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What is BestSun? Is a Scam? – NOI

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What is BestSun? Is a Scam or a Legit? is a scam site. If you want to know why, then you can find the details within our BestSun review here, for that you don’t have to search any other BestSun reviews.


So, if you are searching for the reviews to find out what is in real, either is BestSun a scam or a legit, then you don’t have to search any other Best Sun reviews for that because here we are going to reveal the complete truth about BestSun.


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OK, now let’s continue with our review in order to find out what is Best Sun in real and why is Best Sun a scam.

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BestSun complaints. Best Sun scam or not? BestSun legit or scam?

BestSun login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join, it’s a scam)

Why is a BestSun scam?

BestSun is a scam due to the following reasons:-

  1. BestSun doesn’t pay to anyone which is already enough to categorize it as a scam. Once members request for cash-out their earnings, that will be kept on pending forever because BestSun never releases their payment.
  2. is related to other scam sites such as because both websites have the same theme and business model. It is also using the same server which is using by the scam sites like PipLogo and HotLogo.
  3. It offers the investment schemes in the name of reputed companies and banks. But in reality, those investment schemes are not from those reputed companies and banks but BestSun is just providing the fake details in order to trap people into its scam.
  4. BestSun claims to be partnered with binary options and foreign exchange companies which is just another fake claim by BestSun.
  5. BestSun claims to pay $100 just for sign up and $2 to $5 for making one referral. However, none of the legit companies will pay such amount free of cost because none of the companies can survive by paying such amount free of cost.
  6. The owner details of has completely hidden within a WHOIS and it hasn’t provided any information about who is operating and running within its official website as well. In online work industry, none of the legit sites hide their owner details, only scam sites do.
  7. BestSun makes money for itself by selling the personal information of the members to the third parties which members have to provide to BestSun during the registration or payment request, such as their email address, payment processors details and so on.
  8. All the BestSun payment proofs and testimonials are fake.
  9. Overall every claim made by BestSun on its website is fake.

Aforementioned, it is clear that Best Sun is a scam site. So, we have listed it within our Bad and Scams category.


You can also find some tips to identify and analyze if any sites are scam or not by yourself by clicking this link:-

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