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What is Pay Per Mails? Paypermails Review, Is Paypermails Scam or Legit?

Paypermails is totally fake company with fake payment proofs, fake business model and fake data. There is nothing real within "Pay Per Mails". So, Paypermails is a scam.


You can find many companies like Paypermails which is opened with the intention of scamming people. Aglocoptr, Fmptr etc. are some examples which are similar to this company. Even it seems that these all companies are operating by the same group. However, most of the time they register their website by hiding their real identity and other time always register under different name and different location. However, if we focus on their business model, the advertisements which they have put in their website, the way of language they use within their website, it becomes clear that most of these kind of sites are operating by same scam group.


OK, let's continue with our Pay Per Mails review to find out what is Paypermails in real.

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Paypermails Review, Is Paypermails scam or legit? Paypermails is scam.

Companies like Paypermails are long lasting scam. You can find these kind of companies online from many years and still scamming people day by day. These companies are open in order to scam beginners in online world. When beginners search about online work companies, they will first of all try to find out those kind of online work companies from which they can earn money quickly. Companies like Paypermails show them very easy way to earn money online and they fall for it. But in the reality, this is totally fake business model. None of company can pay you $500 just for signing up, $50 for each view of PTC ads, $100 per email etc. No one can take benefit from such a high rate advertisement because people do advertisements to sell their products online and it is not guarantee that each time they show ads, that members will buy the products they offer. In reality even 99% members will not buy anything from those ads as they are viewing those ads in order to earn money, not to invest. If they really pay this much amount and show like this ads to around 10,000 people, then they will already broke. $100 per email means $1,000,000 if they show that email to 10,000 people. It have 99.9% chance that no one will buy anything when 10,000 people view those ads. And if in the case someone buy, then what will they sell? Diamond? Because it is very hard to sell $1,000,000 products online. Actually we already know this is fake business model, but also we are explaining you so that you can identify by yourself the fake business model like Paypermails.


Now may be you are thinking why these companies are scamming people like this. If everyone can join and work free of cost, then what is the benefit this company can make with those people?


OK, now we make you clear the real intention of these kind of companies.


These kind of companies are open to earn money for themselves, not to pay you. They can earn money by selling the email address which you provided to them during sign up. They will also sell your other personal information to third party and that third party will use those information in order to make fake passport, fake citizenship etc. Never fall for any sites which are similar to Paypermails.


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However, you must know one thing. You can't earn money overnight as scam companies like  Paypermails claims you. It takes time to earn money in the real world. But, you can definitely earn money if you work as we guided in the review of each companies as we listed in "Good and Trusted Online Works" and "Promising Online Works" section.


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