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Lucrelab Review, Is Lucrelab Scam or Legit?

Update (17/09/2015):-

Like we guess from the launch date of Lucrelab, it has now turned into scam. There are lots of issue within this site recently and the major one is payment issue and earning balance swap with valueless coins. As you can see below in our review, from starting we have doubt on this site and now our doubt become a reality.

After Paidverts able to run successfully from one year, many new websites are launching which are similar to Paidverts. Lucrelab is one of them. However, the main drawback of Lucrelab is that no one know who is the real owner of the site and where is their exact location. In online work industry, we should be always careful with those kind of sites who had hide their identity during registration. However, Lucerlab is paying till date and at least they had additional income stream like gambling games as same as in Paidverts due to which they can at least generate additional income compare other similar kind of website.

Lucrelab review, Is Lucrelab is Scam or Legit? What is LucreLab?

To work in Lucrelab is very simple and more easy if you are already member of Paidverts because it is almost same as work in Paidverts. However, if you are not the member of Paidverts, then also it is very easy to do work in these kind of companies.


First of all, you need to view Lab Points ads and when you have enough points, you will start to receive value ads. When you click and view those value ads, you will earn money as per quoted amount in those ads. More points you can accumulated, more high value ads you will get. Even you can get ads more than $1+ per click. Working in Lucrelab is almost same as work in Paidverts, so if you want to know about how to work in Lucrelab then you can follow the same strategy to work in Paidverts which you can find within our detail review on Paidverts by clicking this link:-


You can also earn unlimited amount in Lucrelab by referring as many referral as you can because you can earn 5% of your referrals click and purchases.

Lucrelab is a scam company

Conclusion about Lucrelab

The main drawback of Lucrelab is that the real information of owner and the real location of website is hidden due to which no one can find them if they turn into scam later. Another drawback of Lucrelab is that its business model is still unsustainable, however it seems they are going to add additional income stream in future, but not sure about it.


So, we conclude that you can work in Lucrelab if you have enough time, but only work as free user OR invest only that much amount which you can afford to lose. We had already clear the risk involve to work in Lucrelab, so it is upto you to decide whether or not you want to work in Lucrelab. If you want to join in Lucrelab, then you can click the first picture of Lucrelab as above and register in it.


If you are searching for the real online work from which you can plan your lifetime income and can earn full time online income, then we suggest you to read our detail review on No.1 online work company till date by clicking this link:-


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