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CarbonCoco complaints. CarbonCoco fake or real? CarbonCoco legit or fraud?

Carbon Coco review is here to reveal the truth about CarbonCoco. This CarbonCoco review reveals you the facts that we have found about CarbonCoco from our research. So, let's find out what is through our CarbonCoco product review and website review here.



Carbon Coco product review:-


American Dental Association (ADA) hasn't approved this product and dentists are not in favor of using this product. So, Carbon Coco may have some side effects. As per dentist, activated charcoal is not good for your teeth to use regularly because that can wear off the enamel of your teeth. It removes surface stains which can make your teeth look shiny but it does not penetrate deep into the dentin layer such as carbamide peroxide will do in dental office bleaching systems. So, if you use Carbon Coco regularly, it may have some side effects.


Now let's find out about website which is selling Carbon Coco products.



Either is website legit or scam? Let's find out here

When we check the website thoroughly, we find out the following drawbacks:-

  • has copy-pasted its "Terms of Service" from other sites. Even the same format of TOS has been using by lots of scam sites. Yes, we know the fact that lots of legit sites copy paste their TOS but at least they will try to add something original and at least will not copy paste TOS which scam sites are using. 
  • The only way to contact the team of is by emailing them since CarbonCoco has not provided any contact phone number. However, most of the legit online stores provide the phone number to contact them.
  • It hasn't provided the trust seals such as Norton, McAfee, VeriSign and so on which we think every legit online store should provide to keep the site safe from malware and other attacks as well as to secure the personal and financial information of the client.
  • On "Terms of Service" page, under "Governing Law" caption, CarbonCoco has written "These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of 38 Latitude Blvd, Thomastown VIC 3074, Australia". Well, they should write they governed by the laws of Australia or at least some regions in Australia. There won't be any separate law for a particular building. So, this kind of language in "Terms of Service" is a blunder. We have never found any legit website doing such blunders. We have even provided the screenshot of that TOS as below. On top of that, even we can't locate any company with name CarbonCoco on that address. However, we are not from Australia, so we can't guarantee either that is a real address of CarbonCoco company or not. So, if you are from Australia and near to that address, then we request you to report us either there is any company which is selling Carbon Coco products in that address or not. Your help will be highly appreciated. You can post your report by using the comment section below this post.

Screenshot of CarbonCoco TOS.

  • You can find lots of Carbon Coco complains around the internet, especially in renowned user reviews sites such as, and so on. Yes, we know that every company has complaints. But if the volume of complaints is much more than the positive reviews, then there must be something fishy. In the case of CarbonCoco, you can find lots of CarbonCoco complaints than positive CarbonCoco reviews, which is definitely not good. Even  has reported that they have detected a number of false positive reviews for CarbonCoco which they suspect have been falsely generated and have the potential to mislead consumers. So, this adds additional doubt towards  CarbonCoco. We have taken the screenshots of the  Carbon Coco complaints from those sites which you can find below:-


Examples of Carbon Coco complaints:-

As you can see in the above complaints, has really some issues to resolve. But, it seems the team of is not interested to handle their customers in a good manner because we didn't find any reply from the team of CarbonCoco to those complaints. Legit businesses always try to take care of their customers and try to resolve the complaints. But, it doesn't seem CarbonCoco is interested to solve the problems that its clients are facing.


We are not confirming here either is a scam or a legit but through our CarbonCoco review here, we are just delivering the truth that we have found about website and its products.


Actually, this is an open public forum where anyone can share their opinion about Carbon Coco. So, please feel free to share your own reviews using the comment section below.

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