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You did very good by searching for the Omygeeze reviews because Omygeeze may not be a good place to do the online shopping. Now maybe you want to know why, right? Well then, let’s find out what is in detail through this Omygeeze review so that you will have a clear idea either is an scam or genuine.

Actually, Omygeeze doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy place to do online shopping due to the reasons as we have explained below.

Omygeeze complaints. Is an Omygeeze fake or real? Is an Omygeeze legit or hoax?

Omygeeze doesn’t seem to be genuine due to the following reasons:-

  • Omygeeze hasn’t provided any contact details, neither its company’s address nor warehouse’s address or phone number, nothing. However, every legit online store provides detailed contact information including phone number. Only scam online store doesn’t care to provide such information.
  • The faces of models have been cropped out from most of the images presented on the website. This is mostly done by scam sites when they copy-paste the images from other websites without taking their consent. They cropped out the faces of models so that it will be difficult for the copyright holder to find those images.
  • WHOIS detail reveals the owner name of domain is CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED. You can find a bunch of problematic online stores such as AnnieCloth, Jodimitty and so on operating under CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED. So, this proves that the owner of Omygeeze is the same person who has multiple problematic sites. This is definitely a big reason to avoid Omygeeze online store.
  • The website is not secured properly. It hasn’t provided good security measures such as McAfee, Norton and so on to secure your personal and financial information. So, if you shop at Omygeeze, your personal and financial information might be on risk.
  • Lots of details provided by website match with lots of scam sites such as its Terms, Return & Exchange Policy, Privacy Policy, heavy discount in almost all products price and so on. Like lots of scam online stores, the Return Policy of Omygeeze also makes its clients very difficult to get a full refund. For example, it has mentioned that the items must be unused and in the original packaging to be eligible for a refund. Now how anyone can check the item without using them? So, Omygeeze is definitely not a refund friendly online store.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, we don’t recommend Omygeeze. However, if you have a different opinion or want to provide your own reviews, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

Please feel free to share this Omygeeze review with your friends and families through your social media accounts so that they can find out either is an Omygeeze legit or fraud.

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

  • #1

    Cindy (Saturday, 22 June 2019 17:01)

    I believe it is a scam site. I ordered from them a week ago. No packages received. But that’s not the red flag. What got my attention was that the tracking info to track my packages is bogus. And they have not responded to my last three emails asking for a tracking site/link that works. I’ve asked my credit card company and PayPal to investigate. So beware, everyone.

  • #2

    Peggy (Saturday, 22 June 2019 23:24)

    I’ve learned that so many of these sites ship from China and will take much longer to receive your order. Sometimes a month or more. And the Chinese tracking numbers don’t work in the states. All this doesn’t mean that the site is a scam.

  • #3

    Ethel (Wednesday, 26 June 2019 14:45)

    I ordered and received my packages today. The only complaint I have is the size is not true to US sizes. The pants were to tight to be an 3x but the shirt was good. It’s not a scam, I did receive my merchandise. Yes, it does take longer to receive due to it coming from China. I have had this issue before with merchandise coming from China. It takes longer….

  • #4

    Hilarie Ormsby (Thursday, 27 June 2019 12:02)

    Does not let you return. Too much of a horrible hassle.

  • #5

    Laura (Thursday, 27 June 2019 16:00)

    Scam I emailed them to ask about my order I haven’t received and got an email saying they have no records of my order! How can they keep getting away with this! I’m pretty pissed off!

  • #6

    Bev (Saturday, 29 June 2019 15:22)

    Unfortunately placed an order before I checked the reviews. Damn!!
    To be safe I blocked my credit card for the time being, for fear of identity theft and the possibility of fraudulent charges. Has Anybody experienced their card being compromised?

  • #7

    Straughter (Monday, 01 July 2019 19:01)

    Love the items…wrong size…cannot contact customer service for exchange….�

  • #8

    Carol Bevans (Tuesday, 02 July 2019 14:47)

    I am unable to get any refund info since the website sends me back and forth as to where to find customer service. There isn’t any!! How do I return these items when there is no address to send them to??

  • #9

    susan davis (Thursday, 04 July 2019 17:45)

    I wish I had seen this site before I bought a few items. I wanted to return the items because of poor workmanship and fabric. Couldn’t do that can’t get to return service site just bounces you back to their return page that isn’t reall a return page.

  • #10

    Faygirl (Thursday, 04 July 2019 20:37)

    Buyer Beware. I am trying to recover my money through Paypal. You will never get your clothes and I will report them to Facebook for their advertisement. The fabric is HORRIBLE and Customer Service is a waste of time. They are in China..I really have to stop ordering from China! The entire import is terrible.

  • #11

    Shep (Saturday, 06 July 2019 12:51)

    Placed an order mid-June and received two emails with tracking numbers that never provided any information. Finally received both packages. Unlike what is represented on their site, the clothing is made of cheap materials and extremely unsized. I ordered up a size and there is no-way I could even try on the items because they were so small. Immediately asked for return authorization and address. That took days to get response, and when I did I was offered a 15% cash credit (which I could possibly use to have the items altered to fit me – lol!) or expect to have to return the items to Hong Kong and to expect costly shipping cost plus possible additional fees. I’ve reported the company to my credit card company which is currently disputing the charges. Time will tell….

  • #12

    Harriet Miller (Saturday, 06 July 2019 13:51)

    I have gotten a few of their products and they lie about the fabric content, it takes forever to get their products and it would cost a fortune to return and get a refund!!!
    Wish I had seen your reviews before purchasing on line.

  • #13

    Amy Charlene Archer (Tuesday, 09 July 2019 11:49)

    I ordered 2 garments from Omygeeze. I ordered them in size XL. Both were about size medium. Now I can’t contact them to arrange returns. Can you help me?

  • #14

    Pam Halsey (Tuesday, 09 July 2019 12:01)

    Unfortunately I placed an order before I saw the reviews. Just received 2 out of the 5 items from the order I placed mid June. The material is inferior and the sizing is wrong. (To small)
    After reading other reviews. I have not attempted to contact the “company” since my efforts would be futile. But, my recommendation is do not order from this site.

  • #15

    Leticia J. Ramos (Tuesday, 09 July 2019 12:29)

    I had made a mistake of ordering some blouses from the . The first one arrived today it was a wrong size. I was trying to notify them about the mistake an I cannot reach them at all.A few more are expected All together sums to $152.07! and I cannot reach them. I am beginning to believe that I was scammed. There was NO receipt that accompanied the delivery to notify me that the rest are coming. They will probably come in piece meal . I don’t even see a charge in my Master Card yet to follow them up.
    Leticia Ramos.

  • #16

    Michelle Turenne-Smith (Tuesday, 09 July 2019 14:00)

    I am the new owner of poorly manufactured clothing from Ghenzhou China. NORA CORA was the website I was introduced to by INSTAGRAM. Sized for children, linen nowhere to be found, poor craftsmanship. I was duped into their sale and pretty website. I’m so pissed with IG. Obviously corporate doesn’t vett or care who pays to advertise. No standard. I was just offered clothes by OMYGEEZE. Another INSTAGRAM scam advertiser. I’m sure there are some legit e markets on IG, but fool me once….

  • #17

    Colleen H (Wednesday, 10 July 2019 16:59)

    DO NOT ORDER THINGS ADVERTISED ON FACEBOOK! Shame on me–3x’s duped! They come from China, take forever to receive & NEVER look like the pictures–cheap, cheap, cheap scam items. I did not check to see if it was a scam site–believe me–NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE SO STUPID!

  • #18

    Nancy (Thursday, 11 July 2019 07:45)

    I will not order from a company from China. My research showed California is where this business was located. I wish I had listened to my inner voice as this did come from China and the California address may just be an transition site. Nothing fit. I ordered Mediums and large, and if anything the large was smaller than the mediums. The return address was China and due to cost to mail back, they offered a 15% refund and for me to “keep” the items ordered. (This was cheaper than to mail to China) Doesn’t make me happy but better than nothing. Buyer Beware!

  • #19

    CAROL (Saturday, 13 July 2019 12:13)


  • #20

    Angela (Monday, 15 July 2019 18:42)

    They are a scam. I ordered two items from their site through FaceBook. I received one of the items, a shirt, it appears that someone copied the design of the shirt shown in the ad using very thin, cheap material and amateurish sewing skills. I have been in touch with them through email for a refund and they are telling me I am responsible for the shipping back to China and a possible custom fee. I have not received the dress I ordered and I am not hopeful. Lesson learned.

  • #21

    Crystal (Monday, 15 July 2019 20:30)

    It took over a month to get the dress I ordered.
    I emailed the company and told them to refund my money but they sent the horrable dress anyway.
    Do not order from this company!

  • #22

    Maria Rodriguez (Tuesday, 16 July 2019 16:12)

    Hi I haven’t got my Package is Already been paid when will i get it
    Thank you

  • #23

    barbara cutler (Wednesday, 17 July 2019 17:10)

    Got my shirt in medium instead of large. Need to return it as well. Guess we learn our lesson. Have to read it better.

  • #24

    LindaH (Thursday, 18 July 2019 10:08)

    My complaint same as #11 above, two items, very poorly sewn, no hems, half sewn, size
    small very large or two small; decals ironed on, not printed pattern on shirts. They do respond to my emails, offered 15%, now offered 25% to keep items or return. Received their instructions for return, impossible to understand; half of the instructions request invoices never received other than our own invoice printed out. Realized pictures from website of merchandise did not match two shirts received from China. Have called my cc company for dispute and will change cc number. Here is the shipping return label. PAN HUILING (OMYGEEZE) 1ST FLOOR, BUILDING 3, JINYUAN SQUARE, NO. 2, TAOHONG WEST STREET,
    TELEPHONE: 8613543483702. Do you believe in the above address and telephone given???

  • #25

    Myra (Saturday, 20 July 2019 19:38)

    Do not order from these crooks. Besides waiting more than 4 weeks for the order it arrived. The pants were so small I normally wear a 6 but these were minus zero. I use toilet tissue thicker than the material on the tshirt. After 8 days of “corresponding” they eventually coughed up an address in China to return the crap and it would cost me a minimum of $54 in postage. But they did offer to return 15% of what I paid if I wanted to keep the items. What??? Never buy off Facebook.

  • #26

    kathy haye (Monday, 22 July 2019 10:47)

    The got me too. damn

  • #27

    Nancy (Monday, 22 July 2019 17:38)

    I ordered a couple of blouses that looked nice on the internet. I followed the size guides, but both these items did not fit and the fabric was so cheap. I usually wear a M or a L and I ordered an XL so it would be loose.
    I couldn’t get it past my breasts. It was too tight. I emailed them that I wanted to return them. At that time I didn’t even consider exchanging them because they were so cheap looking. I had to email several
    Times before I could get the return address. On the package the return address was in CA but I finally got the address which had to be printed out from their email. It was in China. By this time they had offered me 25% refund whether I sent it or not. I went to the post office after I got it nicely packaged with the address label on it to China and found out it would cost $24 to mail. Of course I didn’t.
    It was all so ridiculous. I usual order from reputable companies where customer service is everything.
    I did get what seemed like 25% refund to my credit card. I have 2 blouses that don’t fit.
    I did a
    Review on line where my blouse was. It indicated it would post after being reviewed. I gave it 1 star because I had to. Every review they post are all 5 stars. That never happens.
    Anyway thanks for listening.

  • #28

    Sheila Mcdonald (Tuesday, 23 July 2019 20:34)

    I place a order with this Company Omygeeze online. Pick out purchases, Money was received. I got a thank you for purchasing your item. Paid in full. Mine you that these items were purchased july 03, 2019 …. Shipped July 06, 2019 …I was told item would take about 10-20 days to arrived. It arrived/ wrong color/ other item was not with the one that arrived, but items were purchased together as online shopping suppose to be. They are now cofused about the second item.

  • #29

    AG Silvestre (Friday, 26 July 2019 15:24)

    This is a scam. The clothes sizing is not good nor the quality, color. After much back and forth ( first they offer 15% off instead of return, then again a few days later 25%. The return center is in China which they fail to disclose. I cancelled payment with my credit card. I will return to the local address and that is it. I’ve posted in Facebook a beware notice and will report to Facebook and BBB.

  • #30

    myrna amisch (Saturday, 03 August 2019 15:42)

    I ordered 3 tops and received 2 about a month apart, have not received the 3rd one yet. They are the ugliest tops in person so I wanted to return them and cancel the 3rd one. But like everyone else here I emailed them to contact me with an address, no such luck. They have charged my credit card so I will contact the credit card company to report them. Yes they are scammers. Facebook needs to check their pop-up ads someway to keep these scum bags from doing this. I wish I’d seen this first.

  • #31

    Lise (Tuesday, 13 August 2019 20:49)

    Hi I have purchased online before without any problem, I ordered a top on omygeese website ,boy did I make a mistake, poor quality, no info on trying to return item, please do not order from this site. I have lost $36.77….live and learn…

  • #32

    Nancy veru (Friday, 04 October 2019 15:14)

    SCAM, SCAM SCAM! Be aware everyone!
    Horrible experience, I only received 2 items out of 12 purchased. very small and cheap crappy fabric, nothing compared to the items shown in their ad. I just checked the site I usually buy from and I realized that they sell the same exact items 3-4 times cheaper…
    I have sent them several emails, no response! I’VE BEEN SCAMMED BIG TIME!

  • #33

    Denny (Wednesday, 11 December 2019 12:36)

    SCAM!!!!!! I ordered from did not receive one item and none of the items I eventually did get fit. The sizes are not even close to reality and are not consistent from item to item. After a number of emails back and forth I send the merchandise back. They are telling me they never got the package and mail to China is not easily tracked (if at all). Had I realized I was being royally scammed I’d have donated them to a charity.

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