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How To Make Money From a WordPress Website – NOI

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How To Make Money From a WordPress Website

Ways to make money from a WordPress website

Today is the world of the internet. There is no such way like the internet through which we can reach to billions of people around the world. It really has united the world in a bucket. You can see everything is linked with the internet and seems like life is not possible without it. People are getting so used to with internet that the whole world seems like roaming in the tip of the finger. Anything you need, just Google it and get it in your doorsteps.


So, here we are going to talk about how to monetize this internet for your living through online, yet simply can explain you on how to make money online through internet, website or blogging.


Through this post, you will not only find ways to make money on a WordPress website but you will get an idea about how to make money from almost all kinds of content websites. So, keep on reading this post to find out how can you make money from a website, especially from content blogging websites like WordPress.



Selling your own product or selling others’ product (affiliate product) through your WordPress website by blogging contents on your WordPress webpage can generate a healthy amount of money for you if you devote some of your time and utilize the proven ideas in this industry.


What would be the better option to earn money through the online business connecting and reaching to billions of people around the world as your niche? What you need to do is just follow some of the better ideas and tutorials that have been already experimented and established as a trademark in the online business industry. There are tremendous opportunities to earn startling money in this field if you pick the correct timing and process.


First and foremost, you need your own WordPress website to do this online business where you can drive the traffic and ultimately sell the products or display advertisements.


Your website is the ideal platform for your product or third party product (affiliate product like products of Amazon) to be advertised on. You can write articles about the product you want to promote which shall be based on the research you do on your target product.


WordPress websites are more likely to be hitting the market due to its simplest procedure to find the WordPress optimized host in which you can use your themes and plugins for the target product, where you can even get community supports for your target products.


Now as earlier said, determining the most appropriate business model can really hit the market for you. You can follow any or all of the below-stated strategies:

  • Displaying ads on your website: Simple and easy, just apply with advertising networks like Google Adsense, Amazon,, Infolinks, etc. and display their ads on your website. Get paid on each click and view. But you need a whole sum of traffic to earn good money from this method.
  • Advertisement on your website: Selling space on your website for advertisement and charging money to advertising companies for displaying their product on your website is one of the ways to earn money. But here also you need lots of traffic as the companies count the clicks and sales of their product through your website advertisement. If your website is already getting tons of traffic, this method will work for you as you can charge handsome money to the paying advertisers.
  • Affiliate Links: This is the ideal model for most of the successful online business entrepreneurs. Creating your own website, then writing articles and reviews related to your niche, linking with the product you are targeting for within your content, providing brief tutorials and methods on procedures and continuous support system to your target market. These are the key factors for Affiliate marketing.
  • YouTube: Simply display the ad on YouTube and get paid on per click or view. YouTube is basically used for two motives i.e. entertainment and information. How you will be benefited is complementing your blogs with relevant video, placing that video on YouTube, linking that video to your relevant website content and sending the traffic to your website. This way, driving the traffic on your website through YouTube can double your revenue. Now your video, your blogging about the product and your website will get ranked in Google Search Engine. You can also use other social media and podcasting for traffic driving.

Your articles shall be based on full research establishing yourself as an authority for the product which ultimately turns into sales. What you blog must be authentic and people shall be inspired to purchase the product from your blogging content.


If your tutorial is simple and supportive, then people are willing to buy the product you are selling. Most of the people are searching for the product on the internet to fulfill their genuine need. So if your tutorials are convincing enough, then there is a huge chance of sales.


Now you need to resolve and satisfy the curiosities, confusions or any terms of questions of your target audience in the platforms you have provided them. This is one of the crucial trials in affiliate marketing. Unless they get their gratifying answers, your effort will not turn into sales.


However, online blogging and affiliate marketing are very effective in the online business industry to generate good income. Make your own website, then write contents on your niche products, anything you are interested in or you know little more about or you think you can sell more, then do research on it and blog blog blog!!! You can also supplement your articles by publishing or linking with the relevant videos and eBooks. Because your contents/articles are your selling products here. Anything you write and blog can generate money. The main point is your selling strategy.


WordPress hosting facilitates in making a website with the simplest and easiest way. Besides the above-mentioned strategies, there are several other sales strategies you can adopt as explained below:

  • Podcasting: You can incorporate your podcast (digital media file) with the postings on your website or put on YouTube and link the video with your site. You can also use the link on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Ecommerce: Having an online store for your products, you can boost your sales. You can sale one or multiple products from online store whether being a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer or just a sales agent.
  • Creating your own physical/digital product: Selling your own or third-party digital products through your website. If you can create your digital products like some eBook or software or something else which can be downloaded, you can sell those via your website. If you can’t create such products on your own, you can find affiliate digital products which you can promote and earn commission on sales.
  • Email marketing: This simply works by sending promotional emails to the listed email addresses. You can add the link to the content of your website on those emails to promote the contents.

Whatever strategies you adopt, the aim is to drive traffic on your website, get more and more traffic.



Sounds difficult? Find out the easy way to make money from WordPress website:


From all the above explanations, what we are trying to say is owning your own website is the unbeatable model in online business. You can do anything with your website for driving traffic to your website. It is the ultimate source of income that you can generate from your online business.


The more good rank of your website on the Google search page, the highest chances of being the first choice of consumers. It means more and more traffic to your website and more and more income from your WordPress website.


Sounds difficult? Well, it’s not.


Technology and resources have made website making so easy and simple that anyone interested can have one. How? Well, it is not so difficult to make your own professional WordPress website and drive traffic into that.


It is not difficult to establish your own website business and you no need to have any technical knowledge for that. If you join the best online training program known as Wealthy Affiliate, then you can easily establish your own successful website business very easily since, from Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn to create your own website and drive traffic into that. You will also learn to make money from your that website by following the step by step video tutorial within Wealthy Affiliate. If you are interested to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click >HERE<.

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If you have any queries regarding making money from WordPress website or want to share additional ways to make money from website, then please feel free to comment below. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you. Good Luck!

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