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Difference Between Scam and Suspicious (Not Recommended List) Categories

These days there are lots of scam activities online. Those may be online job scams or online store scams, or online message scams and so on. Whenever we have found such sites or activities, we have listed them within our Scam Alert category which you can find here:-

But, there are also some sites that are not completely scam but also have lots of problems. For example, online stores which deliver low-quality item, online stores which charge higher price for items, online stores which are link with other problematic online stores, online stores which are not refund friendly, online work sites that pay but are very hard to make money which will only waste your time, multi-marketing sites which are paying but their business model is inclined towards Pyramid scheme and so on. If we find these kinds of sites, we can’t call them scam but still we can’t recommend them to you since you will be in trouble using those sites. In such case, we list those sites in our Suspicious (Not Recommended) category which you can find here:-

So, if you find some articles about some sites or online activities within our Scam Alert category, then you should completely avoid those sites since that will not only scam you directly but that may also try to steal your money further by hacking your personal information such as your credit card details.

However, that doesn’t mean you should trust the sites or online activities listed on our Suspicious category. The word “Suspicious” is enough to avoid those as well. Although they may not directly scam you but still you will be in lots of trouble using the services or sites listed on our Suspicious category. So, we don’t recommend to use anything listed on our Suspicious category as well.

Moreover, we have also provided the specific category which will help you to find the specific scam or suspicious sites and activities. Examples of such specific categories are Scam Online Stores, Suspicious Online Stores, Suspicious Fashion Stores, Brand Name Misuse Scams, Message Scams, Online Work & Job Scams, Ponzi Scheme Scams, Pyramid Scheme Scams and Identity Theft Activities.

On Scam Online Stores, category, you can find out the list of fraudulent online stores that are scamming users by not sending the purchased products or sending completely different cheap products such as sending low quality sunglasses to those who purchased sofas. These kinds of online stores are also found to be misusing the credit card of those users by charging the credit card randomly without the consent of those users.

On Suspicious Online Stores category, you can find out the list of such online stores that we don’t recommend due to their shady business tactics. For example, they send cheap version of the products by displaying the high quality of the same products. These kinds of online stores claim to sell branded or high quality non-branded products but send fake copy of those branded products or the cheap version of those high quality products.

On Suspicious Fashion Stores category, we have listed those fashion stores which shows high quality clothes, shoes and other fashion items but send the cheaper version those fashion items.

On Brand Name Misuse Scams category, we have listed those scams which are scamming people by claiming to sell the branded products and pretending to be associated with those brands or authorized seller of those brands but in reality, neither they are associated with those brands, nor they are authorized seller for those brands. These kinds of sites either send you the fake and very cheap version of those brands, or nothing at all. Some of these kinds of sites also found to be misusing the credit card of the clients by randomly charging the credit card without the consent of those clients.

On Message Scams category, you can find the list of various kinds of fraudulent messages that are tricking people to submit their personal details for scamming purpose.

On Online Work & Job Scams category, you can find the list of scam online work and job sites that are claiming to pay users good amount of money for doing simple tasks but not paying anything after that payment request.

On Ponzi Scheme Scams category, you can find the list of Ponzi Scheme sites. You should know Ponzi Scheme is an illegal scheme which lures people by showing the big amount of return on their investment. But, Ponzi Scheme only pays few members at starting by using the investment of one member to pay another member. Ponzi Schemes won’t have any source of income and they pay one member using the money invested by other one or more members due to which they create a debt into their system each time they pay their members. More they pay, more they will be in debt and ultimately the whole system will collapse. But, they won’t wait that long. They only pay few members at starting and then run away with the investment of majority of members.

On Pyramid Scheme Scams category, you can find the list of those scams that claim to pay commission up to multi-level referrals. Although Pyramid Schemes look similar to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), they are not. Unlike MLM, Pyramid Schemes won’t have any retail or valuable product or services to sell. The main focus of Pyramid Scheme will be to generate income from referral rather than selling the products. Mostly Pyramid Schemes are found to be selling the worthless products at very high price or only membership or investment plans.

On Identity Theft Activities category, you can find those scams which are tricking people to submit their personal details to scammers so that those scammers can sell those personal details to third parties and make money out of that. If these scammers find the credit card of users, they will just steal money from those credit cards as much as they can.

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