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What is SurveyJ, ItsDollar, EarnCashTo, or USDEarn Sites? Genuine? Scam or a Legit?
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Sites like USDEarn, SurveyJ, ItsDollar, EarnCashTo, etc. are scam sites. If you want to know why these sites are scam, then you can find the details within our USDEarn/SurveyJ/ItsDollar/EarnCashTo review as below.

Why sites like SurveyJ, ItsDollar, EarnCashTo, USDEarn are scam?

These sites have exact same business model of scam sites like USDWork, DutyTimes, CashinWork, DollarPlane, and so on. Anyway, it doesn’t matter either these sites are from the same serial scammer who have other similar kinds of sites or not, what matters is the business model of these sites which is completely bogus.

Actually, none of these scam sites have paid to anyone and neither will pay in the future because they can’t pay the amount which they are claiming. 

They claim to pay $0.2 to $20 per click on referral link of member for which members need to copy-paste their referral link on sites like Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and so on. But, why they need to pay $0.2 to $20 per click by letting members copy-paste their website link (referral link) instead of simply advertising their website in those sites for which they only need to pay $1 and that is also for 25 to 50 clicks? So, this claim itself proves they can’t pay to anyone.

SurveyJ, ItsDollar, EarnCashT, USDEarn reviews. Legit or not? SurveyJ, ItsDollar, EarnCashTo complaints.

So, now may be you are thinking why are they online if they don’t want to pay anyone. What will they get by letting people join their site free of cost?

Well, when you join and engage in their site, they can earn advertising revenue. They can also earn by selling your personal information like email address, payment processor details whatever you provide to them. So, you should never provide your personal information to these kinds of sites, otherwise, you will end up losing your personal information since these kinds of sites will sell your personal information to third parties and make money from there. If they ever find your credit card information, then they may also steal your money until your credit card runs out of the balance.

They also trick people by letting them pay money in order to complete their listed offers and surveys. Once the earnings of members reach to the minimum cashout threshold and members request for cashout, they will not release the payment and will suggest them to complete offers and surveys first in order to get the payment. But, in order to complete those offers and surveys, members either need to pay money from their own pocket or need to provide further personal information like credit card details, bank details and so on. If some members believe that and do those offers and surveys, then also they will not pay those members.

If you want to say something about these sites (SurveyJ, ItsDollar, EarnCashTo, or USDEarn), then please feel free to leave your comment below. You can also report the site similar to SurveyJ, ItsDollar, EarnCashTo, or USDEarn by placing the comment below.

Please spread awareness about these scam sites by sharing this review with your friends and families through your social media accounts.

Good Luck!

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