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Allnewsround Review, Is "All News Round" Scam or Legit?

Allnewsround is from the serial scammer group who are launching same sites like "All News Round" time to time from many years. At the moment also they have other many similar kind of scam sites with different name and domain. QuestofNews, StatofNews, LuckiNews etc. are their other active scam sites. It seems that this group will never give up scamming the people. Anyway, we will also not give up warning people about them. Lets see who will win the race.


At least they decide to scam only USA and UK people this time. At least now they are not scamming all over the world. We are saying this because they have put in their home page that "All News Round" is only available for USA and UK. 

"All News Round" Review. Allnewsround is Scam or Legit?

Almost all sites run and operated by this group look as same as in the picture above. For example you can see the picture of their another site known as QuestofNews by clicking the following link:-

However, sometime in order to make people confuse, they make site with other themes as well. For example you can see the picture of their another site by clicking the following link:-

Actually we had already explained about them in detail in the review of their other sites about which you can find by clicking the link as we mention before. 

Although they make site with different themes, their business model is same and totally unsustainable. They always post fake payment proofs within their website because in reality they never pay to anyone. They always register their website by hiding their identity so that no one can identify their real location. 

They had already open so many sites, but till date they haven't pay a single person. Actually they open these kind of sites so that they can earn money for themselves. They first of all attract people by showing easy money method due to which they will get the email address of people when they sign up. They will sell those email address to 3rd parties so that they can earn money from it. It is more danger to provide them your Paypal email account. However most of their site ask for Paypal address in order to sign up in their site.

Another way they are earning money from these sites is by directly scamming people at the time of cashout because if someone ask them why his/her payment is pending from so long time, they will tell them in order to get payment fast, pay some fees or upgrade your account and at last instead of paying you, they will take money from you. They will also tell you that if you can't pay then provide both your email and password of your Paypal account. No one need password of Paypal or any other payment processor in order to make the payments. They are asking that in order to cheat the money of some innocent people. Becareful with this group. This group is height of scam.

They are also earning money from the advertisements within their website when number of traffic increase in their website. However, they will never earn even 1% amount of what they claim to pay to their members. 

Conclusion about "All News Round" :

Allnewsround is operated by biggest scamming group and they can scam people to any level. So, becareful with this site and any other site related with this group. If you are working in this site, just stop working now. If you haven't join it yet, then just back off and run away from this site as far as you can.

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