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Do Not Call 1-855-739-7819, it is from Scammers – NOI

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Do Not Call 1 855-739-7819, it is from Scammers

If you get an email that asks you to call at the number 1 855 739 7819, then you must know the fact that is a number from the scammer, so you should delete that email and never call in that number. These cybercriminals claim that they have detected unusual activity in your Gmail account pretending to be from Gmail and ask you to call at 1-855-739-7819.


Actually, at the moment these scammers are claiming to be from Gmail security, later they can claim they are from Microsoft or PayPal or Bank and so on. So, never believe any of those and never call in any number that you get in such emails, instead directly call or send email to the official number or email of respective companies in order to confirm either those emails are from real companies or from the cybercriminals.


Another way to check those emails are from real companies or not is by checking the email address of the sender. For example, this time these scammers are pretending to be from Gmail and sending email from email address:-, however, Gmail will never send you the email with such email address, instead will send you the email with a real official email address such as and so on. So, if you receive the email from such email address instead of the official email address of respective companies, then you must know the fact those emails are scams.


Never follow those emails otherwise you will lose your money. How? Let’s find out more as below.

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Do Not Call 1-855-739-7819. This number is being used by cybercriminals. It is fraud email.

Why these scammers let you call at 1-855-739-7819?

These scammers, first of all, make you believe that either your personal email account, payment processor account, bank account and so on have been compromised or make you believe that you have won the big amount of lottery and ask you to call them. If you call them, then they will ask your personal information.


For example, if you call this scammer who is sending the phishing email about Gmail security, then this scammer will ask you to give your Gmail username and password. If this scammer feels you are believing him/her, then he/she may also ask your credit card details and so on. Once this scammer gets those details, he/she will scam you in many ways like hacking every possible thing by using your email, taking your credit card money up to the maximum limit and so on. So, never ever give any information to these cybercriminals.


Below is one of the examples of email associated with 1-855-739-7819 scam number.


From: “Gmail Security” <>


Date: ………………..


To: ……………


Subject: Your IP Is At Risk


You need to call now 1 855-739-7819


We Have Detected Unusual Activity With Your Gmail Account on Your Computer


Login Has Occurred on ……..2018 @ …… AM EST


From IP: ………. Geo Location Found: ……………


If This Was Not You Please Call the Google Security Team


(Be at your computer)


1 855-739-7819


If you find any such email which asks you to call at number 1-855-739-7819, then just delete that email.



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