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What is NerdBux? Is NerdBux a Scam or a Legit?

Nerdbux is a scam site which was started in 28 June 2013 by TimeTech LLC from USA. At starting it was paying on time and members were even earning good by renting referrals, but within a year it started to make stories and make difficult to cashout and even started to suspend members without any valid reason and at last completely stop paying and even sold to Jeffrey Johnson who is well known scammer who have plenty of scam PTC sites none of which pay to any members. So, now Nerdbux is not paying to anyone, so it is better to stay out of it, otherwise you will just waste your time and effort working in this PTC site.


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OK, now let's begin with our Nerdbux review in detail in order to find out what is Nerd Bux in real.

What is Nerdbux? Nerd Bux Review. Is Nerdbux scam or legit?

NerdBux login and join in link:- http:// nerdbux. com/ (Not Recommended to join)

Nerdbux Review in detail

Aforementioned, Nerdbux is a scam PTC site because it claims members can earn money from it by viewing ads, but in reality not paying to anyone. It is own and operated by Jeffrey Johnson who have tons of scam PTC sites because none of those PTC sties pay to their members.


So, then why Nerdbux is online? What benefit they get by making people fool?


Well, Nerdbux is online just to make for its owner because there are many advertisers who want to advertise in these kinds of sites because they can here advertise any scam products. They know that the members who are working with Nerdbux are innocent people and beginner in online work industry. So, it will be very easy for other scam sites to advertise their sites here to get those members to their scams for which they pay money to the owner of this scam sites. Those advertisers who want to sell worthless product by showing big dream, they can get some sales by showing advertisement of their products in very cheap cost in these kinds of site. That is who the owner of Nerdbux, Jeffrey Johnson is making money online, by scamming people by opening tons of scam sites.


So, why concerned government authorities don't catch the owner of Nerdbux?


Concerned authorities can catch the owner of Nerdbux only when people invest and loses the money, but here that is not going to happen. Yep, back when it was paying, many members invest money to rent referrals, but it suddenly stop paying. But, that time also concerned authorities didn't do anything because in their TOS they have written clearly that they can't guarantee the earnings of rented referrals and those who purchase rented referrals, they need to do that on their own risk. Now even they don't offer rented referrals and even site is already sell to another owner and this new scam owner don't scam people by taking their money, but only wasting their time. So, it is hard to catch people because he let other to waste their time and even if you see his Terms of Services, you will find out that he have clearly mentioned that Nerdbux is ad only site so need convert earnings to ads, means earnings here can be use only for advertising your own products, not to get payout. Like this Jeffrey Johnson always make very clever Terms and Conditions which make clear that his sites will not pay. So, if someone join his site without reading TOS, then that is the fault of that people also. Due to that TOS, it is very hard to charge any legal issues on Jeffrey Johnson even for wasting time of people.




Aforementioned, it is clear that Nerdbux is a scam site, so stay out of it.

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