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What is 17NewsNow Scam? – NOI
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What is Is 17NewsNow Scam or Legit?

We will not even think for one second in order to declare is a scam. Now maybe you are thinking why is a scam, what makes 17 News Now a scam, what is 17 News Now in real. Well, we are definitely going to talk about that within our 17NewsNow review here. So, you don’t have to search any other reviews to find out the complete truth about this site. You search for 17NewsNow reviews ends here.


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OK, let’s continue with our review to find out what is 17NewsNow in real and why is a scam.

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17NewsNow complaints. 17 News Now reviews. 17NewsNow legit or scam?

17NewsNow login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join, it’s a scam)

Why is 17NewsNow a scam?

17 News Now is a scam due to the following reasons:-

  • All claims made by 17NewsNow is fake.
  • It hasn’t provided any information about the founder of on its website. That information is also concealed within WHOIS. None of the legit companies hide such details, only scam companies do.
  • It only claims you can make money from it by reading news articles but doesn’t pay at the end.
  • It claims to pay $2 to $4 per news article that you read and guarantee you to provide at least 30 news articles per day. None of the legit companies can make any benefit by paying such amount for someone who read the news. So, this is completely a bogus claim.
  • It claims to pay $170 for every referral you refer and also 15% of the earnings that your referral made. This is another bogus claim because none of the legit companies will survive by paying $170 free of cost just for referring the member.
  • It claims members can cash-out their earnings once their earnings reach the minimum cash-out limit which is $2400. However, it never pays the members after they request for the cash-out.
  • It claims to be the agency which presents news from the leading world’s mass media but in reality, it is not associated with any news media.
  • 17NewsNow is only opened with the intention to deceive people. It deceives members by tricking them to pay for the upgrade in order to release the cash-out soon. However, after paying for the upgrade also it never pays those members. It also makes money by selling the personal information of the members to the third parties such as email address, payment processor details and so on. Never ever submit your credit card details with these kinds of scam otherwise you will end up canceling your credit card.
  • You can find lots of scam sites similar to 17 News Now such as,  NewsMain18, LuckiNews, NewsHot17 and so on whose business model, business claim, way to deceive people are almost same which makes us sure that these kinds of scam sites are run and operated by the same scammer.

So, now you know 17NewsNow is a scam, so we have listed it within our Bad and Scams category and suggest you simply stop working in this site and never give your personal information to this site.


If you are tired of scams and want to find out the way to identify the scams by yourself, then you can read this post:-

If you want to share this 17 News Now review with your friends and families to warn them about this 17 News Now scam, then please feel free to do so:-

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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