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What is Adwazo? Is Adwazo a Scam or a Legit?

Have you landed here because you were searching for the Adwazo reviews in order to find out the queries like what is, either is Adwazo scam or legit, either is Adwazo a Pyramid Scheme or not, either is Adwazo compensation plan and business model legal or not, either is there any Adwazo complaints or not and so on? If so, then you have landed in the right place because here, within our Adwazo review, we are going to reveal you the real truth of Adwazo.

Actually, if you take a deep look at the compensation plan of Adwazo, you will find out that it is more inclined towards Pyramid Scheme than a real MLM (Multi Level Marketing) opportunity. So, we don't recommend this company because it doesn't matter it pays or not if its business involves Pyramid Scheme which is illegal in many countries due to which it has high chance for having legal issues in the future.

On top of that, there is not any clear information about the owner and the address of this company which add more red flag to this company. You can find more detail about it within our review as below.

What is the about? Adwazo Review. Is Adwazo a scam or a legit?

What is Adwazo? Background of Adwazo

Adwazo is so called MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company which compensation is more inclined towards Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes and the owner details of the company is also not clear. So, we don't recommend this company. The Adwazo products haven't been clearly described which makes it more difficult to sell outside of its affiliates.

As per the WHOIS detail of domain “”, it was registered on 2016-08-02 and Bill Lay is listed as the owner with an address P.O. Box 4654, Road Town, British Virgin Islands. More than that there is not any information provided about Bill Lay within their website. Instead, in their website they have provided the names of the team as Madison Frank as CEO and founder, Jordan Reynolds as COO and founder, and Estrada as CFO and partner.

So, we try to do further research on Bill Lay because it is more better to follow WHOIS detail than what they have claimed in their website because in their website they can claim anything. But, only information we can find out about Bill Lay which connects him with Adwazo is his Facebook account where he is promoting Adwazo including other various marketing opportunities. But, more than that we didn't find any information about his previous involvements with any MLM companies at all.

Anyway, why the owner details as they have provided in their website and in WHOIS details doesn't match and why Bill Lay doesn't want to upfront himself as an owner, that is unknown. But most of time when the owner detail is not clear, we should be cautious with those sites and should be more careful if that is a MLM company.

How to earn money from Adwazo? Adwazo compensation plan

Aforementioned, the compensation plan of Adwazo seems to be inclined more towards Ponzi Scheme, so we will like to stay out of this company and also don't recommend anyone to work in it. But also if you want to find out the details what this company offers to earn money from it, then you can find the details as below.

Although we can purchase the products of Adwazo without being affiliate of Adwazo, still there are two red flags on that. First of all they have several kinds of products which have huge price difference with each other, such as packages like Basic costs $50, Medium costs $100, Professional costs $200, Enthusiast cost $300 and so on.

But, in all of those products, they have provided same description and no one can be clear what benefits they can get by purchasing particular products. So, even those products are available to purchase without being affiliate of Adwazo, who will purchase those products if they don't know what those products exactly offer.

Secondly, affiliates of Adwazo only can earn commission by selling affiliate membership because they are not offering any products or services for retail by their affiliates which means their compensation plan is more focused to recruit people and sell products within affiliates than actually selling their products in retail.

In order to work with Adwazo, affiliates must choose 4 kinds of memberships and their earnings will depend upon which kind of membership package they purchase. Those membership packages are as below:-

  • Basic for $50
  • Medium for $100
  • Professional for $200
  • Enthusiast for $300

You can earn guaranteed weekly ROI according to the packages you purchase, but for that you also have to complete simple tasks such as watching online videos, completing surveys, visiting websites and so on. The amount of guaranteed weekly ROI that you can earn according to your membership packages is as explained below:

  • If you have purchased Basic membership, then can earn $5 each week for 22 weeks, means you can earn back total $110 from $50.
  • If you have purchased Medium membership, you can earn $10 each week for 22 weeks, means you can earn back total $220 from $100.
  • If you have purchased Professional membership, you can earn $20 each week for 22 weeks, means you can earn back total $440 from $200.
  • If you have purchased Enthusiast membership, you can earn $30 each week for 22 weeks, means you can earn back total $660 from $300.

So, now it is clear that you can earn 220% ROI according to the packages that you have purchased. But this business model makes them Ponzi Scheme unless they can provide the proof of real source of income from which they can pay that much ROI.

Once you have purchased any of those packages, another way to earn money form this company is by recruiting new affiliates as your referrals who will purchase those packages. You will earn 10% commission from the each membership packages that your affiliates purchase.

You can also earn residual recruitment commissions from Adwazo International which are paid out through a binary compensation structure according to which you will be put on the top of your binary team and then you have to recruit 2 people at least who also need to recruit 2 people under each of them and so on.

Like this there is not any restriction how much deep you can grow your team within Adwazo International, means you can earn upto unlimited downline levels, but that rings another warning bell.

Most of the legal and sustainable companies never offer unlimited downlines earnings because that makes their products very overpriced and even will make business unsustainable because if most of their affiliates able to make downline very deep, they need to pay commissions more than the amount that they can make by selling their products.

So, from where they gonna pay the rest of money? Let's us guess, may be they will use the the money invested by new affiliates to pay their existing affiliates. More than that, they offer huge commission through their binary structure, such as 50% commission on 2:1 or 1:2 ratio matching.

Means if within your binary structure, you have two affiliates under you and from one of those affiliate binary structure, if he/she able to make two new sales of same kind of membership and from another affiliate binary structure, if he/she manages to make 1 new sale of same kind of membership that another affiliate in another binary structure has made, then you can earn 50% commission on each of those sales. Like this Adwazo International promise to pay commission on the unlimited downlines which is 100% not a sustainable claim.

For example, If you can make 2 Enthusiast affiliates on the left side of your binary structure and 1 Enthusiast affiliate on the right side of your binary structure, then you can earn 50% commission on those Enthusiast membership sales.

In order to understand binary structure more, you can take an example like if you refer two new affiliates which will be position directly under you on the left and right hand side of the structure and if each of those affiliates recruit other two affiliates under them, then you will have 4 affiliates on your third level downline structure, means you will have total 6 affiliates in all level, 3 of which will be on the left hand side and other 3 will be on the right hand side and so on.

Aforementioned, the ways that affiliates can earn from Adwazo is by recruiting members and selling them the membership which makes its business model illegal scheme known as Pyramid Scheme and it also offers 220% ROI without providing verifiable source of income which makes it Ponzi Scheme. So, considering its business model, we don't recommend this company.


Aforementioned, it is clear that the owner detail of Adwazo is not clear and the business model of Adwazo involves both Ponzi Scheme and Pyramid Scheme. So, even if they able to keep on paying their members, they can face legal issues anytime in the future. So, from our side either it pays or not, we have categorized Adwazo in our Scams category.

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