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Stat of News Review, Is it scam or legit? – NOI

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Stat of News Review, Is Statofnews scam or legit?

“Stat of News” is another scam site from serial scammer group who have other scam sites like LuckiNewsQuestofNews, AllNewsRound etc. They are scamming time to time from many years by opening totally fake business model sites as same as Statofnews. We can say business model of “Stat of News” is totally fake because they can’t pay even 1% of amount of what they claim to pay to their members for reading news. Statofnews claims that they will pay $7 for reading one news article and they will provide at least 35 news articles per day. They also claim that if someone refer members, then can earn portion of their earnings too. When people find this site, they feel it is very easy to earn money online due to which they are able to lure people into their system, specially the beginners in online work. 

Statofnews Review, "Stat of News" is scam or legit?

These kind of sites are open with intention of scamming people. They open this site so that they can earn money by increasing number of traffic. When they can gather more people into their website and keep them engaging in their website, they can easily rank up their website. When they can rank up their website, they can get more people and they can earn money from the advertisements within their website. 


The another way they can earn is by directly scamming people at the time of cashout. When the members request for cashout, first of all they will never pay to them and if someone send them email and ask them why till now they don’t get their payment, then they will reply that free members need to wait some months in order to get the payment and will suggest them to pay some fees if they want to process payment fast. But in the end members will lose their money by paying to them because they will never pay to anyone either someone pay fees or not. Actually they can’t pay that much amount to anyone.


They also sell the email address of registered members and earn money from that. In the online market, there are many companies who are willing to pay for bundle of email address of real people.


“Stat of News” had registered their website privately same as their other websites so that no one can identify their real data. However, we can be sure that these sites are operating by same group because they always put their phone number and postcode same. Even their hosting server is always same and more than that their business model is always totally fake and in same pattern. Their website hosting is from Ukraine where as they claim they are from USA.  Even all payment proof they have posted within their website are fake as they have never pay to their members ever.


Actually there are many proofs we can provide that all information provided by them is totally fake and they are scam. But, we think it is already sufficient to prove them scam as per our explanation above.

Conclusion about StatofNews :

As per our explanation above, it is already clear that “Stat of News” is 100% scam company. So, it is better not to waste time in this company as they will never pay you.

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