Sites with Scam Or Genuine?

Through this review, you will find out that websites with email address are not genuine ones. Since, multiple scam and suspicious sites are using this email address.

We’ll share important details about this email address through this review. We’ll take a close look at websites with this email address and tell you what they have in common.

This review was first published on May 9, 2023, and updated at October 09, 2023. Scam Or Genuine? Review

All sites with email address have one or all of these issues:

Contact Information:

We have found that websites connected to “” don't have accurate contact info. Some even use the same company names and addresses as other similar websites. So, this suggests they might be linked with each other.

Heavy Discounts:

When you visit websites having email address, then you might notice that they often advertise products at very low prices, which seems too good to be true. Our findings suggest that fake websites mostly use this common trick to lure in potential customers.

Commonly Scammed Items:

You may find the same pictures and details of products on websites with this email address, which is a big red flag. Because, it could mean these websites are all working together to trick people online.

Website Security:

The websites with email address “” don’t have good security. They don’t use strong protection like McAfee or Norton. So, people using these sites might be at risk.

Also, some of these websites might trick you by showing fake trust seals from trusted security companies. So, we want to warn you that if you buy something on these sites, your personal, and payment info might be stolen.

Social Media:

Many of these websites don’t have real social media links. Some even use fake social media icons that take you to the unrelated pages or social media homepages.

However, we observed that real online stores usually have direct links to their official social media profiles on different platforms.

Duplicate content:

Our research shows that the websites with this email address have similar policy pages, such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy.

Also, you can find lots of copy-paste mistakes on their websites, such as they copy-paste stuff and accidentally put other website names or email addresses in there instead of their own.

Some of these websites don’t even have policy pages. However, every website should have a Privacy Policy, but some of these sites don’t even bother to include one.

After Sales Issues:

If you buy anything from the websites with email address “”, then you may face several issues like product quality, late deliveries, refund options, bad customer service, etc. as mentioned below.

Product problems:

People are upset with websites connected to They buy stuff, but it's not good. What they get doesn't match what they saw in ads. It feels like they paid too much for bad things.

Moreover, in some cases, they don't even get anything at all, which makes their experience with these websites even worse.

Late deliveries:

Our investigation shows that sites linked to this email address take very long time to send the goods, and at last send wrong or low quality goods, which makes the customer even more frustrated.

Refund issue:

The refund options of sites linked to this email address are not good. So, many people are unable to get a full refund. Mostly, those who start a dispute with their credit card company or PayPal are the ones who manage to get a refund.

Bad customer service:

Besides the product and delivering issues, folks also have problems with the customer service of websites with this email address. Since, we noticed that the customer service doesn't help them when they have issues.

Overcharging credit cards:

Some folks have said the websites connected to this email address charge their credit cards without permission. So, if you've used your credit card on these scam sites, then you should change your credit card to be safe.

Previous Scamming Record:

As we have mentioned above in this review, many websites with this email address have a bad record of not sending the things people bought. Instead, they send cheap stuff that's very different. Even some of them don't send anything. So, most of them are scams.

However, few of them can be considered as problematic sites because they send the duplicate and low quality version of the item that customers have purchased from them.

Lots of sites with this email address have already been closed after scamming lots of people. However, we found that from time to time, new sites with this email address keep popping up.

So, we think it's best to stay safe and not use any sites with the email address “”.

Conclusion of this review:

Considering all the things we talked earlier, we conclude that websites with email address “” are scams or have several issues. In light of this, we strongly urge you to stay away from these websites.

We'd like to hear about your experience!

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Examples Of Sites using

If you want to find the list of websites using email address “”, then you can search this email address on our website or click this link:

Answers of FAQs based on this review

Are there any genuine websites with email address

From our review, it's clear that all websites with email address support@storehelpcenter.comare either scams or at least have some issues.

What should I do if I find a website using the contact email?

If you find any websites with contact email, then please feel free to inform us by leaving the comment below. Also, avoid using that website.

How can I save myself from scams?

We suggest you to follow these steps to stay safe from scams related to;

  • Avoid any websites using this email address altogether.
  • If you've already made a purchase from such scams, then quickly contact your bank or credit card company to request a refund.
  • Additionally, it's better to cancel your credit card to stop any possible future fraudulent transactions.
  • Report such scams to relevant authorities, such as your country’s consumer protection agency, BBBFBIFTC, etc.
  • When possible, shop on well-known online stores like Amazon, eBay, and so on.

To save yourself from scam online stores, we recommend you to always avoid the sites that are selling items at too much cheap rates. Also, verify the contact info provided on the site and avoid the ones without any contact details.

We hope this review will keep you safe from scams linked to this email address.

Good Luck!

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  1. Bron Lancaster Avatar
    Bron Lancaster

    Sadly I got caught out by this website pretending to be Mint Velvet.i have been in contact with the real Mint Velvet and they are working to remove the ads from Facebbok.

    My question is what are Facebook doing to prevent these ads in the first place.

    1. Automatic filtering which seems not working properly.

  2. Debra Avatar

    Thanks for the helpful information.

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