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Scam Alert! JetBlue Airways Is Giving Away 2 Free Tickets To 500 Families – NOI

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Scam Alert! JetBlue Airways Is Giving Away 2 Free Tickets To 500 Families

Beware of a Facebook post which claims “JetBlue Airways is giving away 2 Free Tickets to 500 families to celebrate its 20th anniversary” and asks you to click the provided link to get those free tickets. This post is not real and not associate with JetBlue Airlines. It is a fake post to trick you into liking, sharing, commenting and completing surveys by making you believe that you will receive two free airline tickets. So, it is just a Facebook survey scam, nothing else.


In order to verify either the post is from legitimate JetBlue Airlines page or not, you can check the official Facebook of JetBlue which is this one:-


So, if you find this kind of fake post, we suggest you report it to Facebook as spam and never ever follow any instruction given in this kind of post, otherwise, you will run a risk of your personal information getting hacked by the cybercriminals.


Your personal safety is on your own hands, so don’t let it go in the wrong hand by sharing, liking, commenting or following any instruction in these kinds of scam posts.

Beware of "JetBlue Airways is Giving Away 2 Free Tickets to 500 Families to Celebrate its 20th Anniversary" Survey Scam

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So, what is the motive behind these scam posts?

  • These kinds of posts are farming scams because when you like, comment and share these kinds of posts, then other people who are in your friend list will see these posts due to which they also can share these posts and these scammers will get the benefits from all of those shares and likes. More people share these kinds of posts, more traffic these scammers will get which they can drive to their website and from there they can make money by showing advertising, by collecting and selling the personal information and so on.
  • Scammers also make money by making their Facebook page popular and later on selling that page to third parties.
  • The scammer who is posting this fake JetBlue Airways post is also tricking people to visit the fake JetBlue website where this scammer asks those people to complete some surveys by providing some personal information in order to be eligible to get free tickets of JetBlue Airways. However, this scammer is asking you to do that so that he/she can collect your personal information and sell that to the third parties. Never ever provide your financial information to these kinds of scammers, especially your credit card details, otherwise, you can be a victim of credit card fraud.
  • These kinds of scammers also get benefit by making people visit their websites since the increase in website traffic leads to lots of revenue such as advertising revenue, domain authority, domain price and so on.
  • Some of these websites may also contain malware and viruses which may harm your device and hack your personal information. Since these scammers can make people foolish by showing something fake, then they can do anything which will be beneficial for them.

Now it is clear that the motto of this kind of fake post is only to make money out of you by tricking you to do above mentioned stuff. So, if you have ever liked or shared or commented on these kinds of scam posts, we suggest you unlike those posts and pages, delete those share posts and remove your comment from those posts.

Now you are clear about this “JetBlue Airways Free Tickets” scam. So, please spread the awareness about this scam by sharing this post with your friends and families through your social media accounts:-

Do you want to share something about this fake Facebook post (JetBlue Airways is giving away 2 Free Tickets to 500 families to celebrate its 20th anniversary) or want to report about any other phishing or scam activities? Do you need our help to investigate some online business to find out either that is a scam or legit? If so, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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