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ArkiveShop Review: Beware of ArkiveShop Scam – NOI

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ArkiveShop Review: Beware of ArkiveShop Scam

Arkive Shop Review: Scam Alert! review is here to reveal you the truth about ArkiveShop. It is not a selling any tools like it is claiming. It is a fake e-commerce website which is tricking people to purchase some tools and hardware from its website by showing them an unbelievably low price. However, you must know that fact that whenever you find some website claiming to sell some items in unbelievable price, then it’s better you don’t believe that website. In the case of it’s the same because those who purchase the tools and hardware from this website, they never received their items.


Some people also have ended up canceling their credit card after purchasing some items from ArkiveShop because ArkiveShop keeps on charging their credit card randomly without their consent.


Well, you already find out in brief why is a scam, what makes Arkive Shop a scam, however, let’s find out more about ArkiveShop within our review below.

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What is in real and why is ArkiveShop a scam?

Actually, ArkiveShop is not a single scam website which is claiming to sell some items and not delivering the sold items to the respective clients but there are lots of similar kinds of scams popping up these days. Although these kinds of scam websites claim to sell different items, their way of scamming people is the same. First of all, they claim to sell the items at a very cheap price and then don’t deliver the sold items after client purchase from them and even misuse the credit card of the clients by charging the credit card of clients further without their consent. The other similar kinds of scam sites that we have already reviewed are:- CoffeeMakerShops, OutdoorsWell, TheTrendyDealStore, XToolBuy, FineFurnitureu, Pickido, Gamiss, KeysNodes, Flamenx, Mocelli, LucanLorenzo, Imixers, Homeap, HomeapShop and so on.


Since we have already reviewed lots of similar kinds of scams, so we can be sure that ArkiveShop is a scam by looking at the site because now we become expert for reviewing these kinds of scams.


Legit e-commerce websites always provide the clear information about their owner and company’s address but scam e-commerce websites always provide the fake company’s address or never reveal the company’s address and owner’s name. In the case of ArkiveShop also, it hasn’t provided its company’s address and owner’s name on its website.


Yes, we know that legit companies also give the discount but not like these scam companies are claiming. For example, Arkive Shop is claiming to sell $1,099 item at $110. None of the legit companies get any benefit by selling the items at such a low price unless those items are second hands or damaged. And by checking the complaints made by its clients, we can be sure that is a scam.


It is not that we only consider a few complaints. We know every company has complaints. But if the volume of the same kinds of complaints is too much compared with the positive reviews, then we must know that company is not doing good. In the case of ArkiveShop, even we can’t find out any positive ArkiveShop reviews, but all the negative complaints. And unlike legit companies, it seems ArkiveShop doesn’t care to solve or reply to those complaints. Even its customer support is so bad that they never reply the emails or just give the general or automated reply than solving the problem of the clients which make us sure they are not here to do the clean business. So, Arkive Shop is a scam, stay out of it. We have listed ArkiveShop within our Bad and Scams category.

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