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Quadrolate is a Ponzi scheme which already makes it an illegal and unsustainable scheme but not a genuine or trustworthy company. If you don’t know what is Ponzi scheme, then you can find the definition by clicking >HERE<. Now you may want to know what is in real and why is a scam (Ponzi scheme), right? Well then, you can find all the details here in this Quadrolate review. So your search for reviews to find out its reality ends here.


Actually, Quadrolate is not only operating Ponzi scheme but it is also operating another illegal scheme known as a Pyramid scheme. How? Well, keep on reading this Quadro Late review to find out why is Quadrolate a Ponzi-Pyramid hybrid.


Quadrolate complaints. Is a Quadrolate fake or real? Is a Quadrolate legit or fraud?

Quadrolate is a fraudulent company due to the following reasons:-

  • Aforementioned, Quadrolate is a combination of two illegal schemes known as Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. If you don’t know what is Pyramid scheme, you can click >HERE< and to find out what is Ponzi scheme, you can click >HERE<. So, this one reason is enough to prove Quadrolate is a scam.
  • Quadrolate is a Ponzi scheme because it doesn’t have any real source of income and only providing the fake claims of having profit from Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading to pay up to 3.6% profit daily on the investment amount of the members/affiliates but it fails to provide the proof to support that claim. There is no evidence of its investment in Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading. The only verifiable source of income coming into the Quadrolate is not other than the money invested by its affiliates/members. On top of that, none of the experts in Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading field can guarantee 3.6% profit daily. So, even if it wants to pay its members, it can only pay each member by using the money invested by another member which is not a sustainable business since that will create a debt each time it pays its members. So, Quadrolate even wants to pay its all members, it will not have a sufficient amount of fund to pay all of its members. So, it will stop paying suddenly whenever it collects enough amount of money and run away with the money of the majority of the members. This is how every Ponzi schemes are operated, that’s why Quadrolate is a Ponzi scheme.
  • If any company can make up to 3.6% daily profit, then they will invest their own money to make a profit for themselves instead of collecting money from several people by paying them that profit. If they don’t have money, they even have an option to take a bank loan, any business or personal bank loan which will cost them only a 1% monthly interest rate. So, which company wants to pay 3.6% profit daily than paying 1% monthly to the bank? Of course, none of the legit companies will collect the money at such a high rate. Ponzi schemes never pass this logic test and prove themselves to be a Ponzi scheme.
  • Don’t fall into its payment proofs. Yes, we agree those payment proofs are real. However, every Ponzi schemes pay few members at starting by routing the money between the members so that they can show the payment proofs and lure more people into their scams. When they collect enough amount of money, they will just stop paying.
  • Quadrolate is also a Pyramid scheme because it claims to pay a referral commission up to 3 levels of referrals on the sales of its ROI plans. However, it is illegal to do so because those companies which pay a referral commission up to multi-level downlines without selling real product or services, they fall into an illegal scheme category known as a Pyramid scheme. That’s why Quadrolate is a Pyramid scheme as well.
  • Don’t fall into its UK Companies House registration document which is registered in the name “QUADROLATE LOGISTICS ABILITY LIMITED”. That is not a license to run an investment company but just a registration for a tax purpose which anyone can register very easily. Even people provide virtual address and third-party identities to register a company in the UK Companies House. Lots of scam companies have already registered from the UK Companies House. If you want to find out how the scam companies are registering from the UK Companies House, then you can click >HERE<. On top of that, even there is not any proof which shows the connection between QUADROLATE LOGISTICS ABILITY LIMITED and Quadrolate website.
  • In the past, lots of Ponzi schemes like Quadrolate had scammed lots of people. The recent examples of Ponzi schemes are TessLine, BTCFury, GoldenHanoi and so on. Actually, there may be thousands of them. 
  • Legal authorities have already issued the warnings to stay away from Ponzi-Pyramid schemes. It is a crime to involve in Ponzi-Pyramid schemes like Quadrolate.
  • If you still don’t believe us, then you can simply contact the legal authorities in your country and ask them to check the business of Quadrolate, then you can find out the reality by yourself.



Aforementioned, it is clear that Quadrolate is a scam. So, we don’t recommend you to invest in Quadrolate and have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.


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