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The WeareQueen review is here to reveal the truth about We are Queen online store. So, your search for WeareQueen reviews to find out either is a scam or genuine and what is in real ends here. OK, let’s begin with our We are Queen review.


Actually, we don’t recommend WeareQueen for online shopping because we have found lots of suspicious activities going around with WeareQueen. If you want to find out what are those suspicious activities due to which we don’t recommend WeareQueen, then you can continue reading this WeareQueen review below.

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We don’t recommend WeareQueen due to the following reasons:-

  • Like lots of scam online stores, you can find out the face of models is cropped in most of the product pictures of WeareQueen. Mostly scam online stores crop out the faces of the models in the product pictures because they always copy-paste those pictures from other legit sites and want to save themselves from serious copyright legal actions. So, when we observe the product pictures of WeareQueen, we feel something suspicious is going on there. On top of that, even there are some people complaining that WeareQueen has copied their images without their consent.
  • We are unable to locate who and from where is operating and running the WeareQueen. WeareQueen hasn’t provided any information about its company’s or warehouse’s location and has also concealed its owner details within WHOIS. The only contact information it has provided is the phone number “+1 (302) 300-4089” which is also found to be used by lots of sites such as StyleVivian, FashionMia and so on. Legit sites will always mention if they have sister sites and if they are using the same contact details for their various sites. However, We are Queen hasn’t mentioned anywhere about its link with other sites which contact number it has been using which proves it has just copy-pasted the phone number from other sites which is definitely not good.
  • The website doesn’t look legit since it has not made its website theme tidy and has used the theme in a way lots of scam sites are using.
  • WeareQueen hasn’t provided the required security measure which is needed for online stores sites. So, if you shop at this site, your personal and financial information might be stolen.
  • It has provided two “terms of service” pages. One you can find at the bottom menu of the website while another you can find at the bottom of the checkout page. If you read the “terms of service” which you can find at the bottom of the checkout page, you will find out that it has mentioned it is governed by the law of China. However, the contact number “+1 (302) 300-4089” that it has provided on its “contact us” page is from the USA. Why any company from China will use the phone number from USA? On top of that, it has also provided its contact email address as on its “terms of service” page. But, that email address belongs to another website known as “”. So, this proves it has copy-pasted lots of things from other websites which is definitely not a good sign.

Now you must be clear why we don’t recommend WeareQueen. So, we have listed within our Not Recommended sites list.

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    Paula (Thursday, 20 June 2019 11:26)

    Hi, I purchased 3 itens in Wearequeen on monday, today is thursday and I haven’t had any new about the order and the shipping. I sent a mail back to the adress that sent me “order confirmation”, but it’s a Gmail mail. I didn’t know it was scan and now I think I was stolen! 🙁 What should I do now? I’m very sad and worried!

    Thank you for your support!

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