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What is the Lilla Rose? Lilla Rose Review

Is LillaRose scam or legit? Are you searching for the Lilla Rose reviews in order to find out what is Lillarose.biz, either is Lillarose.biz scam or legit? If so, then here, within our LillaRose review, you can find all the truth about the Lilla Rose, both pros and cons, such as the details of owner of Lilla Rose company, Lilla Rose business background, about Lilla Rose consultant, about Lilla Rose product quality such as Lilla Rose hair clips, about Lila Rose compensation plan to earn money from it, and much more, overall about what is the LillaRose. However, before we begin with our Lillarose.biz review, in short, we want to clear that we have listed it within our Promising Online Works section instead of Good and Trusted Online Works section because although it is a legit company, it is quite hard to earn money from this company due to its compensation plan and also need to risk $49.95 to work with this company. However, we can definitely make money from Lilla Rose if we can work hard. But, if you are looking for the company where there is almost zero risk to work, where it is more easy to earn money even without recruiting anyone, which is established from very long time with high rate of successful members, then Wealthy Affiliate is one of those companies. You will not only earn from Wealthy Affiliate, but will also learn every expert skills to be successful from any business by following its training, even from business like Lilla Rose as well as from big companies like eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense as well as from your own website. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/


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Ok, let’s begin with the LillaRose review as below to find out what is Lilla Rose in details.

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Lilla Rose Join in and Log in URL:- http://www.lillarose.biz/, but Not - www.lillarose.com

Details of the owner of Lilla Rose company, Lilla Rose business background

As mentioned in Lilla Rose website, it was launched on 2008 and registered under Lilla Rose, Inc. and address of the company is provided as Lilla Rose Inc., PO Box 3117, La Habra, CA 90632 (888) 519 8889. As per the WHOIS detail, the founder of the Lilla Rose is John Dorsey and the address of company is La Habra, United States and the domain, www.lillarose.biz was registered in Dec 31, 2007 which is almost same as they have mentioned in their website.


Actually, the Lilla Rose is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program which main focus is to sell its different kinds of hair accessories like, Lilla Rose hair jewelry, Lilla Rose hair accessories, Lilla Rose flexi hair clips, Lilla Rose hairbands, Lilla Rose bobby pins, Lilla Rose sticks etc. Some of their products price is under $10 and some are under $20. At the same time, most expensive price of the Lilla Rose product is $24. The products price sounds pretty good and reasonable as well and it is easy to market and sell cheap products than the expensive ones.



How to earn money from Lilla Rose, Becoming Lilla Rose Consultants

In order to work with Lilla Rose you need to purchase start up kit which cost $49.95. You can earn money from Lilla Rose by selling its products and by recruiting members to do so. When you sell $1000+ worth of products by hosting the parties, then you will earn $150 worth of free products, 50% discount on 6 items and some special gift from the company. Similarly, when you sell $800-$999 worth of products, then you will get $120-$135 worth of free products and 50% discount on 5 items and some special gifts from the company and so on as soon in the screenshot below.

lilla rose coupon

In fact, most of the MLMs suggest to sell their products by hosting the parties and inviting relatives which is very embarrassing concept because personally we feel our relatives and friends will not feel better when we start to sell something to them in the parties, however, if you feel comfortable to do so, then you can go ahead. However, you can also sell the products through online websites or social media like Facebook or Instagram which is a good thing. From your own personal sales you can earn earn commission according to the volume of sales you made. For example:- When you sell up to $200 worth of products, then you can earn 30% commission of those products amount, if you can sell $200+ worth of products, then 35% commission, if you can sell $501+ worth of products and in the same time if your total referrals able to sale $2500+ worth of products then you can earn 40% commission from your products sales and so on as shown in the screenshot below. 

lilla rose consultants

Lilla Rose is a MLM company, so of course you will earn by referring people into the company and that is also upto 4 level. Level 1 referrals means the referral that you directly refer and level 2 means the referrals of your level 1 referrals and so on. Aforementioned, the good point of Lilla Rose is that it doesn't only focus on recruiting people, but it also gives you good amount of commission as shown in the screenshot above from your own personal sales. But, definitely you can earn more by referring people.


When you sell up to $200 worth of products personally then you will earn 30% commission of the product amount that you sale directly and 3% from the sales amount of your level 1 referrals. Similarly, when you sell the products wroth $200 and your referrals in all level sell products worth $2000 in total and two of your referrals become consultant by selling at least $200 worth of products by themselves, then you can earn 3% from your level 1 and level 2 referrals sales amount and so on as shown in the screenshot below.

find lilla rose consultant


Aforementioned, we can earn decent amount of money from Lilla Rose only by selling its products even without recruiting, but its compensation plan is not so much attractive to earn the good amount of money by making referrals, but also we can still earn decent amount of money from its compensation plan if we can recruit good amount of people. It doesn’t matter either the quality of LillaRose products are good or bad because the price of the products are very cheap, and most of the costumers will purchase these products for fashion than for the quality, however, we haven't find too much complaints about its product quality as well. And there is no doubt to say that Lilla Rose is a legit company but also we have listed it within our Promising Online Works section because it is hard to earn good amount either by selling its products directly because the cost of products are very cheap and we need to sell it in large volume in order to earn decent amount or also considering its compensation plan, it is hard to earn decent amount from referrals because first of all there is very low commission rate that we can earn from our referrals sales and even the products of Lilla Rose is cheap in itself due to which we will end up getting commission in cents from most of our referrals. However, if you still can work hard and keep on developing this business for long term, then sure you can make some decent amount of money from this company because its products are cheap and easy to sell. However, if you are willing to earn much more with same level of effort, with less risk and even without recruiting any people or selling anything, then we suggest you to join one of our top rated online work company known as Wealthy Affiliate. You can find more details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/


You will not only easily earn from Wealthy Affiliate than from Lilla Rose, but you will also learn the expert skills to sell the large amount of products of companies like LillaRose and also learn to earn from reputed companies like Google AdSense, eBay, Amazon as well as from your own website.


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