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High Traffic Academy Review, Is it Scam – NOI
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High Traffic Academy Affiliate Program, Is HighTrafficAcademy Scam or Legit?

This High Traffic Academy Review is not to promote this site, but to give you the fact about High Traffic Academy Affiliate Program and its so called new version High Traffic Academy 2 which is also known as ProjectBreakThrough, so that you can find out either High Traffic Academy is scam or legit before you join this program. We have also described what is within our detail review on High Traffic Academy and High Traffic Academy 2 as below.


We always recommend our viewers to pay proper attention and then only start your journey in the online marketing business because there are plenty of false offers available in this industry which will at first show you big dreams of heaven and then push you nowhere but to failure. But, it’s in your hand whether to become a pity face or charm of the industry.


Ok, now let’s give a look at High Traffic Academy Review


What is HighTrafficAcademy, HighTrafficAcademy 2 (ProjectBreakThrough)

HighTrafficAcademy is training program which claims to make you millionaire within short period of time with series of video training courses on online affiliate marketing which basically claims to train affiliate marketers the methods on how to increase traffic on their website/webpage or other form of online marketing platforms and tricks on how to convert those traffic into sales. High Traffic Academy 2 is just their so called new version of High Traffic Academy. But, it do as same as what High Traffic Academy do. Actually it is just a sales pitch only. When you landed through HighTrafficAcademy 2 reviews to their website, then you will find another website known as projectbreakthrough. They are marketing as HighTrafficAcademy 2 because those who thinks High Traffic Academy is good, they will join to their new version of program if they called it HighTrafficAcademy 2 and those who already got frustrated from their first version “High Traffic Academy”, they may search for another opportunity and may be join thinking that is another website, clever marketing trick. Actually this marketing trick is working more for the owner of the site than their members. Actually till date we even not find one genuine person who have made decent income by learning lessons as provided HighTrafficAcademy courses, millionaire is far away journey. Yep, it definitely work for the owner of this site for himself to be millionaire.


So does it really work like it claims? Actually not and about it we have explained in detail as below.


Background of High Traffic Academy

The owner of this company is Mr. Vick Strizheus who is also known as Vitaliy Stizheus. Previously he had been charged for insurance fraud and also he have massive list involving with scam sites like BigIdeaMasterMind, Empower Network, Internet Traffic Formula, Global Success Club (already closed by now) and at the moment High Traffic Academy 2 which is a second version of his site High Traffic Academy. Actually you can’t get more either in High Traffic Academy or High Traffic Academy 2 than what you have got by involving his previous sites. Same story and trick to make him millionaire, but not you.


What High Traffic Academy offers really worthy for you or is it a Scam?

What it offers you is not a new concept in online marketing anymore and in fact same kind of information are available in other website for free as well. Yes for free!!! Then why anyone will join such a website by paying them. Further, email list marketing, the major urge of this website is now an ancient concept in internet marketing. People are now interested in buying some new concept that can be beneficial for them and not the one which is already available in the market and that is also for free. The competition is so high that if you cannot catch the exact path, you will reach nowhere.


On the other hand, this product is now kind of outdated as no any updates has been made since 2012 by so far. In this span of time, many new concepts and methodologies are being introduced in the market which is worthy enough to benefit you.


So, why anyone pays its rather expensive charge? And more importantly, is it trustworthy to pay on such product which is developed by the one who was previously involved in fraud?


Positive Aspects of HighTrafficAcademy

Having said this, we also could not deny some of the positive aspects of High Traffic Academy. One of its significant parts is its video courses which are made with such a ease that one can simply understand and access. The tutorials convey some good informations as well. But those information is really worthy to pay for? Find about it within our conclusion section on HighTrafficAcademy as below.


Negative Aspects of HighTrafficAcademy

As we mentioned above in positive aspects, the videos pass on few valuable information but it’s not that they are available only in High Traffic Academy or these are only High Traffic Academy’s verdicts. Exactly same kinds of information are available in other websites and also without a cost. However, we simply doubt does it justify the pricing of its offerings because the traffic methods it teaches you are also paid traffic, means you need to pay money to buy traffic which is expensive also. And you also have to do your own investment for your sales promotion as well.


Another major lapse of this company is that there is no forum available for discussion and assistance. The available Facebook page is also not update since long time and could not provide you any substantial feedback.


How much money do you need to pay to High Traffic Academy?

Well, for Online Affiliate Marketers, the fee structures are pretty expensive. You need to pay $ 450 one time for basic membership and $ 300 per month for elite membership. Again the same question, why one should pay that much money if instead can get same thing for FREE and can get 90% more than what those courses offer in another company just by paying only around $47. Even that company will teach you to get traffic free of cost in most genuine and expert way. So, why we should pay to HighTrafficAcademy to learn the paid method to get traffic even most of which don’t work. Now, may be you are thinking which is that company, where and how could you join that company? Ok, you can find that within our conclusion on High Traffic Academy as below.


Does it guarantee your returns?

High Traffic Academy never assures you of getting your returns. As we have already mentioned, it makes you do the investment to get paid traffic in your promotional campaigns etc. but, does not provide any assurance on your returns. Actually till date none of had made decent income following HighTrafficAcademy courses. Instead, most of had lose their money by following their program.


Besides, High Traffic Academy also offers an affiliate program in which the members can be affiliates for commission fee which is an attractive scheme for their members and only those who are following that, they are earning money. Means the ones who are making money from HighTrafficAcademy are big promoters who are hiding the truth about HighTrafficAcademy and showing dreams to other to join this program and the owners of HighTrafficAcademy themselves.


Our conclusion on High Traffic Academy

After analyzing all features of HighTrafficAcademy as well as HighTrafficAcademy 2, we will not recommend anyone to work and learn in this company as there are only 10% courses which are useful being others worthless and even you can find those courses free of costs in different articles within various websites. It’s not worthy to pay such high price for not so valuable product. You should know that some of those courses are so irrelevant today that it could even harm you more rather than doing good because those strategies used to work back in 2012, in the sense that they are now outdated.


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