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BerryLook Review: Is a Scam or Legit? review is here to reveal the truth about Berry Look online store so that you will have an idea either is a BerryLook scam or genuine, either is a BerryLook safe to do online shopping or not and so on. So, you don't have to search for any other reviews to find out what is in real. OK, let's begin with our Berry Look review.


What is Either is a BerryLook fraud or trustworthy?


BerryLook claims to be an online store selling fashion apparel such as dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear and so on for girls and ladies. However, as per our research, we don't think it is a good idea to purchase any items from Berry Look online store. So, we have listed BerryLook within our Not Recommended sites list. If you want to know why then keep on reading this BerryLook review below.

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BerryLook complaints. Is a BerryLook fake or real? Is a BerryLook legit or hoax?

We don't recommend Berry Look online store due to the following reasons:-

  • has provided its company's name and the company's address "FASHIONICON TRADING LIMITED, Room 1501, 181 Queen’s Road Central, Grand Millennium Plaza, Hong Kong" which lots of other sites are using such as PopReal, CathyBuy and so on which all are problematic sites. So, this proves BerryLook has either copy-pasted the company's address from other sites or it has linked with those other sites. In both cases, it is not a good sign since those other sites which are using this address are not the good ones.
  • Actually, the address "Room 1501, 181 Queen’s Road Central, Grand Millennium Plaza, Hong Kong" has been already blacklisted about which you can find in detail by clicking >HERE<. So, this definitely makes BerryLook a very unsafe place to do online shopping.
  • BerryLook hasn't provided enough security to secure its website due to which your personal and financial information can be stolen if you shop at website.
  • The faces of the models in the product pictures listed on website has been cropped out. Only those sites are found to be cropping out the picture to hide the faces of models which have copy pasted those pictures from other sites without taking the consent from those sites. So, this definitely not happens with legit sites.
  • If you do the reverse search of the pictures listed on website, you will find out almost all products listed on BerryLook can be found on AliExpress and on other websites which are similar to BerryLook. So, it looks like BerryLook may be purchasing products from AliExpress at a cheap price and selling that to its clients in higher price due to which clients are not getting the good quality products as it is advertising on its website. Actually, you can find tons of complaints from the clients of BerryLook for delivering them very cheap quality items than what those clients have paid for which don't look anything near to what BerryLook has advertised on its website.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, we don't recommend and have listed in our Not Recommended sites list.


We don't deny that BerryLook has delivered the items to its clients but it is not delivering what it suppose to. All the clients are complaining about the cheap quality of products which even look completely different than what BerryLook has advertised on its website. So, if you are OK with such product quality, you can shop at BerryLook, but from our side, we don't recommend that.


Yes, we agree that every company has complaints but if the volume of complaints exceeds by a huge number than the positive reviews, then definitely that company is not doing good. In the case of BerryLook also, we have found too many complaints and very few positive Berry Look reviews which confirm BerryLook is not doing good. Now you know the truth about BerryLook, so now it is up to you to decide either you think is a scam or legit. Please let us know using the comment section below.

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Comments: 16
  • #1

    karen moorefield (Friday, 10 May 2019 20:08)

    I ordered a swim suit from Berrylook and it was completely different than the one I ordered . Also a different size . Very dissappointed . I will never order anything else again from this site

  • #2

    Donna Wilson (Monday, 24 June 2019 11:30)

    I ordered a size 10 sandal from them in April. Took over a month to receive them, then they were like 2-3 sizes too small. Could not even get my foot into them. STILL fighting for a refund. Sent them back, to the address they told me to. Then they told me it was not the correct address, but then quoted the same address I mailed to. I sent screenshots of the package itself with address, along with the tracking showing it was derived to that address. Now they're telling me they never received it and can only give me half. So, now I'm out the 27.00 originally, plus the extra 6 to ship back. I have NEVER had such a horrible buying experience in my life. i have saved EVERY e-mail from them, and it is crazy how many different stories they tell. PLEASE be buyer aware before throwing money to these scammers!!

  • #3

    wendy bray (Thursday, 04 July 2019 17:36)

    if berry look is a scam please please can you help me to get my money back I am severely disabled and cant afford to lose any money I oedered three dresses and after reading berrylook coul be a scam I feel violently sick I thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you so very very much

  • #4

    Thresiamma John (Wednesday, 17 July 2019 10:09)

    Ordered items never received, credit card was charged , several message were left for customer service , no responds , no tracking updates, please do not use this web site , it looks this is scam, i got cheated , dont get yourself in to it

  • #5

    irma salazar (Thursday, 01 August 2019 18:37)

    i ordered 6 tops from them in April, I sent back 4 tops within the 30 days allowed, got a email that the package has been received and that it would take 7 to 15 days to process back into my account, its been 2 months I've sent numerous emails and and call the customer service number off the website, still no answer

  • #6

    Bonnee Kolb (Tuesday, 06 August 2019 17:34)

    I wish I had read the complaints about this company BEFORE I purchased 2 blouses...They have both finally arrived after a month....Disappointed! Hell YES! Both were mailed to me from CHINA. They don't fit and the material isn't what I expected....Somehow a person by the name of Nina Cloak got involved...Phone # 1 844 815 5910..Called and was put on hold until my call was "answered in the order it was received" for 2 HOURS! I wonder if we can petition YAHOO and FACE BOOK to investigate this company for fraud and discontinue their ads? I have posted my complaints on Face Book hoping others might learn from my mistake. I hope they learn and DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  • #7

    Wen Wilson (Monday, 09 September 2019 11:44)

    Upon delivery, after over 90-days waiting, all products were refused and returned unopened with exception to one item reported as "back-ordered" after processing my payment. Company representatives act like criminals, verified receipt of returns, unopened in original packaging, only to offer pathetic excuses for over six-months as to why they are unable to process the refund. One simply reversal to the bank card charged is too difficult for them... DO NOT EVER ORDER PRODUCTS FROM BERRYLOOK - 201.812.2916

  • #8

    Mesha (Sunday, 22 September 2019 12:02)

    Unfortunately, I didn't do my research on this company before purchasing 2 dresses. The only thing I knew was the dresses ran small. I normally wear a large so I ordered an XL. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when it arrived. The tag said the dress was XL but it fit like it was XS. The material was thin and very cheap looking, nothing like the picture. It was difficult trying to reach them for a refund. I finally found an email address. I emailed to ask the process for a refund. They told me they would give me a 60% credit towards another purchase or refund me about half the purchase price since I would have to pay for return shipping anyway. The 2nd dress was a 3X and fit like an (American) large. It too was made out of some cheap material and looked nothing like the picture. Please don't waste your money, like I did. The pictures on their website are completely deceiving. They should be shut down.

  • #9

    JudyHathaway (Wednesday, 25 September 2019 18:14)

    I ordered a dress on 9/2/19. I put in a request several times asking when I will receive my purchase.
    Order number E1333925. I paid them $26.95 not including shipping fee. Their response was we will get back to you in 1 to 2 days. I'm still waiting.
    I like to know if there is any thing you do to help me.

  • #10

    Jenny (Thursday, 26 September 2019 16:14)

    I too wish I'd seen the comments before purchasing some tops that really looked good on their
    Website. I paid via PayPal but had no acknowledgement of my order. I emailed the address on the PayPal Order but it did not work. I emailed the address on their website. I received a message telling me the order was dispatched with a link to trace the package. It didn't work either. I asked for a refund but they declined saying the order was in transit. I contacted PayPal as I thought this was,a suspicious website asking for a refund. Nothing so far. Four weeks after placing the order a package arrived with a Customs tag stating value of contents was 8 US dollars. I opened it to find cheap looking tops that bore no resemblance to what I ordered. I paid over£100 for five tops. I am going to open a case via PayPal as this is a scam company.

  • #11

    Epi (Thursday, 28 November 2019 20:43)

    I ordered a pair of sandal on 10/5/19 and I received them on 11/5/19. The sandals came mis-match sizes, the left side is smaller than the right size. I have written to the customer service several times via E-mails,but every time is a different in satisfactory response. The last representative wants me to return the merchandise,pay for the return and they will see if I’m entitled for the change of the merchandise. Sorry, but honestly I believe this is a scam company.

  • #12

    QUEEN Z (Tuesday, 03 December 2019 19:41)


  • #13

    Gesina Charles (Wednesday, 04 December 2019 22:59)

    Bad company and do not buy from them. This is my first-time purchase from this company. I purchased 3 pair shoes at the Berrylook website on October 7 and supposed to receive from 5 to 7 business days. I never received the item. On the 23rd I sent an email where are my items and I received an email said to contact FedEx. I contacted FedEx and the representative said the items are still with the seller, only a label was created. I send an email to cancel the order because they said the items were on the way to me but the items were still with them, they ignored me and never get a response from anyone. They sent the items anyway and I received it on November 2. The shoes are terrible, cheap made and they do not fit. I have been trying to contact them from October 23 until December 2 No response. This is the worse company I ever have to deal with. I don't want their ugly shoes I want all my money back and I want them to send me a free shipping label to send the items back because it cost $ 90.00 to send it back to them. The bad thing is, when I tried to contact my credit card company to dispute the amount, they contacted the credit card company and said I still have the items but they never contact me to solve the issue with me. When the company mailed me the shoes it was from California and they gave my credit card company a China address to return the items and when I went to the post office they said it would cost me $90.00 to send them back. They would not contact me and to help me solve the issue but they would contact my credit card company to make sure they keep the money. They know exactly what they are doing to rip people off. I am stuck with 3 ugly cheap pairs of shoes with the wrong size. I don't know what to do because no one is replying to help me with the issue. Berrylook people if you can see this review, I do not want the shoes and I want all my money back to my credit card and I need you to send me a free shipping label to return this item back to you. I want my money back for pain and suffering and for all this trouble you've put me through. Your items are still new because I cannot wear them because they are cheap and they do not fit me. Customers, watch out for this company because they rip people off. I saw the same shoes selling from another website for half the price of the price they are selling. I will encourage none to buy from this company. Bad, bad, bad and terrible company, they will rip you off to take your money and you will be stuck with a terrible experience like me. They want free money and use people like me to take advantage of. Please watch out. I wish they have 0 star because they do not deserve any star.
    Order Number: E1405782

  • #14

    mrs j ashworth (Monday, 09 December 2019 11:09)

    i purchased 2 blouses which were too small anyway apart from that i had to pay £11.00 handling charges as well as delivery charges. i think they are a scam company and should be shut down. "rubbish"

  • #15

    Beverly Newman (Wednesday, 22 January 2020 11:20)

    I purchased a coat, received the item. It was a piece of junk, very shabby, poor workmanship. They wont refund my money. They trying to get me to accept a partial payment. It took weeks just to get a return address to ship it to. Long story short, I’ve heard from at least a dozen different people from the company and no satisfaction. So now I’m out the $32 for the coat plus $10 for shipping. Don’t ever do business with this company!

  • #16

    Shirley Wing (Saturday, 25 January 2020 00:27)

    I ordered 4 items from Berry Look at the beginning of January. 2 dresses were of such bad quality and of a smaller size than advertised that I couldn’t even try them on. The fur jacket also was too small and the navy jumper had been sewn together with white wool.
    I requested returns procedure but have been told I could keep the items and can have a compensation of £15 (items cost £63).
    Definitely a scam and shall raise a dispute with PayPal.

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