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What is Is Mineiro Scam or Legit? – NOI
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What is Is Mineiro Scam or Legit?

There is no doubt that the Mineiro is a scam site because it is a Ponzi Scheme which means an illegal scheme. Ponzi Scheme can’t sustain for a long run.


Now, if you want to find out why is a scam, what makes Mineiro a Ponzi Scheme, then you can find those details within our Mineiro review here, for that you don’t have to search any further Mineiro reviews.


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OK, let’s continue with our Mineiro review to find out why is Mineiro a scam.

Mineiro complaints. Mineiro fake or real? Mineiro legit or fraud?

Mineiro login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join, it’s a scam)

What is Mineiro Ltd and why is Mineiro a fraud?

Aforementioned, Mineiro Ltd is a scam because it is a Ponzi Scheme. So, why is Mineiro a Ponzi scheme?


Mineiro is a Ponzi scheme because it doesn’t have any real source of income to pay its members and it is routing the money between the members only to pay few members at starting so that it can show the payment proof and lure more people into its scam and collect the huge amount of money and run away with that.


We can say Mineiro doesn’t have any real source of income because it claims members can make a profit by renting hash power to mine cryptocurrency. It guarantees to pay up to 3% daily profit to the members by investing the investments of the members in cryptocurrency mining. Now, this is completely a bogus claim because anyone who is an expert in cryptocurrency mining cannot guarantee such a high rate of return daily from any cryptocurrency mining. The real cryptocurrency mining companies like Genesis Mining never can guarantees such a high rate of return daily.


You can also think another way. If any company can generate profit to pay up to 3% daily, then why that company wants to collect the investment from several people and pay them 3% daily instead of taking a loan from a bank where they only have to pay 1% monthly interest rate. None of the legit businesses will take a loan (investment) from several people to invest in their business by paying them 3% daily because for legit business there is already an option to take a loan from a bank in less than 1% monthly interest rate.


Now it is clear why Mineiro is a Ponzi scheme. However, there are other drawbacks of this site which makes it a complete scam.


Mineiro Ltd is claiming to be a registered company by showing the registration document from the UK Companies House. Well, that is not a big deal because that registration is just for a tax purpose and not a license to run an investment company like Mineiro. On top of that, it is very easy to register a company in UK Companies House.


Anyone who can pay 20 GBP, they can easily register a company in the UK Companies House by providing third-party identities and the virtual address which they can rent from virtual address services. Yep, Mineiro has exactly done that. You can find more details on how the scam companies are registered in the UK Companies House by clicking >HERE<


In the past, lots of Ponzi schemes which were registered from the UK Companies House have been already turned into the scam which proves having such registration document doesn’t make any company legit.


Besides that UK Companies House registration, Mineiro hasn’t provided any information about who and from where is operating and running the Mineiro Ltd and those information has also been hidden in the WHOIS details.


In online business industry, when the owner of the sites doesn’t want to reveal their identity, then that means their intention is not good because none of the legit online businesses ever have to hide their owner details, neither will hide in the future. But, all the scam companies have been registered by hiding their owner details.


Now you know why Mineiro Ltd is a scam. That’s why we have listed it within our Bad and Scams category.

It is better you warn your friends and families about this scam by sharing this review with them through your social media accounts:-

Your comments are valuable to us. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you have to say anything about Mineiro Ltd or want our help in relation to online business industry.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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