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Imixers Scam Alert! KitchenAidfs Scam Alert! Yes, is a scam site. If you want to know why then you will definitely find that within our Imixers review here. So, without any further delay, let’s begin with our Imixers or KitchenAidfs review to find out what is KitchenAidfs, what is which is also known as KitchenAidfs is nothing other than the scam e-commerce website. It has copied lots of things from the legitimate site known as “” and even put the name similar to KitchenAid which is KitchenAidfs, but in reality, Imixers (KitchenAidfs) is here to deceive people.


Imixers is scamming lots of people than other similar kinds of e-commerce scam sites due to the similarities in the name of this site with the legitimate site. Since it has put the name of the site KitchenAidfs which is similar to legitimate site KitchenAid and selling exactly similar items that legitimate “” website is selling, so it is making people confuse and people are purchasing items from this scam site thinking they are purchasing from the legitimate one.


Whenever you purchase online, you should be very careful with the details. In case of KitchenAidfs also, if you see the name of this site carefully, you will find out “FS” has been added in the name of the legitimate site. Not only that. If you check the domain, you will find out the domain is “”, not “”. So, if you care about these kinds of details before you purchase anything online, then you can save yourself from these kinds of scams.


People also fall into these kinds of scams due to their greediness. If you find out some sites are offering some items in a very cheap price which looks too good to be true, then you must know that is not true or at least you must research about that site before you made any purchase from that kind of site.

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Imixers, also known as KitchenAidfs is a fraud e-commerce site

Legit sites will never try to trick people by opening the site exactly similar to another site, even with almost the same name and same website theme. The copy-paste behavior never happens in legit sites. Not only Imixers has tried to copy-paste the name and theme of legit website, but it has also tried to trick people by selling the same items that is selling. However, Imixers is not authorized to sell those items.


Imixers is selling the same items which the original site is selling, but at a very cheap price which is practically not possible. None of the legit sites can earn any profit by selling those items at the price which Imixers is offering.


You can also think generally. If the products of KitchenAid can be sold at such a cheap price, then why KitchenAid website itself is not providing that offer and giving that opportunity to another new site with exactly same kind of website theme. It’s because the legit website hasn’t anything to do with the scam site Imixers. If you don’t believe us, simply ask with, they will let you know that they have not any connection with Imixers.


Legit sites always never hide their owner’s name and the company’s address. For example, has revealed everything about their company’s location and owner details on their website as well as in the WHOIS details whereas, in the case of, it hasn’t mentioned anything about its company’s location or owner details on its website and also has concealed those details in WHOIS. So, this once again proves Imixers is a scam site because none of the legit sites hide their owner details and company’s location.


Well, we are not the only one who is saying Imixers/KitchenAidfs is a scam. You can find 100s of complaints against Imixers from its users for not delivering them the items that they have purchased from this company. Even some users have complained that this company has charged their credit card randomly without their consent. If you search around the internet, you can find multiple such kinds of complaints, but you can’t find even one positive Kitchen Aidfs review.


We don’t declare some companies scam only by observing the negative complaints. We always try to find out both complaints and positive reviews of the companies because every company has complaints, even the legit ones. But if the volume of complaints beat the volume of positive reviews, then that company is definitely doing something wrong. In the case of Imixers, we even didn’t find out any positive Imixers reviews but just a bunch of complaints.


If you have already purchased something or even have only submitted your credit card information on, then we suggest you immediately contact your credit card company or bank to save your money, otherwise, you will be the victim of credit card fraud.


Actually, Imixers is not the only one scam e-commerce site. You can find multiple e-commerce scam sites such as Pickido, Gamiss, KeysNodes, Flamenx, Mocelli, LucanLorenzo and so on.


Whenever you find out any e-commerce site offering some items at a very cheap price, then that has maximum chance to be a scam. So, to save yourself from the scam, never ever purchase anything from any new sites without doing some research or simply purchase the items from reputable companies. Also never provide your credit card information to any unknown sites. If you want to find out some tips to identify if any sites are scams or legit ones by yourself, then you can find that by clicking >HERE<


So, now it is clear that Imixers/KitchenAidfs is a scam. So, we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.

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Good Luck!

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Comments: 21
  • #1

    Natalia (Thursday, 20 September 2018 23:10)

    I need help.

    I made a purchase in imixers 15 days ago, I did not take the precaution to check and because today I found this article since I was beginning to doubt and I am very worried.
    I would like to know if you have managed to do something or if you have received your money back.

  • #2

    William montgomery (Saturday, 22 September 2018 08:31)

    Never even got the mixer fake or other wise. Edson learned!

  • #3

    Maria (Tuesday, 25 September 2018 05:22)

    Yo también caí…no he recibido nada

  • #4

    News Online Income (Thursday, 27 September 2018 17:32)

    Dear Natalia,
    It’s better you contact your credit card company or bank and follow their instruction to get the refund if possible, otherwise, at least follow their instruction to save your credit card money because these kinds of scams can charge your credit card randomly in the future also. Only your credit card company or bank can help you.

  • #5

    News Online Income (Thursday, 27 September 2018 17:35)

    Dear William Montgomery,
    Don’t expect to get that mixer. We suggest you to immediately contact your credit card company or bank and follow their instruction to save further charges in your credit card.

  • #6

    News Online Income (Thursday, 27 September 2018 17:37)

    Querida Maria,
    No espere obtener ningún artículo de iMixers. Le sugerimos que se comunique inmediatamente con su compañía de tarjeta de crédito o banco y siga sus instrucciones para ahorrar más cargos en su tarjeta de crédito.

  • #7

    Lisa (Monday, 08 October 2018 15:44)

    I to purchase 2 mixers on September 3 and printed out invoice. They have billed my credit card. No items yet! What do I do?

  • #8

    salihgultoprak (Monday, 15 October 2018 05:47)

    i buy 1 mixer on september 11 my order number 111110 ,They have billed my credit card. No items yet! What do I do?

  • #9

    News Online Income (Sunday, 21 October 2018 15:06)

    Dear Lisa,
    You should immediately contact your bank or credit card company to help you to get a refund as well as to secure your credit card.

  • #10

    News Online Income (Sunday, 21 October 2018 15:08)

    Dear salihgultoprak,
    Don’t expect to get your items from Imixers. Instead, you should immediately contact your bank or credit card company to help you to get a refund as well as to secure your credit card.

  • #11

    tabassum Husain (Wednesday, 24 October 2018 08:49)

    i buy 1 mixer on september ,They have billed my credit card. No items yet! What do I do?

    Its a fraudulent site. I almost got scammed by this. Please DO NOT BUY FROM kitchenaidfs it is not connected to kitchenaid

  • #12

    Minela (Tuesday, 13 November 2018 09:14)

    i buy 1 mixer on september 2 my order number 54614. But the mixer is still not there. Where is the problem?

  • #13

    Irene (Friday, 16 November 2018 14:28)

    What could i do? I purchase one on august 31 and it was paid with credit card and still haven’t recieve nothing.

  • #14

    Ivan Castilla (Sunday, 09 December 2018 18:12)

    I purchase 6 Qt unit and since Aug 9. Never arrive.
    Facebook must take responsablity because supporting scammers.
    When you make a comment about theJ00s fb give you 30 days in fb jail however when you are scammed by fb advertizers they will ignore you.

  • #15

    Renu (Thursday, 27 December 2018 05:49)

    It’s been 4 months I have not received the order yet dnt knw what to do with this fake sites.

  • #16

    Fiona (Monday, 14 January 2019 15:42)

    I have not received my order and now the site has blocked me with a 403 error, have i lost my monet.

  • #17

    “Sheila (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 13:21)

    Too late. Made purchase in Sept. 2018, They had nice fake website made it look like item was shipped then stuck in customs. Still no mixers and no longer can access the website. Too late to reverse the charges only had 60 days with bank. Threw money out the window.

  • #18

    Cindy (Monday, 11 February 2019 19:33)

    Same thing happened to me that happened to Shelia. Bye bye money!

  • #19

    Darlene (Wednesday, 13 February 2019 17:10)

    Too late for me too!! My order “seemed” to have gotten to customs tax… in November and it stopped… right there!!! I did go to my credit card company and I was refunded my money. We cancelled the card a couple months before I called them and the STILL refunded my money. Here was my shipping process… it made it look legit
    The shipping details—
    Date Added Order Status Notes
    2018-09-05 22:09:38 approved
    2018-09-05 22:12:27 Preparing Order Now
    2018-09-07 10:15:01 Order Processing
    2018-09-08 22:20:51 Ready for Shipping
    2018-09-09 22:29:42 Order Processed: Ready for Shipping
    2018-09-10 22:45:33 Departure Scan
    2018-09-13 22:58:16 Customs Scan
    2018-09-20 23:09:22 Ready to be delieveed to containers
    2018-09-23 23:16:17 Marine container transportation About 25-45 Days
    2018-10-28 23:18:59 Arrival Scan
    2018-10-31 23:23:45 Customs inspection(Origin Scan)
    2018-11-03 23:39:21 Customs tax declaration

  • #20

    Elys (Thursday, 28 February 2019 22:29)

    Me too. I have made my purchased last year sept 9 and till now I haven’t received my mixer. I keep on emailing them and they do reply saying it’s cheap bla bla bla and will take some time. I can’t believe they did this. I swear that they are not going to have a happy life for cheating innocent people like us..

  • #21

    Ges (Monday, 02 September 2019 18:43)

    The social sites these fake ads appear on should become liable for fake ads on their site as they should check before allowing any illegal of fake content to be displayed on their social media walls.

  • #22


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