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You must be here because you were searching for the Sprizads reviews to find out either is a scam or legit, what is in real and so on, right? Well, then you have landed in the right place because here, within our Sprizads review, you are going to find out the complete truth.


What is Sprizads? Is Sprizads a scam?

Sprizads is a site which offers the advertisers to advertise their products or services and offers members to make money by viewing ads.


So, is it paying or is it a scam? 

Actually, Sprizads is paying but also we don’t recommend it both for advertisers to advertise and members to make money.


We don’t recommend Sprizads for advertisers to advertise their products or services because the sites like Sprizads deliver very low-quality traffic because only the members of Sprizads will view those ads and none of them are interested in those ads since they view ads only to make money, not because they are interested in that. Due to this fact, you won’t get any good conversation by advertising on the sites like Sprizads. Now, let’s find out why don’t we recommend it for members to make money.

Sprizads complaints. Sprizads fake or real? Sprizads legit or fraud?

Why don’t we recommend Sprizads? Due to the following reasons:-

  • If you check the history of ad-viewing sites, then you can find out that 99% of ad-viewing sites have turned into scams after running successfully for some months or even for many years. So, there is not any guarantee with ad-viewing sites since they can turn into scam anytime. 
  • The earning that you can make from sites like Sprizads is very low, you can’t make even a $5 per month by clicking ads on your own in these kinds of sites. Due to this fact even we don’t recommend lots of established ad-viewing sites like NeobuxScarlet-Clicks and so on.
  • It is hard to retain the referrals in the sites like Sprizads because of low earnings due to which it will be very difficult for you to make a good amount of money by referring people since most of your referrals will be inactive within 1 month after working in these kinds of sites. When those referrals find out it is very hard to make even pocket money by working for months in these kinds of sites, most of them just leave these kinds of sites.
  • Sprizads also offers the feature to rent referrals, but it is better not to use that feature because these kinds of sites never deliver the real referrals but just BOTs whose activities will be in the hand of the site owner. So, the site owner can always manipulate those rented referrals’ activities according to his/her benefit.
  • Actually, ad-viewing sites are not considered as good sites. Lots of legit payment processors like PayPal don’t want to provide their service to ad-viewing sites like Sprizads anymore due to which established ad-viewing sites like ClixSense have now turned off their ad viewing part and have switched to other businesses like surveys, offers, and tasks.

Now you know why we don’t recommend Sprizads. So, we have listed it in our Not Recommended category.


We advise you not to waste your time and effort on these kinds of sites where you can’t make a good amount of money and where there is no guarantee how long time the site will keep on paying. Instead, go for the long-lasting online opportunities from where you can make a good amount of money regularly. You can find some of those kinds of opportunities listed within our website by clicking >HERE<.


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