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CoffeeMakerShops Review: Warning, It’s a Scam – NOI

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CoffeeMakerShops Review: Warning, It’s a Scam is just another scam e-commerce site similar to lots of scam sites such as, OutdoorsWell, TheTrendyDealStore, XToolBuy, FineFurnitureu, Pickido, Gamiss, KeysNodes, Flamenx, Mocelli, LucanLorenzo, Imixers, Homeap, HomeapShop and so on.


Since we have already reviewed these similar kinds of scam sites, so we can confidentially say that CoffeeMakerShops is a scam. However, here, within our review, we are definitely going to explain you why is a scam, what makes Coffee Maker Shops a scam, what is in real and so on. So you don’t have to search any other CoffeeMakerShops reviews to find out the reality of this company. OK, let’s begin with our Coffee Maker Shops review.


What is Coffee Maker Shops and why is CoffeeMakerShops a scam? is a website pretending to be an e-commerce website selling the items like Coffee and Espresso Machines, Water Boilers, Electric Coffee Percolators, Iced Tea Machines and so on but in reality, it is selling nothing. We can say it is not selling anything because those who have purchased from this site, they haven’t received their items.


You can find lots of complaints on the internet from its clients for not delivering their items after they made the purchase. Even some clients have said that their credit card has been charged randomly by this company without their consent due to which they end up canceling their credit card and make the new one.

OK, let’s find out more about CoffeeMakerShops below.

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CoffeeMakerShops Scam Alert!

Yes, CoffeeMakerShops is a scam and we already made you clear why. However, maybe you are thinking that every company has complaints and we can’t declare some company is a scam just because there are some complaints against that company.


We know the fact that every company has complaints but we need to see the balance between both complaints and positive reviews. Good companies always have lots of positive reviews than the complaints. However, in the case of CoffeeMakerShops, there are not any positive Coffee Maker Shops reviews but only the bunch of complaints.


Actually, this kind of scam e-commerce website is not a new thing for us. We have already reviewed lots of similar kinds of scam sites due to which we can easily spot out which one is a scam and which one is legit. So, when we say some site is a scam, then you must know we declare that by doing lots of research.

Even if you don’t believe us, at least you can do the reality check. None of the legit e-commerce websites will sell their items at a very cheap price. Here, CoffeeMakerShops is claiming to sell $600 worth item in $80. Yes, legit companies give a discount, but can’t give such a huge amount of discount.


Legit e-commerce websites always provide their company’s address and owner details very clearly. However, in the case of scam e-commerce websites, things are quite opposite. Every scam e-commerce websites hide their owner details and company’s address. In the case of Coffee Maker Shops, it hasn’t provided any information about who and from where is operating and running the company and the same information has been hidden in WHOIS details. So, this is once again a big enough point to prove Coffee Maker Shops is a scam.


Whenever the legit sites put the McAfee Secure, Norton Secured and so on logos on their website, they make that clickable to verify either those websites are really secure or not. But, in the case of Coffee Maker Shops, you can’t click any of those logos which proves they are providing those logos only to trick people and those logos are not the real ones. Now you can think yourself why any legit company will like to put fake antivirus logo, definitely not. Only the scam companies do such things.


Aforementioned, now it is clear that is a scam, so we have listed Coffee Maker Shops in our Bad and Scams category. If you have already used your credit card on CoffeeMakerShops, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company and follow their instruction to get a refund as well as to save your money since these kinds of scam sites can also charge your credit card randomly without your consent in the future.

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Good Luck!

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    SRM (Thursday, 24 January 2019 15:20)

    yes, unfortunately it seems true. ordered the breville machine in September and never got it (dd 25/1/19). you always get machine generated responses to inquiries, but nothing else. I suggest you do not order from

  • #2

    Walter (Monday, 11 February 2019 15:56)

    It appears that I may have gotten scammed from as well. I placed an order on September 24 2018. The last update on my account on their website says that it arrived at Canada Customs on November 22, 2018. There have been no updates since. I have sent a email almost weekly. asking for a update. Several time stay have replied telling me to be patient. However, most of my emails have gone unanswered. Is there a government agency who we can report this scam to?

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