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Wish-you.co Scam – New Year, Christmas Greetings

Wish-you.co Scam Alert! Beware of Wish-you.co New Year, Christmas Greeting malicious website which contains a virus. Actually, Wish-you.co is not the only one website link which is sent along with “Happy New Year 2020” or “Merry Christmas” or other greeting messages but there are also other website links being sent by these scammers with almost similar kinds of greeting messages. Below you can find the links to those malicious websites being sent by scammers/cybercriminals along with New Year or Christmas or other greetings:-

  • hxxps://wish4u.co
  • hxxps://look-me.co
  • hxxps://my-msg.co
  • hxxps://hookgist.com
  • hxxps://surprise4u.me
  • hxxps://whatsapp-style.co
  • hxxps://mera-style.com
  • hxxps://my-love.co
  • hxxps://open-fast.com
  • hxxps://see-magic.co
  • hxxps://wish-you.co

Above is the list of malicious websites that we have found, but we think there may be more of them. So, if you find any other similar kinds of malicious websites or messages containing malicious websites, please report us using the comment section below.


Beware of Wish-you co scam New Year, Christmas Greeting malicious website

When you visit the above-mentioned websites or other similar kinds of malicious websites, you are asked to enter your personal information there. You should not submit any personal information there as that may be used for scamming purposes. On the other hand, while you are visiting the above-mentioned websites, a malicious programming script may be executed that searches for access credentials and may gain access to your social media accounts and will send a message to your all social media contacts on your behalf with the same or similar kinds of malicious website link. So, if your social media contacts notify you of receiving strange messages from you, then you should change your social media account password as well as should scan your device with anti-virus and anti-malware programs.


Sometimes, these kinds of websites also may install unwanted programs on your device without your consent. So, if you have visited the above-mentioned websites, we also suggest you check all the installed apps on your device and delete unrecognized apps.


So, why is this scammer asking you to click on website links like hxxps://wish-you.co and so on?


The one reason can be the website traffic. This scammer may be simply sending the fake message to random people to get the traffic to the above-mentioned websites to make his/her website popular.


However, another reason can be malicious activity. Maybe this scammer is trying to send some malware or viruses through these websites so that it can hack your credentials and use that for scamming purposes.


The main motive of these cybercriminals is to get your personal information as well as to steal your money by tricking you. They can make money by selling your personal information like email address, ID details, financial details and so on to the third parties and make money from that. That’s why they always ask you to send your personal details in those messages or click some link from where they can hack your those personal information. So, it’s safer not to click the link as provided on such messages.


Now you know about the malicious website links contained in New Year or Christmas or other greetings messages. So, if you want to make your friends and families aware of these kinds of scams, then please feel free to share this post with them through your social media accounts:-

It will be our pleasure to hear from you. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to report about Phishing posts or messages (reports with the sample of Phishing posts or messages will be more better). You can also comment below if you have any queries related to the online work and business industry. We will be more than happy to help you and hear from you.

Good Luck!

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