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What is Keyword Research? How to do Keyword Research? Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research is the research carried out to find what could be the best keywords for your article or content that will help to get a higher ranking in Search Engine’s search results.
If the website doesn’t have traffic, then that is of no value. Website or any web pages are opened targeting maximum traffic. And this could be possible only if have maximum visitors on website or web pages.
What is a Keyword Search? What is Keyword Research? Tool Keywords

However, the best way to grasp maximum visitors is through SEO. So, learning about SEO is foremost and to learn about it, you must pursue Internet Marketing Training which you can get -->HERE<--

Now, if you already have enough knowledge about SEO but confused about how to find the best keywords for your website to get maximum traffic, then you must execute Keyword Research.

What is Keyword Research? How to Keyword Research?

How many people are searching about a particular keyword on the internet i.e keyword traffic, how many websites are providing services for those keywords i.e. your competitors, or how many websites appear in that keyword search results? What could be the best and sensible keywords? All these can be found out through the Keyword Research mechanism.

For example:-

If your content or article is related to bodybuilding, then you can search about it using the best keyword tool. When you search “work at home” in keyword tools, then you will find the results like:

Legitimate work at home” which has traffic of 1,345,99, QSR (competition) - 457

 “Work at home reviews” which has traffic of 13,000.00, QSR - 357

 “Work from Home Ideas” which has traffic of 19,757, QSR - 257

What is a Keyword Search/Research?

QSR means the volume of competitions for that particular keyword or how many websites appear on that keyword search results.

The above facts clearly reveal that you must choose such articles or contents to be incorporated in your websites or web pages which have less competition. If you only count the traffic numbers and not the competition, then there will be a high possibility that your web page will be lower ranked in Search Engines. Your website will appear in 5 or 6 or so on pages in Search Engine’s search result which is a non-visitor zone.

So, it’s better to get fewer visitors with fewer competition keywords than trying to get more traffic with high competition keywords. It’s more fruitful to have even ten visitors per month with low competitive keywords than trying to get a thousand visitors but never get ranked on the first page of search results.

Well, there are many Keyword Research tools out there, But Jaaxy is one of the best among the others.

Why Jaaxy?

Because Jaaxy is a keyword research tool to find out the best keywords for your content or article. It is very fast and easy to use. You will get the result only in one second in Jaaxy for which you have to wait for one-two hours or even more in other Keyword Research tools.

The Benefits of the Jaaxy are unlimitedly comparing it with other Keyword tools.

  1. Most of the Keyword Research tools available in the market produce metrics and data which don't give exact meaning and we have to find out ourselves the exact meaningful search term in which we can write good content. But Jaaxy provides you the best meaningful search term in just a few seconds. It provides significant traffic volume, competition, and domain availability of that keyword within a second.
  2. Most of the Keyword tools use Alexa to determine the competition of Keywords which gives you totally false results because Alexa even can't track anything from Search Engines. So, any Keyword which provides data from Alexa is totally unreliable. That is why you must use Jaaxy if you want to build a high traffic website from the Keyword search. Jaaxy is the only one that provides you the search term entirely from Search Engine data.
  3. Most of the Keywords need several searches to accomplish the singular task whereas Jaaxy provides you all those information just in one search in a second and on one page.
  4. Most of the Keyword Tools don't pull the data from all Search Engines whereas Jaaxy pulls the data for every Search Engines and gives you the exact result.
  5. Even Google Keyword Tools only pull the Keyword terms from Google but Jaaxy pulls the Keyword term from all Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Jaaxy helps you to find out the keyword that can get more traffic and face low competition. We can assure that you will find it easier and going to love this tool. Please give us your feedback on how you feel after using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. It doesn’t provide useless and meaningless data that will waste your time. It’s simply effective and efficient.

Till now, we haven't found any other Keyword Tool which is better than Jaaxy. If any of you can find it, then please let us know using our comment section below. We are happy to hear from you.

You can find the keyword search within Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Actually, there are many other factors that can help your website get better ranked in Search Engines. For more ideas, you must take the Internet Marketing Training. To join the best Internet Marketing Training program known as WA, click -->HERE<--. And you can use Jaaxy Keyword Tool within WA after joining it.


Neil (Wednesday, 24 September 2014 10:41)

Hello, Raj

Excellent insight into keyword research and I must confess that the jaaxy keyword tool is the best research platform I have ever used without a shadow of a doubt.

Thanks for a great post 🙂

Rajde (Thursday, 25 September 2014 07:26)

Dear Neil - Thanks a lot providing your feedback on Jaaxy.
Yep! You are right. Jaaxy is a 100% efficient tool for those who want to boost their website traffic through Keyword Research.

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