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LinkedIn You Appeared in Search this Week Scam

Phishing Email Scam Alert!

If you have got the email with the subject “You appeared in 3 search this week LinkedIn” with the body content as in the given example below but not from the official email address of LinkedIn but from other email addresses such as “”, then you must know that is a spam email, not the email sent by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn You Appeared in Search this Week Scam Email

Example of LinkedIn Spam email:-

From: LinkedIn <>

Subject: You appeared in 5 search this week LinkedIn

You appeared in 5 search this week

You were found by people from these companies


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You are receiving LinkedIn notification emails.

As you can see in the above example, you will get these kinds of email from unknown email addresses like “” but not from the official website of LinkedIn.

If you got this kind of email from the official email address of LinkedIn such as “…”, then that would be genuine email. However, if the email address doesn’t end with “” but with other addresses and claims to be from LinkedIn, then you must know that email is a spam. Never ever click any link on those spam emails, not even the unsubscribe link.

If you click any link provided in those spam emails, then your information stored on your browser and on your computer might be on risk. These hackers will try to hack your personal information from your browser or device whenever you click the link and open a website as provided on those spam email addresses. So, your personal information like email address, financial details including credit card details will be on risk. So, never ever click any link on these kinds of phishing emails.

Some hackers may be not able to steal your information just by clicking the link of the website that they have provided on those spam emails, but they can hack your personal information by asking you to submit your email address and password. The hackers make the website exactly similar to the real website which can trick people to submit their email address and password on those websites thinking those are the real website from the mentioned reputed companies but in reality, those are not.

For more safety, even it is better you don’t click the link as provided in the genuine email of LinkedIn because these hackers are becoming expert day by day and they can even make an email address similar to a LinkedIn official email address. So, instead of clicking the link as provided in the email address, it’s better you go directly to the official website of LinkedIn and open your account there. In your LinkedIn account, you will definitely find out the notification of the steps that you have to follow. So, it is not necessary to click any link as provided in the emails, even in the genuine emails.

These kinds of spam emails are not a new thing. These hackers have already tried to hack the personal information of the people by sending emails in the name of reputed companies such as Google, Microsoft, CocaCola, PayPal and so on. You can find some examples of these kinds of spam emails as below:-

So, it is not the first time hackers have tried to hack the personal information of people using the name of the reputed companies like LinkedIn but have already tried many ways to trick people to fall into their scams. So, to save yourself from these kinds of phishing emails or text messages, it’s better you don’t follow any instruction that you receive on the emails. Instead, just directly go to the official website of respective companies and check your account status there.

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