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What is China CITIC Bank Global? Is ChinaCITICBank Scam or Legit?

China CITIC Bank is real bank from China, but the site China-CITICBank.Global is a fake site in the name of that bank. The real China CITIC Bank has headquarters in Beijing and Hong Kong, China. But, the site China-CITICBank.Global has not any relationship with China CITIC Bank. So, China CITIC Bank Global is a scam site pretending to be from China CITIC Bank and making people confused.


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Do you want more proof to prove that China CITIC Bank is a scam? OK, then let's continue with our China CITIC Bank review as below to find out what is China CITIC Bank in real.

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China CITIC Bank login and join in link of scam site:- china-citicbank.global (Not Recommended to join)

The real China CITIC Bank official website link:- http://www.citicbank.com/

What is China CITIC Bank and why is China CITIC Bank Global a scam?

The real China CITIC Bank is the established bank in China which was founded in 1987. The bank operates in almost 130 countries. [Source: Wikipedia]


But, the "china-citicbank.global" is not the website from the real China CITIC Bank. It is from an unknown person who is hiding his/her real identity so that he/she can fool people to deposit money in his/her company thinking that is from real China CITIC Bank. But in real, the "china-citicbank.global" is a Ponzi scheme which can't be sustain for a long run and even it is already deceiving people in the name of big company. So, as soon as the legal authority find its details, they will take action against this site. But, we are sure they are already aware of that and they will not continue this site for a long time. May be they will shutdown this site and run with the money of several people before legal authorities can catch them.


Actually, if you think generally, you can find yourself that "china-citicbank.global" is a scam because none of the real bank in the world can sustain by paying 500% within a day on the deposit amount, which means if someone deposit $1000, then they will get back $5000 and that is also within a day. So, whenever you see such too good to be true deal, then in real that is not true. So, "china-citicbank.global" is a Ponzi scheme. If you dn't know what is Ponzi scheme, then you can click this link:- newsonlineincome.com/ponzi-scheme/


It is not the first time that Ponzi scheme has fooled people in the name of bank. The examples of other scam sites in the name of bank are China-ConBankUSA Bank CorporationInvest BankSolid Trade Bank, New Age Bank and so on, most of which have already shutdown by now and many people has already lost their money there. We feel so bad for China CITIC Bank because when many people loses their money in its scam version, may be they will keep on bothering the staff of real China CITIC Bank.


So, if you ask what is China CITIC Bank, then sure it is one of the reputed bank around the world and one of the good bank in China. But, if you ask with us either is China CITIC Bank a scam or not which is offering upto 500% return on the deposit amount within a day, then that is 100% scam because that is not from a real China CITIC Bank, but is form the scammer whose intention is to scam people. The official website of real China CITIC Bank is "www.citicbank.com", but the website "china-citicbank.global" is not from that China CITIC Bank, but is from a scammer who is running the website in the name of China CITIC Bank by showing the high amount of interest rate so that he/she can scam people and run away by taking the deposit amount of many people.


In order to make people more confuse, the Ponzi schemes like China-CITICBank.Global will pay few people at starting in order to lure more people in their company so that they can collect tons of money from many people and run away with a big amount of money. They are not here for small money, so first of all they will pay some people to show the real payment proofs to lure more people into their scam. So stay out of these kinds of scams. That's why we have listed China-CITICBank.Global within our Bad and Scams category.


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