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News Person Review, Is it Scam? – NOI

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News Person Review, Is News-Person Scam or Legit?

What is News Person?

New-person. com is one of the scam sites opened to defraud people with attractive schemes like making money easily through online with less effort and time. NewsPerson is opened by the same scammer who has been continuing to open several scam sites by hiding his/her identity within WHOIS and giving his/her scam websites’ appearance different looks to cheat people, with the intention to increase the traffic through high number of people to visit their website so that he/she can earn money somehow. His/her previous few scam sites were Quest of news, LuckiNewsAllnewsroundStatofNews, Till News etc.

NewsPerson is a Scam Site. News-Person Review

He/she is intended not to pay any money to the people at any point of time and only to scam the people for his/her benefits. Some people get impressed by his/her smart  and attractive offers and mis-guided to work on such websites where he/she offers that only by clicking/viewing one news/advertisement they can get a very high payment. This scammer is smart enough to mislead some people with these nonsense schemes to work on their website which will increase their traffic number and ultimately website ranking, from which the people working in their site will get nothing but the scammer will get benefits and paid by others’ effort. 

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