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Selling Personal Information Online Scams
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If you have landed on this page, then you must be searching about some scam companies which are opened with the intention of collecting the personal information of the members and sell that to the third parties. Or, maybe you are searching how scam companies sell the personal information of the users.

You may have also redirect to this page from the reviews of personal information harvesting scam companies which have been already closed by now. So, if you have landed here while searching the reviews of some online work companies to find out either that is a scam or a legit, then the answer is that is a scam company and you can find out how within this page.

You can find tons of companies with the different faces and business models but with the same motto, to collect and sell the personal information of the users. These kinds of companies even can steal your money if they find out your credit card or critical payment processor details. So, never ever provide your credit card or any critical payment processor or bank details to the unknown companies.

OK, now let’s find out the types of these kinds of scam sites which have been opened with the intention of collecting and selling the personal information.

Do you protect your personal information online?

Actually, all scam sites collect and sell the general personal information of the members such as their email address, name, address, payment processor details, and so on. The scams like Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid Schemes, Cash Gifting Schemes, Six Figures Gurus, and so on. However, the main motto of those kinds of scams is not to collect the personal information of the members but to scam people directly in other means like making them invest in their program or to purchase their scam products.

However, there are some sites which let people join their site by making them believe they can earn big amount of money but the main motto of those scams are nothing other than the collecting and selling the personal information. Those kinds of scams pretend to be either ad viewing sites or completing tasks or surveys kinds of sites where people can join for free (more types you can find in the examples below). So, people think they can try those sites because those sites don’t ask for money. So, many people fall into those kinds of scams because they think how can those sites scam them if they don’t invest money there. But, later on, those kinds of sites sell the personal information that they have provided to those sites.

So, you should be always careful while providing your personal information online. These sites don’t only collect your general personal information and sell that, but will also try to trick you to submit your financial details like the payment processor, credit card and so on. If you provide the credit card information to these kinds of sites, they will misuse that to steal your money. They will also try to hack your payment processor details. So, it’s always better not to provide the financial information to unknown sites. But, those people who believe to get paid from these scam sites, they provide their payment processor, credit card or bank details to these sites to ask for payout and get scammed.

Why scam sites collect and sell the personal information

Of course for the money. Personal information is a fuel in the online business industry. There are lots of parties willing to purchase the personal information to use in their adverting campaigns to promote their products and services. That’s why lots of scam companies have been opened to collect the personal information of the members so that they can sell that to third parties and make money from that.

Examples of Personal Information Harvesting Sites

Copy and Pasting Referral Links:-

The sites like NetWork44Online, JobDew, EarnMoneyNetwork, LetEarning, DreamPayOnline, DoEarning, FamilyPayOnline, CashIsCash, PayDoOnline, DollarsTeller, JobTabOnline, SalaryDaily and so on are the sites claim to pay members for doing the simple task like copy-pasting their referral link and pay them when they receive the clicks on their referral link, from $1 to $10 per click, but actually don’t pay to anyone after the cash-out request and just online to collect and sell the personal information.

Viewing Ads:-

The sites like 1DollarAdz, OraMoney, UbeMoney, UgaMoney, SwaMoney, FinePTC, TwoDollarClick, AsMoney, AxyMoney, AzMoney, EwMoney, AwMoney, ObMoney and so on pretend to be the site where members can earn by viewing ads or videos as well as by completing some surveys and offers but these sites also don’t pay to anyone after the cash-out request and just online to collect the personal information of the users. We are not saying all ad viewing sites are scams, but those who offer more than $0.02 per advertisement click are definitely the scam ones.

Reading News:-

There are other kinds of personal information harvesting sites which claim members can earn money by reading the news but don’t pay after the cash-out request. The examples of those kinds of news reading sites are:- MainofNews, CapitalofNews, CircumNews, NewsMain, 17NewsNow, DirexNews and so on.

Reading Emails:-

You can also find scam sites claiming that you can make money by reading the email but those sites also don’t pay at the end and are online to collect the personal information. Those kinds of email reading scam sites are PayPerMails, Aglocoptr, RoyalPTR and so on. These kinds of sites claim to pay up to $100 for reading one email, so that is completely bogus claim itself.

Free Signup Bonus and Free Daily Bonus to invest in Partnership Programs:-

There are some sites which claim to pay you $100 for signup and $1 daily bonus without doing anything which you can invest in their partnership program to make profit and cash-out the profit. But, after you request for the cash-out, these sites will not pay you even a single penny. These kinds of sites not only collect and sell the personal information of the people but also trick them to invest in their fake partnership programs. The examples of these kinds of scam sites are Prto, TopUSD, HotEuro, BestSun, Eurous and so on.

Phishing Emails:-

From time to time scammers send email to random people claiming they earn big amount of money or lottery or some big prizes from reputed companies but in reality, neither those emails are from reputed companies nor you are going to win any prizes or money. These are the second level of personal information harvesting scams. We said it is the second level of scam because in the first level they already got your email address by scamming you and now trying to scam you further by sending such emails to get your financial personal information like credit card details, payment processor details and so on. Stay away from these kinds of scams and just delete these kinds of emails without responding to them. Otherwise, you will not only lose your personal information but also will your money if you follow these kinds of phishing emails.

Surveys, Offers, Tasks and Games sites:-

There are also sites which claim people can earn money free of cost by completing surveys, playing games, doing some tasks, completing captchas and so on, but they are also online just to collect the personal information, not to pay to anyone. We don’t mean all surveys or tasks sites are scams. There are some legit tasks and surveys sites as well but the legit sites don’t offer the big amount of payment, however scam sites lure people by showing an unbelievable amount of earnings very easily in short period of time. So, if some sites are claiming to pay you a very heavy amount of money for very simple task or survey, then you must know that those are scam sites opened with intention of collecting and selling the personal information.

E-commerce website with fraudulent products:-

There are also e-commerce websites which are selling the fraudulent products or even not delivering any products after the purchase has been made. These kinds of sites are opened not only to collect the personal information but also to collect the financial information so that they can steal your money. The examples of these kinds of fraudulent e-commerce sites are:- Flamenx, KeyNodes, Gamiss and so on.

Movies, TV Series, Sports Shows, Adult Videos, Music Streaming and Downloading sites, Game and Books Stores:-

There are some sites pretend to be the movies and shows downloading and streaming sites or pretend to be a game store or bookstore and ask you to register the site by providing the credit card information only for age verification purpose but later on, they will keep on charging your credit card. Once you sign up with these kinds of sites, you will not find the movies or games or videos or books as it has advertised on its website. These kinds of sites are just online to collect your financial information like the credit card to steal your money. The examples of these kinds of sites are Ebooki, Megaebook, StreamLive, Geeker, RadiUniverse and so on.

So, have you ever encountered with the similar kinds scam sites as we have mentioned above? If you have, then please report us about that site and also feel free to share your experience with that site within our comment section below. You can also place a comment below to have a friendly conversation with us or if you need any help from our side in relation to online work and business industry. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you. Good Luck!

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