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How to Earn Money with a Blogging

How to Earn Money from a Blog? How to Make Money from a Blog? How to Blog for a living?


Well, anyone can start blogging online and make money with blog – But, you need the right coach to achieve the success.


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Well, blogging your content by creating your own website is the best online work at home because it is an easiest medium to earn money online but the toughest one as well if you won’t get it the right way.


It’s always not that you write a superb content and get highest ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc and make money with blogging. And it’s also not that your website ranked in first position of Google page and your sales reached a peak.

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media

Then what is the correct method to earn money through blogging?


Well, you need a balance approach in this matter. Your article should be striking enough to attract people meanwhile you must know the basic fundaments of this blogging business to make your website appear in front pages of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Because more your website will be visible, more you will get traffic and this will support in your sales and promotions of your products through your content, but your content also should be worthy enough to convenience the people for purchases or to become affiliates in your desire companies. Click HERE to learn how to write a good content for blogging through your website.


Without these proficiencies, your effort won’t be countable and you cannot make money through blogging. So, you need a right coach to teach you the right method, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approach, in your journey to the success.


In short, you have to write a good content/article and also should know about Keyword Research strategy. You have to pick highly searched but less competitive keywords for your content. If you choose the right keyword, means the low competition keyword, then your content will be appear in first page in search engines like Google pretty soon. Like this you can write several articles for same products within your website by targeting different low competition keywords, even if their traffic numbers are not so high because if you keep on writing different content for same product by selecting different low competition keyword, then you will get traffic on each pages for different keywords which will ultimately gather traffic, means your total traffic from several pages will be almost same which you can get by targeting high competition, high traffic keyword for just one article. Once your several pages start to appear in first pages of search engines, then at last you can even pick up high traffic keyword with high competition for same product and write one more article. After that drive the traffic to your that new article with high competition keyword by placing link of your new article in your old articles where you have already started to get the traffic. Then Google Boot will observe those links in your old articles as backlinks for your new article and will start to rise your new article with high competition keyword each time people visit your new article through the link of your old article. Confused??? In order to know more detail about keyword research and the guide to do the keyword research using one of the top keyword research tool, please click HERE.


Once you get traffic to your contents, those traffic will purchase the products if you are going to sell the stuffs of other companies like eBay, Amazon through your content. In return Amazon, eBay etc. will pay you commissions for those purchases. If you have your own product, then you can sell it in exact same manner. You can click HERE for more detail about earning money by selling products of other companies as well as your own products.


If you don’t want to sell anything, then also you can earn from your own blog without selling anything, just by placing advertisements of other companies, best one is Google AdSense as it is easy to apply and install within your website. You can find the details about earning money from the advertisements of Google AdSense by clicking HERE.


Blogging is one of the major functions of online affiliate market as well as overall online business because this is one of the most effective approaches one can pertain to offer the product to its niche market to boost the sales or make the referrals/affiliates. Once you learn the correct techniques, your journey will be far easier and significant. And this is possible only if you get the correct guidance through the correct coach.


Click HERE to join us in Wealthy Affiliate for free, the right coach for blogging business, affiliate marketing business as well as overall online business with highest success rate and proven track record.  

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