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Dualsmok Review: Beware of Dualsmok online store because is a scam.


So, you did right by searching for the Dualsmok reviews because now you know Dualsmok is a scam, so you can save yourself from this scam. However, if you have already purchased some items from this online store, especially using your credit card, then we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card. If you have made a purchase using a PayPal, then we suggest you immediately open the dispute through your PayPal account to get a refund. You should also change your PayPal’s password to secure your PayPal.


Now, you must be curious why is a scam, what makes Dualsmok a scam, right? Well then let’s continue with our Dualsmok review as below to find out what is in real.

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Dualsmok website link:- (Not recommended to visit or purchase items, it’s a scam) is a fraudulent online store due to the following reasons:-

  • hasn’t provided the required security measures to secure the personal information of clients and has tried to trick its clients by showing the fake trust seals. We can say the trust seal logos such as McAfee, Norton, VeriSign and so on that Dualsmok has provided on its “Cart” and “Check-Out” pages are fake trust seals because those trust seal logos are not clickable. But the real trust seal logos should be clickable so that we can click on them which will send us to the official websites of those trust seals to verify those trust seals.
  • Aforementioned, Dualsmok has tried to trick people by showing them fake trust seals which means is not a secure website. So, if you shop at Dualsmok, your credit card information might be stolen.
  • Dualsmok hasn’t provided any information about who and from where is operating and running this website. neither phone number, nor company’s address, nothing. In WHOIS details also it has concealed the owner’s name and company’s address. None of the legit online stores will hide their owner details or company’s address, instead, they will provide the detailed company’s address, phone number, return shipping address and so on, however, scam online stores don’t care to provide such details.
  • These days there are multiple scam online stores. Most of these kinds of scam online stores don’t deliver any purchased items to their clients or deliver completely different or wrong items which worth will be very less than what those clients have paid for.
  • Lots of scam online stores are also found to be charging the credit cards of members randomly without their consent. So, if you ever shop from scam site mistakenly, then you should immediately contact your bank or credit card company and follow their instruction to secure your credit card.

Now it is clear that Dualsmok is a scam, so we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.


These days multiple scam online stores are popping up. Maybe there are 1000s of scam online stores. So, in this scenario, it’s better not to purchase any items from unknown online stores and only purchase from the well-known online stores like Amazon, eBay and so on.

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    TIMOTHY (Monday, 11 March 2019 15:45)

    Yep! Got scammed by these fools! Reported to my Bank and Visa!

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