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Lynkar and Virlinx Scam

Lynkar and Virlinx was launched on December 19, 2013 and it was paying till January 2015. But after that all of sudden they shut down the site. The owner of Lynkar is from Changzhou, China.


After site was down, recently they announce that database is seriously damage and it take them too much long time to restore. But, who knows that it is server crash or financial crash. Members can open dispute against their investment via Paypal only within 180 days. So, may be this is strategy to control dispute against Paypal. We can't believe any sites if they down for more than 25 days.


Even they come back, then also we can't believe them anymore because any company which even not set back up of their website is totally irresponsible. Even if it is true and really had happened as they say, then also it is totally clear that it is irresponsible company who don't care about their members. 


More than that, even they can back the investment of their members by checking into their payment processor account like Paypal and Payza. For that why they need to wait till website is up again. It is not other than scam.


So, if some of you had invested in Lynkar, still have time. Open dispute from Paypal and apply to back your investment before it is too late.


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