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Are you searching for the eBookBB reviews to find out either is eBookBB a scam or legit and what is in real? If so, then you have landed in the right place because here, within our eBookBB review, you are going to find out the complete truth.


Actually, as per our findings, we don’t recommend you to use eBookBB. Why? Well, let’s find out through our eBookBB review below.

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Is eBookBB legit or fraud? Is eBookBB fake or real? eBookBB complaints around the net.

We don’t recommend eBookBB due to the following reasons:-

  • We have found the complaints from the writers for listing their books free of cost on eBookBB without their consent which is definitely a piracy act. We should never support such sites which support pirate materials.
  • When we download any book from eBookBB, we will be bombarded with lots of pop up ads. Most of those ads are from scam companies. Some of them even contain malware which can harm your device. So, there is also a high chance that the files uploaded on eBookBB may contain malware and viruses which can harm your device. Since this site doesn’t care to filter the ads of malware sites, so we don’t think it will care about user security at all.
  • The essential pages such as “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service” are not available to navigate anywhere from “” website. However, the legit sites always make those pages easily available and those who don’t, we should stay away from them.
  • eBookBB hasn’t mentioned anywhere on its website about who and from where is operating and running eBookBB and those details are also concealed in WHOIS details. Only scam sites are found to be hiding such details, not the legit ones.
  • There is no information about their registrar or their nameserver as well.

Due to the above-mentioned drawbacks, we don’t recommend eBookBB online book store and have listed it in our Not Recommended sites list.

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