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What is My Traffic Value? Is MyTrafficValue Scam or Legit?

If you are searching for My Traffic Value reviews in order to find out the answers of the queries like what is mytrafficvalue.com, why is there some negative MyTrafficValue reviews, either is My Traffic Value a scam or a legit, either is there any My Traffic Value complaints or not, either is MyTrafficValue Ponzi scheme or not and so on? If so, then your search ends here because here, within our My Traffic Value review we are going to provide you the complete truth about MyTrafficValue, both its pros and cons so that you can find out what is www.mytrafficvalue.com in real.


Actually, due to the risk level involve to invest and work with MyTrafficValue, we haven’t listed it within our Good and Trusted Online Works section, but we have listed it within our Promising Online Works section because it is paying from 2011 on time, which means already more than 6 years, because we are writing this review in 2017. But, like we have said before, you should know about the risk involve to work with this company about which we have explained in detail within our My Traffic Value review as below, but that doesn’t mean either we are promoting or recommending MyTrafficValue because in order to recommend any online work companies, we analysis the risk factor involve to work and invest in that company and only list those companies within our Good and Trusted Online Works section where there is almost zero risk to work with. For example, you can take a look at our recommended online work companies list by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/legitimate-work-home-businesses/

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Among all recommended online work companies, you can find that we have rated Wealthy Affiliate as a top online work company. If you want to know why, you can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/


OK, now let’s begin with our MyTrafficValue.com review in detail as below in order to find out what is MyTrafficValue in real.

My Traffic Value login and join in link:- http: //www. mytrafficvalue. com/

What is MyTrafficValue? Is MyTrafficValue scam? Either is MyTrafficValue legit or not? My Traffic Value review. Risk Analysis to work with My Traffic Value.

What is My Traffic Value? Background of My Traffic Value

My Traffic Value is a crowdfunding platform where members can make money by investing in its various crowdfunding plans. However, those plans look like a Ponzi scheme because they offer return on the investment, such as 130% ROI, but what makes them different from Ponzi scheme is their transparent system and the way to pay back that ROI for which they haven’t mentioned the time period of return. Yep, it sounds bad when we don’t know when we get the returns of our investment, but if some company declare they can pay back certain amount of ROI within certain period of time, specially high amount of return in low period of time, then those can be categorized as Ponzi scheme. But, in case of MyTrafficValue, they promise to pay you back ROI on your investment amount only when they make profit. Once member invest in My Traffic Value, the use that investment to develop various softwares specially games and when those games start to make money, they share that profit with their investors. They also make profit by selling advertisement services and also members can earn money by playing within their Royalty Position market. More than that, they have shown every details of their system so that the members can easily find out what is happening and can analyze when they will get the return as per the progress of the company. So, this makes them different from Ponzi scheme. However, that doesn’t mean this company hasn’t any risk or it is completely legal. Sure, all investment companies have risk and none of them have any legal backups. For example, if My Traffic Value unable to make money from its Royalty Positions or from its games or form its advertisement services, then they will not be able to return your investment.


Actually in the past they already failed to make profit and that time they decided to convert all investment of members into Royalty Positions. That time some members lose money, but some who know how to play the Royalty Positions market in well manner even make money out of it. They didn’t do that debt swap only within MyTrafficValue, but also did that within their sister site known as Paidverts about which you can find details by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/paidverts-review-new-hot-program/


But, that debt swap also proves that they don’t want to close down their business and run with the money of members like other investment companies, specially Ponzi schemes. They did debt swap back in 2015 and still they are online and paying on time to their investors while it is already 2017 when we are writing this review.


You should know the fact that every business has risk and the real businesses never can guarantee they can make profit or not. However, they can show what they are doing with the money of investors and how they are working on that to make real profit. That is why My Traffic Value can be categorized as crowd funding platform rather than a Ponzi scheme.


My Traffic Value was launched in 2011 by Carlos Garcia Garcia, but was running and operating by Richard Matthew John O’Niell, also known as “Jo Cook”. He also launched another sister site known as Paidverts dedicate on advertising by promising upto 155% ROI, but without any guaranteed time frame of return. ROI use to be distributed in the form of advertisements for which members need to view ads to get the returns which was making their advertisement platform good. But, they unable to manage such high rate of returns and at last they decided to change the advertising points of members into Royalty Positions due to which many loses their money and at last Carlos Garcia Garcia blame everything on Jo Cook and kick him out of the company. At first we thought those are all drama to run their company for more time. But, later on we find out that Jo Cook started to run other Ponzi schemes and his recent project Banana Fund is also not doing good, but only because he wants to earn money for himself first rather than taking care of his members. However, after Jo Cook has been taken out of the company, Carlos Garcia Garcia appointed new CEO known as Marc De Koning. After he joined the company, he made many changes. He calculated the exact maximum ROI that MyTrafficValue and Paidverts can pay back to their members in sustainable way and decrease the ROI amount of MyTraffic value from 240% to 130% and ROI amount of Paidverts from 155% to 120% and it seems what he has done is working because he joined company back in 2015 and right now it is 2017 when we are writing this review and the company is still paying and surviving after loss.


But, still this doesn’t mean MyTrafficValue is completely risk free because if they can’t make profit, not only the company, but the members will also lose the money and even there is not any verifiable proof to confirm that what they are showing is real or not. If that is not real, then that means it is a Ponzi Scheme. So, from our side, we don’t recommend it. But since the members of this company are making money from very long time, so at least we have listed it within our Promising Online Works section.



How to make money from MyTrafficValue

Actually, from our side we don’t recommend anyone to invest in any companies like MyTrafficValue, but if you still want to invest in it and work in it, then following are the details for you.


It is very simple to work with MyTrafficValue, for that you just have to invest money in their ROI plans which is 130% plan and then need to wait until they make profit and pay you back your invested amount with 30% profit.


You can also make money by purchasing some Royalty Positions, but you must know the fact that Royalty Positions is like share market which price always fluctuate, so you should do deep research before you invest in Royalty Positions, otherwise you will lose money instead of making from it. For example, you should know when the price of Royalty Positions will go down so that you can buy Royalty Positions and should know when the price of Royalty Positions will go up so that you can sell those Royalty Positions and the only way to know that is by observing Royalty Position market for at least 1 month before you purchase any Royalty Positions.


You can also play games within MyTrafficValue where you will have 50% chance to make money or just to lose all. It is upto to take risk.


You can also earn money by referring people within MyTrafficValue or its sister site Paidverts, for which you can use same referral link for both companies because anyone who join any of these companies will be a member of both companies and can login with same email and password and their earning and account section will be also same. You will earn 0.25% to 10% from the amount that your referrals invest in this program in its various plans such as you will earn 0.25% to 0.5% when your referral use their money to play the various game, 1% when your referral invest within their 130% ROI plan, 10% when your referral purchase bulk ads on Paidverts and so on.


Actually, the good point of MyTrafficValue is its transparent system which doesn’t only provide the profit status of the company, but also provides open forum inside My Traffic Value to discuss with other members of MyTrafficValue and Paidverts as well as with the team of MyTrafficValue so that you can ask help anytime you want to understand the system more clearly.


Another good point of MyTrafficValue is that you can join both MyTrafficValue and Paidverts free of cost and can invest anytime you want or even can earn as free member from its sister site, Paidverts by viewing ads. For more details on Paidverts, click here:- newsonlineincome.com/paidverts-review-new-hot-program/


You can also earn referral commission in both My Traffic Value and Paidverts as a free member. It is not necessary that you have to invest in order to earn referral commissions. 




Aforementioned, the system of MyTrafficValue is completely transparent so that you will find out what is happening to your investment on their ROI plans. But, still there is a risk to work and invest in these kinds of companies, so from our side we don’t recommend it. But considering the fact that they are paying from 2011 to their members, we have listed it within our Promising Online Works section. So, if you want to invest and work in it, then you can click this link to join it:- http: //www. mytrafficvalue. com/


Otherwise, you can take a look at our list of good and trusted online works to find out the legit and risk free online work companies by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/legitimate-work-home-businesses/


Our No.1 recommended online work company is Wealthy Affiliate because its business model is 100% sustainable and legal from which you can establish the regular online income for your lifetime. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/


However, if you are only interested in risky companies like crowdfunding, HYIP or revenue sharing companies, then you can find those kinds of popular companies which are sustaining from long time and paying on time by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/work-home-reviews/


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