacks which is also very high profit margin which is very difficult to sustain for long run. So, there is very high risk involve to work with BitLuna.

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