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Social Media for Websites

This article is based on several experiments after receiving a countable number of queries on the impact of Social Media on websites.

Does social media help drive traffic to your Website and will it affect the Website Ranking in Google?

People are really concerned if it could really work or not? And your concern is apparently our concern. So, let’s clarify it.

We have briefed in one of our content “Free SEO Backlinks” about its impact on your Google ranking where we have clearly mentioned that natural sharing by people who really like your blog will definitely work in Google ranking like the Organic Backlinks created from blogs, social bookmarks, HTML websites, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, etc. because those are considered as high-value backlinks by Google. This will pay a tribute to your ranking as Google will admire your content’s value and rank you up in their search engine. High rank in Google means High Traffic. So, the answer is YES!!!. Social Media Sharing helps you to rise up your website rank in Google which ultimately helps to drive more traffic into your website.

However, those social media shares must be genuine. If you create such kind of social sharing falsely by yourself such as by creating multiple fake social media accounts and sharing posts by yourself or by buying such services where the service provider will share your links in some low-rank websites or fake social media accounts or even in thousands of genuine social media accounts within a day have basically no role in Google ranking at all. You can share your post by yourself, but only do share with genuine social media accounts. You might get thousand of sharing from those kinds of services, even in genuine social media accounts, meaning your webpage get remarkable links sharing, which may distract your mind but, please note that these sharings add no value in your Google ranking. Infact, Google will find out the original source from where your webpage sharing is multiplying and also calculate the ratio and number of sharing per day. If you get thousands of shares for today and till yesterday you don’t have even one share, then Google will definitely investigate the case. And this will seriously harm your webpage as they might rank you down acutely. We have found many such cases and therefore strongly recommend not to waste your money and time is such bullshit.

Now, maybe your main concern is how to make your visitors share your website link within social media and get those genuine social shares.

Well, for that you need to create good quality content on your website, need to follow the keyword research strategy to drive more relevant traffic to your website from search pages. More relevant traffic you have, you will get more shares because some of those eventually share your post in Social Media. That is because they have landed on your website when they were searching for the subject matter related to your website content within search pages like Google. If they found out the answer to their queries within your content, then some of them will sure like to share it with their friends. But, maybe you are thinking that you want social media to help to increase the traffic of your website in the first place, so if you already have the traffic coming from search pages, what is the use of social media sharing? Well, it is for more traffic as well as for good ranking of your website in Google so that Google always likes your website plus it is vice versa process as well. Means, if you start to share your own post within your genuine social media account, then friends and friends of your friends may share your post which will also eventually add up positive value on your website. But, the most genuine way to gather traffic first is from search pages. Our main goal should be to make our website top rank in Google and without search engine traffic such as Google Search Pages, that is not possible.

Now it sounds difficult, right?

No, it’s not.

Because there is one company where you can learn everything, from making the website to rank it in Google to earn money from that website. That company has provided step by step video lessons which is very easy to understand. If you only have basic internet knowledge like operating Emails, Facebook, etc., then it is enough to learn from that company. Those courses have made everything very easy to understand and apply. Now, maybe you wonder what is the name of that company. Well, the name of that company is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find our detail review on that company by clicking following link:-

Best of Luck!!!

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