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What is TranscribeMe? Is TranscribeMe Legit? – NOI

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What is TranscribeMe? Is TranscribeMe Legit or Scam?

Before we begin with our review in detail, first of all, we want to give you the short answer to the queries for which you are here. However, even if you want to find out about TranscribeMe in detail, then also you don’t have to search any other reviews because, from our review, you are going to find out the complete detail about this company. So your search for TranscribeMe reviews to find out either is a scam or legit ends here. OK let’s begin with the straightforward answers to your queries as below.


What is is a website which provides transcription job platform which offers its members to earn money by completing transcription job, which means you need to listen to voices/sounds provided by this company and need to write what you have listened, means have to convert audio format into text document format and submit to them.


Either is TranscribeMe a scam or a legit?

TranscribeMe is not a scam, it is a legit company but it is not for everyone.


OK, now let’s continue with our TranscribeMe review to find out in detail why is TranscribeMe legit and why isn’t it for everyone.

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TranscribeMe fraud or real? TranscribeMe fake or legit? TranscribeMe good or bad?

TranscribeMe login and join in link (TranscribeMe official website link):- 

What is and why is TranscribeMe legit?

Aforementioned, we already made you clear that TranscribeMe is a platform which provides transcription job for those who are looking to make money online and sells the transcription services to those who are looking for their audio/video to convert into a text document. It is suitable for the clients who want to do the transcripts of different audio/video which includes audio/video of medical stuff, meeting, conferences, interviews, the voice of customers, lectures and so on. So, those who want to earn money through this platform, they have to convert those audio/video files into text by listening to them and convert them into the text document by typing exactly everything that they listen in those audio/video files.


So if you are looking TranscribeMe to make money from it, then you should be able to do the transcription job which includes tasks such as, listening to the audio and convert that into a written or electronic text document. But it is not easy as it sounds. You should be a very good listener and fast typer for this job. That’s why we said it is not for everyone. You will not be qualified to work with this company if you can’t pass its training and exam course.



Why is TranscribeMe legit? Well, let’s check out its background for that.

TranscribeMe is a legit company because it pays its members on time as per its terms and conditions. The domain was registered at 2009-03-31 and till now it is paying on time. On the other hand, you can find plenty of positive TranscribeMe reviews from its clients who have purchased the transcription service form this company which proves it is satisfying its client’s need as well as paying members on time. 


Although you can find some complaints against it, but also most of them are minor and looks like more misunderstanding by the members than the fault on the company’s side. However, we don’t want to judge those complaints, just want to provide you some examples of those complaints as below so that you can judge that by yourself.



TranscribeMe Complaints

It is not a big deal if companies have complaints because any companies have unsatisfied members and clients. It is a human nature to find out flaws in everything. But if the company has managed to get the good amount of positive reviews compared with the complaints, then we must consider that company is doing good which is in the case of TranscribeMe. As per our research, we find out more than 80% satisfied customers and clients providing positive TranscribeMe reviews. Then we look at those 20% complaints and found most of the time it’s a misunderstanding by the clients or members.


For example;

Some members have complained that the TranscribeMe rejects their job even after they submit the high-quality job. However, this complaint is very normal in the case of transcription jobs, that’s why we said it is not for everyone. Even if you think you have done the job very well but also check once again if you get rejected because those audios/videos sound are not so easy to catch up and you can miss many things if you aren’t expert enough to do the transcription job. TranscribeMe can’t pay you until you can satisfy their clients who have listed those jobs. So, even if you provide 90% accuracy, then also TranscribeMe has full rights to reject your job because sometimes that 10% inaccuracy can make you miss the important information which is much more important than that 90% content of that given job.


Another complaint you can find out by the clients of TranscribeMe is for not providing good service as per their requirement. Some clients have complained that they end up doing transcription on their own due to the poor job submitted by the members of TranscribeMe. But we have found that the team of TranscribeMe has always replied those clients to solve their problem. On top of that, those kinds of complaints are in very less number compare with the number of satisfying reviews by the clients.


People have also complained that it is hard to find the job due to the high number of members and even the payment is very less compare with time and effort. Well, we agree on this part, that is what transcription job is. You can’t find any companies offering transcription job without this issue. So, if you want to do the transcription job, then you have to face this problem.



Conclusion – Is TranscribeMe fraud or safe, good or bad?

So, we didn’t find any major complaints which can show the bad face of the TranscribeMe. So, we conclude that this company is doing well for the majority of clients and members. That’s why we have listed TranscribeMe within our Good and Trusted Online Works section.


However, transcription job is not a cup of tea, it is not for everyone. If you can’t type 60 to 80 words per minute, if you can’t understand different accent and voices, if you have difficulties to listen to background noises and so on, then better you forget about the transcription job, it is not for you.


However, if you think you are the right candidate for transcription job, then you can try to work with TranscribeMe, after all, it is free to join this company.


But, if you are looking for the online opportunity from where you can make full-time online income on regular basis, then the transcription job is definitely not that option. You can’t expect to earn full-time income form transcription job. So, if you want to make full-time online income so that you can quit your job, then you should take a look at the companies like WealthyAffiliate about which you can find the details by clicking this link:-

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