What is Total AV AntiVirus? Are They Good? TotalAV Scam or Legit? Is Total AV a Good Antivirus?

TotalAV Review. Is TotalAV scam or genuine?

Before we begin with our Total AV review, we want to explain to you why are we reviewing this TotalAV antivirus and what credentials do we have to write this review. Our team is expert at researching online products and businesses. We give each product we come across a full, honest review with pointers how they can improve and determine if they are legitimate or scam. So, you will find here either is Total AV scam or legit. Using our years of experience, we believe we have a great understanding of online practices and can help people online make smart decisions.

Total AV Antivirus is also related to online works and businesses because it also offers the referral's commission. People can earn up to $70 per sale by referring this antivirus.

Is Total AV a legit antivirus or is TotalAV a scam like some TotalAV reviews have complained?

Whilst TotalAV is not perfect, there are some positives to come from reviewing it, the main point is TotalAV’s price which is comparatively low compared to other antivirus programs. You can find further details on our TotalAV review below. So, if you are searching the internet for Total AV reviews to find out what is TotalAV in real, whether TotalAV is a scam or legit, then please continue to read below. So, let's continue with our TotalAV.com review in detail to find out what is TotalAV.com in real, either is Total AV a scam or not.

TotalAV.com reviews. Total AV complaints. TotalAV good or not? Total AV fake. TotalAV real or not?

Total AV login, TotalAV sign up link:- www.TotalAV.com

What is www.TotalAV.com? - The detailed Total AV review.

Total AV is antivirus software that includes password management, system clean-up, and even a start-up manager. So, considering all its features, the price it offers is comparatively good. They also offer an adblocker, identify protection via a partnership with Experian, and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) all of which are paid for add-ons. So, they offer many services at a low price, however, our tests show that there is room for improvement.

Once you download and install it, it will scan your computer or mobile device for viruses, trojans, spyware, and malware. The software will then suggest you upgrade the product by paying money so that you can remove any viruses it may find. However, instead of that, if you just uninstall this software and put any other legit antivirus program such as AVG, Avira, Avast, and so on, you will not find such warnings which prove that either TotalAV just warns you to upgrade the software without any infection, just to make money from you, or TotalAV can detect a virus which other Antivirus can't.

We looked deeper into the messages they give and they include cookie trackers, no real-time protection, no VPN enabled and potential risks. This is how it looks like you have issues when other antivirus companies don’t. These issues are not viruses but are warnings. We believe it is because TotalAV wants to make sales of their program by letting people upgrade their account which is definitely not good.

TotalAV does have plus points, one of which is that TotalAV is owned by Protected.net which is one of the approved recommendations of Microsoft. This means they are fully integrated with Windows notifications and windows defender. So, considering this fact, we can't say Total AV is as bad as others say they are.

It is possible to promote TotalAV as an affiliate, however, there are lots of other, better ways to make money online. For example, you can find the list of our "Good and Trusted Businesses" to make a good amount of money online by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/legitimate-work-home-businesses/

In order to check further, we even installed Total AV on a fresh new computer. When it was successfully installed, it started to show warnings, as well as suggesting to upgrade the software to remove the threats it had found. We feel this is slightly deceptive as the 4 issues it found were not viruses, it was cookie trackers in Internet Explorer which are mainly considered safe, no real-time protection (so no other antivirus installed), no VPN which isn't really a threat. But, if you uninstall this software, your computer will be just fine. So, this is one thing we didn't like about TotalAV.

We have also found some complaints from the customers for charging their credit card balance without their consent and even some report TotalAV charges extra fees as well. We cannot verify if these complaints are true, as these are complaints from other people and not via this website.

In order to confirm even further, we checked the WHOIS details of the domain "www.totalav.com" and there we found that all the information about the owner and the address of a company is completely hidden. In online business, it is not considered to be good, we would prefer if TotalAV didn’t hide their owner details.

By looking at their site, you may be thinking that at least they have provided their address - Larch House, Parklands Business Park, Denmead, Hampshire, PO7 6XP, United Kingdom as well as have provided their company registration name as SS Protect Limited which was registered in the UK Companies House. There have been instances of fake addresses being provided to the UK Companies House, whilst we can’t confirm if this is the case or not, you can find out more information on this subject here:-newsonlineincome.com/scam-companies-registered-from-uk-companies-house/

Hope now you are clear about TotalAV antivirus software.

Please feel free to share this www.TotalAV.com review with your friends and families to make them clear either is TotalAV.com a scam or not.

Your comments are valuable for us. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you have to say anything about TotalAV or want our help in relation to online business industry.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck! 

  • #1

    Sam Linthicum (Sunday, 14 April 2019 09:57)

    Total AV also charged my credit card without my consent and charged way more than any other anti-virus software.

  • #2

    Vic (Tuesday, 07 May 2019 20:43)

    I purchased TotalAl with several upgrades. I cannot access the site as I get an error that I do not have access to the site. I registered on their site but still no access. PayPal sent them the money and I went right back to their site and no cancel available. Lost good money from my Social Security. NO MORE!

  • #3

    GoldAce (Wednesday, 22 May 2019 21:36)

    Warning watch out for Total AV.. They charged my credit card $150nz without my consent. this was way more than the $19 paid originally.

  • #4

    Peter (Monday, 16 September 2019 11:03)

    For me, Total AV is a big no, NO.

    As you can check on their website, Total AV has no address.
    You can only contact them by Email, Live Chat or Call. No Address!
    This looks like a scam for me.
    Where are they based?
    I believe they are justa white-label of Bitdefender.
    Anyone would be better of using Bitdefender, they might be a little more expensive, but they have their office in many countries and a full refund policy.

  • #5

    Marjana Strmčnik (Monday, 20 January 2020 04:50)

    I am so sorry i did not see this page before i purchased total AV product.

    I am trying to discontinue their service and they do not let me do it. If you are smart, do not use their service. It is not as good as they claim it to be. Far from it.

    I am not sure how long i will have to correspond with them, but i hope eventually i will manage to cancel it.
    Be smart, do not use Total AV product.

  • #6

    david smith (Thursday, 23 January 2020 13:03)

    TotalAV is very suspicious and so's there marketing ..ive found several "pop-ups" saying "i am infected with 5 virus" and when i clicked on it , it take me to there website ..

  • #7

    M. Castino (Monday, 03 February 2020 13:07)

    Total AV is advertised on Smart News between News articles. When I tried to purchase the stated $2,99 Offer and got to the Payment options I chose PayPal. After entering my password everything disappeared!! Nothing was there at all!! I checked my PayPal to be sure that nothing was charged. Very strange!?

  • #8

    G Hodgson (Monday, 10 February 2020 12:18)

    Taken too much money out of my account. Very slow to respond to my enquiries. Cannot recommend.

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6 responses to “What is Total AV AntiVirus? Are They Good? TotalAV Scam or Legit? Is Total AV a Good Antivirus?”

  1. I cancelled my 30-day for 1 euro trial of totalav a month ago and was told that it was cancelled and i would not need to pay any more. Today i got an email from dean at totalav saying my subscription was "suspended due to non-payment" and that my "payment is overdue". I'm so scared this is going to result in them taking money from me even though i had a 1 euro subsription originally that i got an email confirmation saying that i don't need to worry.

    This is the email i got

    "It's been nearly a month since your antivirus protection was suspended due to non-payment.

    Did you know that numerous studies estimate that about one-third of computers worldwide are infected with malware or adware at any given time?

    While some malware slows down your computers performance, other types try to run undetected harvesting your personal data and potentially stealing your identity in the background.

    The only way to know for sure if your computer is infected is by running a full antivirus scan on a regular basis.

    Evita, we can enable your antivirus protection in a matter of minutes.

    Simply update your details on the link below,

    Click Here To Reactivate Your Antivirus

    Once your details have been updated your scheduled scans will continue as before ensuring you are safeguarded from harmful threats and viruses.

    Also, update your details today and we will enhance your protection by allocating you with 3 additional licenses – Completely free of charge!

    Don't hang around this offer is likely to expire soon.

    All the best"

  2. Bradley Harwood Avatar
    Bradley Harwood

    TotalAV is advertised as free or free trial but after downloading it's not free or free trial. There's a catch to free antivirus or antimalware programs. Once you do the scan you have to pay for more and more of their products to fix the problems that are found. I've tried a number of them and it's pay more and more money. Some make you pay twice and some cause issues on your pc. Eset scan says cannot open which means those files cannot be scanned and only a few out of many are given the ok most of them cannot be opened. Another brand said I needed to download and install and I had to pay to update my drivers and kept locking me out on my pc after restart and there is no way to enter password to get into Windows. I had to do a clean wipe in bios settings and reinstall all the time. Make sure your antivirus or antimalware programs are trustworthy from a reliable source.

  3. Anthony Attrill Avatar
    Anthony Attrill

    I looked at totalAV ON MY laptop and went through the procedures to download their Antivirus
    program thinking it was FREE!!!!, as was stated. then I came to the end and found that it wasn't FREE at all it had a purchase price of £29.plus VAT. This was the price after a discount of 70%. So it looked good and so as the fool/gullible person i put my card details in. prior to reading these pages.I rang my bank to stop the payment but couldnt cancel the payment by phone
    so will have to go to my Bank to do it.
    and try to contact totalAV by email or phone if i can find their number. and or email address
    I don't know if you would have these contact details. Looks like I've done a Faux Par again.
    Anthony Attrill

  4. Alan Brittain Avatar
    Alan Brittain

    Just my personal opinion, but I think TotalAV is mainly just a con trick for their major earnings from 'tricks'. Under the cover of an apparently legit company, they are smart cons or just thieves. Having never knowingly had contact with them, somehow TotalAV hacked my direct debit card and debited almost £120.00 for their 'product'.
    Fortunately, my bank seeing an unusual transaction blocked it, plus, unfortunately, my card. That was sorted that out and confirmed by me as an illegal debit.
    To my total surprise, again this week, I have received a mail from DEAN, TotalAV account manager, at "billings@totalav.com" regretting my payment didn't go through and offering me the same 'product' at a 70% discount. Does that sound like a good, honest business?

    1. Oh, do you mean TotalAV charged your debit card without your consent? Can you please explain it in more detail?

    2. Lito Estrella Avatar
      Lito Estrella

      Hi Alan,

      I fully agree with you on this. Almost same experience.

      I also agree on what you said "I think TotalAV is mainly just a con trick for their major earnings from ‘tricks’. Under the cover of an apparently legit company, they are smart cons or just thieves".

      I'm going after them and including my local bank to help me out. It is a very small amount to me but it is the honest principle that counts.


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