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What is Sagoon? Sagoon Scam? Sagoon Review – NOI

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What is Sagoon? Is Sagoon Scam? Sagoon Review

Sagoon is a social media platform almost same like Facebook, Snapchat, Google Plus and so on. So, what makes Sagoon different from other social media apps/sites? What is


Well, as per Sagoon claims, it is different from other social media applications and sites because people can also earn money from it. However, this concept is not new. In the past, many sites with this concept have been already launched and none of them able to drive the attention. Even there was one site known as which concept was same as Sagoon and now has been already collapsed and is parked for sale.


So, is a scam?


We can’t say Sagoon is a scam. But is it reliable application by any means? What is in real? People who are using the giant social media apps and sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat and so on, why they want to use Sagoon? What does Sagoon offer them which they can’t find on those giant social media sites and apps? Actually, we find nothing except the facility to earn money from it. But, like we have said before, till date none of the social media platforms with earning opportunities are doing well such as Empowr, FutureNet, TSU and so on.

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media

It seems combining an earning opportunity with social media application/site is not a good idea because people can’t earn a good income from these kinds of sites. In order to earn money online, there are plenty of other options where people can earn good amount of money than involving with the sites like Sagoon. For example, you can find the list of legit online works and businesses within our “Good and Trusted Online Works” category by clicking this link:-


From the platforms like Wealthy Affiliate (, people even can make full-time online income and establish their own business online, so why do people want to involve with Sagoon to make money? So, we haven’t listed Sagoon within our Good and Trusted Online Works category, instead, have listed it within our Promising Online Works category.

Sagoon complaints. reviews. Sagoon legit or scam?

Sagoon login and join in link (official website link):-

Actually, we believe that social media apps/sites should have provided some social value in order to compete with giant ones. If people within social media apps start to engage just to make money, then the social value of that app will be almost zero because people will just start to post and comment to make money, not to share socially.


Yep, Sagoon is claiming that they have added some extra features, but those features are not so much attractive and even if those become popular, giant social media apps will easily add those features on their own app.


So, from many angles, we don’t feel Sagoon can compete with giant social media apps/sites because it is very hard for them to attract people to their site.


The only attention they can get is from the Asian countries, especially from Nepal and India because the owner of Sagoon is from Nepal and it has been marketed heavily in both Nepal and India. If people from those places start to using it only to make their own country product popular, then maybe it will start to spread around the world, but in this current scenario where giant social media apps are dominating the market, new social media apps really need to come up with new innovative features. Otherwise, it will be very hard for the apps like Sagoon to compete in the market.


Yep, we have observed that Sagoon has spent lots of money in marketing, but people will not engage with new sites just because renowned celebrities or political leaders are promoting them. They need to understand that for most of the social networking site users don’t require incentives of few dollars or inauguration from Prime Minister but the platform which can provide unique social value which current social media sites or apps haven’t provided yet.


We also didn’t like the concept of raising fund from various people by issuing shares @ $23 each share which Sagoon has done because Sagoon has 50% chances to collapse same as others similar kinds of apps/sites. Yep, we know the fact that every business has a risk, but this one has more because till date almost all sites with social media plus earning concept have either collapsed or have been facing the financial difficulties.


So, we don’t think Sagoon can compete with giant social media sites/apps with their current features unless they become lucky and people start to like them, otherwise, they really need to add some innovative features to attract the market.


However, the intention of the owner (Govinda Giri from Nepal) doesn’t seem bad, so hope will come up with a new idea and succeed to attract the people towards it.


Anyway, our review on Sagoon is just our view towards it by considering the facts which we have observed. But, it doesn’t mean we are completely against it. So, we welcome everyone to provide their own views, their own Sagoon reviews by using the comment section below. We also welcome the team members of Sagoon if they want to explain in detail why it is unique from other social apps/sites and why should people choose it over other social media apps/sites.


Best wishes from our side to Sagoon Inc.

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