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What is BTCProMiner.Life? BTCProMiner Scam? – NOI
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What is BTCProMiner.Life? Is BTCProMiner Scam or Legit?

Are you searching for BTCProMiner.Life reviews to find out either is BTCProMiner.Life a scam or a legit, what is BTC Pro Miner in real, either BTCProMiner.Life is safe for investment or not and so on? If so, then you don’t have to search any other BTCProMiner reviews because here, within our BTCProMiner.Life review, we are going to provide the complete truth about BTCProMiner. So, your search for BTC Pro Miner reviews to find out either is BTCProMiner a scam or a legit end here.


So, then what do you think? Is BTC Pro Miner a scam?


Yes, BTCProMiner.Life is a scam. But now maybe you are thinking why is BTC Pro Miner Life a scam? Well, it is not a real cloud mining company but is a Ponzi scheme which is deceiving people in the name of cloud mining. That is why it fails to show its physical location where the mining is taking place. After all, how can it show the thing which doesn’t exist in reality.


Not only that, it has also masked its owner information within a WHOIS detail. However, it has provided the owner’s name in the registration document registered with UK Companies House. As per that document, Giacomo Bugini from Italy is the owner of this company. However, there is not any proof that is the real person behind this BTCProMiner.Life scam. On top of that, we can’t trust the companies which are registered from the UK Companies House because anyone can provide the fake details to register a company in UK Companies House, such as a fake address. In order to find out how the companies are registered in the UK Companies House, you can click this link:-


OK, let’s dig out more to find out what is BTCProMiner through our BTCProMiner review in detail as below.

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BTCProMiner complaints. BTC Pro Miner Life reviews. BTCProMiner legit or scam?

BTCProMiner login and join in link:- BTCProMiner.Life (Not recommended to join, it’s a scam)

Why is BTC Pro Miner a scam? Let’s find out more

Aforementioned, it is clear that the owner details of BTCProMiner.Life is not clear. However, even if we believe Bugini is the real owner and the company registration document which they have provided with the name BitMiner Cloud EU Ltd is real, then also that is more bad because you can find several similar kinds of scam sites registered in the name of Bugini using same registration document with company number 09951039, such as BitMiner, StartMiner, BTCMiner-Services and so on about which you can find the details by clicking the respective links as below:-






Not only that, although they have used the same registration document with same owner name, but also they have provided the picture of the different person as Bugini in BTCProMiner.Life than in other sites which makes us sure that they haven’t provided the real information about their owner.


Not only the owner details are not clear, but the business model of BTCProMiner.Life is also completely bogus.


BTCProMiner claims to pay up to 0.24 BTC just by investing 0.9 BTC, means you can get back your full principal within 4 days and after that always profit.


Don’t you think it is too good to be true?


Yep, BTCProMiner claims to pay its members by using the investment of those members in its so-called cryptocurrency mining. But, that is a completely bogus claim. None of the cryptocurrency miners can guarantee such high rate of return in such a short period of time. On top of that, it fails to provide the physical location of its mining platform. The real cryptocurrency mining companies like GM never can guarantee the fixed rate of return in fix period of time. If you don’t know what is GM, then you can find the details by clicking this link:-


Have you ever think why any company collects the investment from several people? Yep, to raise a fund to invest in their project. However, none of the legit companies will collect 0.9 BTC from several people by paying each of them up to 0.24 BTC per day, instead, they will take a loan from a bank if they need to raise a fund for their project in much more lower rate, by paying less than $1 monthly per $100. So, why would any company like to pay 0.24 BTC per day per 0.9 BTC instead of paying $1 monthly per $100? So, the business model of Ponzi scheme like BTC Pro Miner doesn’t make any sense and prove itself to be a Ponzi scheme.


If you want to know what is Ponzi Scheme and how Ponzi schemes are operated, then you can click this link:-


Yep, we agree that it also claims to pay you 0.0006 BTC per day free of cost. But, don’t fall for that. That is only the lollipop for you so that they can get a whole big chocolate from you. Obviously, people when can withdraw free BTC, they will think the site is legit and will invest more to earn more and then lose the big amount of money because BTCProMiner will stop paying you anytime, actually before you can get back your principal amount. And never think you can keep on withdrawing those free BTCs as well because when they notice you are not going to invest further, they will just stop releasing your payment. This is how most of the scam sites run by Bugini is operated and even it is not sure he is the real person behind it.


You can find lots of complaints from many members for not getting payment from this company around the internet. So, it is better you stay out of this BTC Pro Miner Life scam and save yourself from it because it is now clear that BTCProMiner is a scam. So, we have listed it within our Bad and Scams category.

Please feel free to share this BTC Pro Miner review with your friends and families in order to warn them about this BTC Pro Miner scam:-

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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