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Is legit or scam? If you are searching My Survey review to find it out, then you are in the right place. Comparing our review with all other reviews, you will get here all the information about My Survey, both pros and cons, the complete truth about My Survey.


So, is My Survey scam or is My Survey legit? Nope, My Survey is not a scam because MySurvey rewards the members for their work, but it doesn’t mean that we can earn good amount from this site because it is very hard to earn a good amount from this site. That is the reason we don’t recommend to work in MySurvey because we feel it is complete waste of time because if we put same time and effort to work with top rated online work companies like Wealthy Affiliate, we can make a very good income. If you want to find out more details on Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link:-


OK now let’s begin with our MySurvey review as below.

The URL of MySurvey:- Login and join link to your Mysurvey Account.

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Background of My Survey:

MySurvey was established since 1940s as a market research company to collect the data from consumers in UK, Canada, USA, France and Malaysia . The online version of this company was launched in 1995 and operated by LightSpeed Online Research Inc. The Company has been operating relatively longer than other survey companies and also paying on time, but also we don’t recommend it due to the amount of payment, means the earning that you can make from this site is very low compare with your time and effort that you have to provide in this site to work.



How to earn money from My Survey?

Members can earn money from MySurvey by filling out the surveys. There are different points in each survey and you will earn those points when you complete the respective surveys. However, members have to spend lots of time to complete those surveys. The length of those surveys are very long and even several time after you complete 75% of those surveys, you will be screen-out saying that you are not qualified for this survey or the number of people has been already reached out for that survey which can be too much frustrating. On top of that, some members have encountered with huge issue of getting suspended their account even without a single waring from the site and even without giving them the reasons for doing so. Some of those members got suspended their account after they complete some of those surveys and gather points and were preparing to cashout. Their support is also very irresponsive due to which it will be hard for us to get reply from them. So, the fact is the we need to waste lots of time for doing something for which we will not be credited after. So, this is the main reason we don’t want to recommend this company to anyone.



Drawbacks of MySurvey:

  1. There are lot of issues with MySurvey that has been reported by its members. Such as, there is so many chances for not getting credited after you complete the surveys by simply screening you out by giving the unjustified reasons like the number of people has been already reached out for that survey. 
  2. Most of the people had also complained that all of sudden MySurvey is deactivating the account of the members for no reason. So the members are worrying to filling out the surveys in the site because there are lots of members who were unable to cashout after completing lots of surveys just because they got suspended and that is also without providing valid reason from the site.
  3. Sometimes you will be just screen out from the survey after completing 75% of survey just giving the reason that you are not qualified for that survey.
  4. You will get payments on points and the payments is very low comparing with the amount of time and effort you need to provide to complete those surveys..The conversion rate is $10 per 1000 points which is really difficult to earn from this site because it will take very long time to earn 1000 points from this site.
  5. The support team of MySurvey is very irresponsive and even they will not give you the reason for suspending your account if you contact them after you got suspended by them.



Aforementioned in drawbacks of MySurvey, there are lots of issues in this site and it takes lots of time and effort to earn from this site because you will be disqualified from lots of surveys after you complete more than half of those surveys and you will also have risk to get suspended from this site for a small mistake even without any warning. Majority of the members of this company are not satisfied from their income. It is very hard to earn a decent amount from this site. So we don’t recommend these kinds of survey sites although they keep on paying to their members because we only recommend the top rated companies like Wealthy Affiliate from where you can established your full time online career for lifetime, for details on WealthyAffiliate, please click this link:-


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