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Nike JustDoIt Back To School Rewards Scam Alert!

If you have received the message or have found some posts or promotion about "Nike Just Do It Back To School Rewards" gift card, then we suggest you ignore that. This fake gift card offer is tricking online users to share it with their friends and families via their social media accounts or emails to be eligible to get the gift card. But, those who have shared it with many people, still they haven't received any gift card which proves it is spam. This message may have some serious purpose about which we will explain later.


Below you can find an example of Nike JustDoIt gift card scam message:-


"If u want a $200 Nike gift card click here nike.justdoit. codes/pin/dq3uechb






Hurry! Only 297 Cards Left!


Get A Nike Card On Us


Invite 6 Friends To Get Your Nike Gift Card


After 6 Friends Click Your Link Get Your Card Instantly!


nike.justdoit. codes/pin/6hm3uyg5






NOTE: The details in the above message sample may be impersonated.


Beware of Nike JustDoIt Back To School Rewards Scam

Above message is just one example. You may find various kinds of messages with the same motive. You may also receive these messages from different sources such as via email or SMS or social media post or advertisement, etc.


Anyway, it doesn't matter how you get this message, but you should know that "Nike Just Do It Back To School Rewards" with a website link "nike.justdoit. codes" is a scam. Do not click the link in that message or visit that website since that link may contain some malware which may harm your device.


All the Facebook comments that you can find on "nike.justdoit. codes" website are also fake, none of them are real. So, don't fall for that.


If you have already visited the website by clicking the given link provided on these kinds of scam messages, we suggest you immediately clean your browser history.


Even these scammers may change their website link or message or even send the message in the name of a different company. But whenever you find someone is trying to give you money very easily, then you should not believe them. No one will give you money so easily for doing almost nothing.


For example, "Nike JustDoIt Back To School Rewards" message is claiming to give $200 gift card for sharing their website link with your 6 friends via your social media accounts. Well, none of the companies or persons will distribute their money so easily. If they want to give away their money, they will donate that for some causes instead of distributing that to the random people. So, this is an obvious scam. Ignore these kinds of messages which claim to give you money so easily.


Not only website links but these kinds of messages also may contain some files attached to them. Never download such files from such messages because those may contain some malware or viruses which may harm your device or even can hack your device to get your personal information. Also, never click any link provided in such messages because when you click such links and visit some websites, then such websites also may contain some malware or viruses which may harm your device.


Actually, you should not follow any instruction provided in such scam messages. Instead, you should just delete them.


Now you know about "Nike JustDoIt Back To School Rewards" gift card scam. So, please spread the awareness about this scam by sharing this post with your friends and families through your social media accounts:- 

It will be our pleasure to have a comment from you. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to report about Phishing messages (reports with the sample of Phishing messages will be more better). You can also comment below if you have any queries related to the online work and business industry. We will be more than happy to help you and hear from you.

Good Luck!

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