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Scam Alert! Real Mermaids Caught On Camera – NOI

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Scam Alert! Real Mermaids Caught On Camera

Have you found something on social media sites with title like “[SHOCKING VIDEO] MERMAID NEW EVIDENCE: Real mermaids caught on camera” or “[World News] An alleged aquatic creature called mermaid was caught in LA California” or “[AMAZING VIDEO] Real mermaid caught sleeping” and so on and suggest you must watch the video to know how this thing happened by clicking the link which will send you to the websites like “” or “” and so on? If so, then those all are scam posts.


From a very long time, almost from 4 years Facebook video scams with the title such as “‘Mermaid New Evidence” or “Real Mermaid Was Caught On Camera”  are circulating around from time to time and it looks like people are still believing it.


Below you can find out the screenshot of mermaid video taken from one of those videos which turn out to be the fake mermaid made for Pirates of the Caribbean movie. You can find the video which shows how artists created the mermaid for Pirates of Caribbean movie by clicking >HERE<. So, it is crystal clear that the videos which are circulating around the social media sites like Facebook claiming to be the real mermaid are actually the fake videos.


Now, let’s find out why people do such fake activities on social media sites. What are their motives behind these activities?

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Facebook Video Scam - "Mermaid New Evidence - Real Mermaids Caught On Camera"

What is the motive behind these fake videos like “Mermaid New Evidence”?

Actually, these kinds of posts are scams created to trick social media users into liking and sharing the fake websites. These kinds of scam posts lure people by promising them to show the video of real mermaid caught in LA, Hawaii, California, Egypt or anywhere this scammer want that to be. However, when people click those links, they won’t find any video there or will find some fake edited video there. So, the clear motive of these posts is to direct the traffic to the websites by making the false promises to the people to show something which is not real but pretending to be.


These kinds of scammers directly get benefit by making people visit their websites since the increase in website traffic leads to lots of revenue such as advertising revenue, domain authority, domain price and so on. On the other hand, some of these websites may also contain malware and viruses which may harm your device and hack your personal information. Since these scammers can make people foolish by showing something fake, then they can do anything which will be beneficial for them.


In order to get more traffic, these kinds of websites also suggest you like and share the posts first in order to view those videos. So, if you ever find out any post directing to the websites which ask you to like and share the post first in order to view the content, then you must know that is a fake website. So, you should not share or like such posts and also should delete if you have shared these kinds of posts previously through your social media accounts. We also suggest you clear the browser history as well as scan your device using renowned antivirus programs if you ever visit the suspicious websites mistakenly.


Sometimes these scammers also make a website which looks similar to Facebook. Don’t fall for that trick. Like we have said before if you ever landed to any place which suggests you like and share the content first in order to view them, then you must know those are farming scams.

Now you are clear about this MERMAID NEW EVIDENCE scam. So, please spread the awareness about this scam by sharing this post with your friends and families through your social media accounts:- 

Do you want to share something about this “Mermaid Was Caught On Camera” scam or want to report about any other phishing or scam activities? Do you need our help to investigate some online business to find out either that is a scam or legit? If so, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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