Review: MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED Scam Or Genuine?

In this MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED review, you will discover that MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED is not a trustworthy company, as it serves as the parent company for several scam websites.

Therefore, in this MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED review, we will provide crucial information to help you grasp the true nature of this company. We will closely examine websites connected to this company and outline their common characteristics.

This MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED review was initially published on December 14, 2022, and has been updated as of September 10, 2023.


Scam or suspicious sites linked with MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED have one or all of these issues:

Heavy discounts:

When you visit websites linked to MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED, you'll often see them promoting products at incredibly low prices, which may seem too good to be true. Fake websites frequently employ this tactic to attract potential customers.

Website security:

The websites linked to MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED don't have good security. They don't use strong protection like McAfee or Norton. So, people using these sites might be at risk.

Also, some of these websites might trick you by showing fake trust seals from trusted security companies. So, if you buy something on these sites, your personal, and payment info might be stolen.

Social media:

Many of these websites don't have real social media links. Some even use fake social media icons that take you to the unrelated pages or social media homepages.

However, real online stores usually have direct links to their official social media profiles on different platforms.

Duplicate content:

All the websites connected to this company have similar policy pages, such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy.

Also, you can find lots of copy-paste mistakes on their websites, such they copy-paste stuff and accidentally put other website names or email addresses in there instead of their own.

Some of these websites don't even have policy pages. However, every website should have a Privacy Policy, but some of these sites don't even bother to include one.

Commonly scammed items:

You might come across identical pictures and product details on websites connected to this company, and that's a significant warning sign. It suggests that these websites may be collaborating to deceive people online.

Product problems:

People are upset with websites connected to MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED. They buy stuff, but it's not good. What they get doesn't match what they saw in ads. It feels like they paid too much for bad things.

Moreover, in some cases, they don't even get anything at all, which makes their experience with these websites even worse.

Late deliveries:

Sites linked to this company take very long time to send the goods, and at last send wrong or low quality goods, which makes the customer even more frustrated.

Bad customer service:

Besides the product and delivering issues, folks also have problems with the customer service of websites linked to this company. Since, customer service doesn't help them when they have issues.

Refund issue:

The refund options of sites linked to this company are not good. So, many people are unable to get a full refund. Mostly, those who start a dispute with their credit card company or PayPal are the ones who manage to get a refund.

Overcharging credit cards:

Some folks have said the websites connected to this company charge their credit cards without permission. So, if you've used your credit card on these scam sites, then you should change your credit card to be safe.

Previous scamming record:

As we have mentioned above in this MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED review, many websites linked to this company have a bad record of not sending the things people bought. Instead, they send cheap stuff that's very different. Even some of them don't send anything. So, most of them are scams.

However, a few of these sites can be regarded as problematic because they send customers duplicate and low-quality versions of the items they've purchased.

Lots of sites with this company name have already been closed after scamming lots of people. However, from time to time, new sites with this company name keep popping up.

So, it's best to stay safe and not use any sites with the name MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED.

Conclusion of this MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED review:

Considering all the things we talked about earlier, we believe that websites connected to MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED are scams or have issues.

So, if you find any website using this company name, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Your feedback is really important because we want to stop online scams.

If you want to share this info with your friends and families, then please feel free to share this post with them through your social media accounts.

Please feel free to use the search box on our website to find the review of the site that you are looking for. Or, you can comment below or in any other posts and ask us to check the site.

We will be more than happy to help you and save you from scams.

We suggest you take a look at other articles in our "Scams" or "Suspicious – Not Recommended" categories. This way, you can learn more about different types of scams and websites that might not be trustworthy. It's a good way to stay informed and protect yourself online.

Examples of sites using MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED:

If you want to find the list of websites connected to MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED, then you can search for the company name on our website or click this link:

Answers of FAQs based on this MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED review

Are there any genuine websites linked with MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED?

Our review of MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED clearly shows that all websites connected to MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED are either scams or, at the very least, possess certain issues.

What should I do if I find a website using the MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED name?

If you find any websites with parent company name, MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED, then please feel free to inform us by leaving the comment below. Also, avoid using that website.

How can I save myself from MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED scams?

You can follow these steps to stay safe from scams related to MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED;

  • Avoid any websites linked to this company altogether.
  • If you've already made a purchase from such scams, promptly reach out to your bank or credit card company to request a refund.
  • Additionally, it's better to cancel your credit card to stop any possible future fraudulent transactions.
  • Report such scams to relevant authorities, such as your country’s consumer protection agency, BBBFBIFTC, etc.
  • When possible, shop on well-known online stores like Amazon, eBay, and so on.

To protect yourself from scam online stores, always steer clear of websites selling items at excessively low prices. Additionally, double-check the provided contact information on the site and avoid those that lack any contact details.

We hope this MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED review will keep you safe from scams connected to this company.

Good Luck!

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38 responses to “Review: MANNER TRADING CO., LIMITED Scam Or Genuine?”

  1. Just found the same product but is the company Manner Trading

  2. Leonie Knowles Avatar
    Leonie Knowles

    arbitrbilogy just found an ad on Facebook for this entity. On their Contact us page it says
    Company Address:69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 8D

  3. Jennifer Avatar

    Aparntetit is also part of Manner Trading

  4. Blossnow is a total scam and these thieves steal personal information from to retaliate if you have a business. They hack your business site and fraudly report as closed or write fake review on your business site.
    Please inform authorities so these criminals can be caught.

    1. Garmentlace is part of it as well

  5. carol carter Avatar
    carol carter

    I saw an advert by Assignmenty .com on Facebook and before ordering many items, i traced its origins to Manner Trading Co.
    Thank you for the warning. Much appreciated. I will not be ordering from them.

  6. Pam tulloch Avatar
    Pam tulloch

    Clasifiation .com
    Ordered 3 x “ Mountain Range Glass mosaic DIY kits “ fir $75
    Did arrive, but tatty pieces of plastic- NOT GLASS , Not DIY
    REPEATED emsiks w cust serv .max will offer .$5 !! Refund. Wont provide return address or refund. Getting nowhere. Just stonewalled. Disgraceful

  7. Bought measuring tape from Well Buramiy®?Measurin Sight 3-In-1 Infrared Laser Tape Measuring (Imperial & Metric) × 3
    Blue/60 m/196.85FT/?2 PCS Save 10% OFF & Free Shipping

    12/5/2023 I have been contacting support and they keep telling me they are contacting the shipper.

  8. Christine Ellison Avatar
    Christine Ellison

    Ordered something from Etzy via Facebook and changed my mind the next day when I realised how small it was. Wrote immediately to cancel BEFORE THEY SHIPPED IT asking to cancel but they weren't helpful, and after writing the same request several times they finally advised me to wait for arrival of the item and then return if not satisfied. It took a month to arrive via USA and is miniscule. I have written requesting a refund but don't hold out much hope. It would cost me more to send it back than the item is worth!

  9. Marcia Counihan Avatar
    Marcia Counihan

    I ordered something from colorlife which is connected to this company. It’s been over a month and still have not received products. Trying to contact them via email but no response except for auto generated ones.

    1. I have done the same, after the reviews that I have read I now realise it is a complete scam and I will never receive my purchases, or a refund.
      A lesson learned!

    2.  Avatar

      I know how you feel. I also put an order in affiliated with this company. It’s under the name convergew. My order date was 11/2923 and still haven’t received it. And I’m getting the same response an automated one. Terrible people!!

    3. Bert Lahr Avatar
      Bert Lahr

      This is a scam. Manner Trading Co., posing as other companies (Suuport-all UK) are taking money and delivering no goods.

  10. Frances Staples Avatar
    Frances Staples

    DetectionK .com - purchased shoes.... ordered correct size that I normally order and they arrived, too big and not as advertised offering orthopedic support etc. Requested return instructions and was advised that they had sent what I ordered. I explained they were not correct sizing so they said I could have $US 2 refund. After many emails they upped their refund offer to $US 4. Not great as I'd spent $US130! They won't budge and I'm left with two pairs of inferior shoes!

  11. Patricia Lawrence Avatar
    Patricia Lawrence

    I placed an order with Discepancyi .com on October 17, 2023. Needed the item for birthday present. Contacted seller multiple times regarding shipping information and did not receive a response. I started a claim with PayPal and finally the item was delivered on 11/25/23, which was past the birthday it was intended for. While waiting for shipping info, I found similar (better) item on Amazon, and it was delivered in time for the birthday. I contacted Discrepancyi for information on how to return the item and have not heard back from them. I updated the claim to PayPal for assistance on returning this item and, as of today 1/4/2024, claim is still under review, and I have not heard back from the seller or PayPal.

  12. Deb Lapping-Hoffman Avatar
    Deb Lapping-Hoffman

    They are also trying to sell a miracle "facelift" ... 3 Purpose Lifting and Firming Facial Massage Device. They claim to be an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau which is a North American company.(but Manner Trading Co. Ltd is based out of the UK...or at least they rent a room or a space in a room) Upon checking with the BBB.... no membership, of course! I Googled them and found your review. Thank you for informing those wise enough to check before buying. It only takes bring burned a time or two before learning the lesson! Thank you!!!

  13. Yesterday I purchased two pairs of night time glasses on Facebook with company name Certainow. I have not received acknowledgenent of orders. I wrote to their support email and they recommended I click on link to seller. I didn’t do this in case it was a scam.
    After reading your report regarding Manner Trading(I think they are linked to Certainow?) I called my credit card company and was informed the company claiming payment is called Kilogram K.
    My card has been cancelled.
    Maybe someone shoukd alert Facebook

  14. Sal Piampiano Avatar
    Sal Piampiano

    Associationi is another company under Manner Trading Co. Limited.
    While I did get my merchandise as ordered, it was too small. I'm trying to exchange it for a larger size. There is no phone number that I can find. I've been emailing back and forth with a bot and getting no where. Very frustrating!

  15.  Avatar

    I paid for 8 roll formers from SWAN -SUNNY ON NOV 3 2023 AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING

  16. I fell for one of their ads on Facebook. On that site the company is called Garmentlace .com. When I made the purchase, I was redirected to their company's website, which is called Forecastg (forecastg .com). I didn't realize it at that time the names changed. I placed an order with them on Nov. 23, 2023. They refuse to tell me the name of the shipping company they gave the order to, the date they gave it to them and the tracking number. I have spent seven days in a row now trying to get this information.
    I made a horrible $80 mistake with them. I don't think I will ever see these items. After reading what others have to say, if I do get the order, the merchandise will be cheap crap. Just great. I paid through Klarna, and they froze my payments for now. That's where I'm at. I feel so stupid for trusting Facebook of all sites.

  17. Nice-little things uk is another company. Unfortunately I have ordered something and can't seem to cancel the order. Going to ask my bank to refund the payment

  18. Victoria Shipmaker Avatar
    Victoria Shipmaker

    associationi .com Just saw associationi on Facebook selling Advent calenders.

  19.  Avatar

    My experience is with RUMIUSMER they advertise on facebook, I ordered 4 family history notebooks, memories of ancestors, and was sent 4 fabric family history charts. It states these are made of paper , but are made of fabric. I have been trying to return then for a refund as not
    as I ordered and not suitable. After several emails they are refusing to accept a return and refund even though I am within my rights re their return terms. They suggested that I give them to my friends as a present ha ha. I notice of trust pilot someone else has had the same problem.

  20. Balconfoster is one of the companies related to them. I was just going to order a gel polish pen and though I would go on Trust Pilot and found out it was part of Manner Trading so thanks for the heads up.

  21. Debbie Melnyk Avatar
    Debbie Melnyk

    Described .com has been showing up on the my fb feed lately. Really cheap clothing but cute styles. They are associated with Manner.

  22. Exercisek is the company that I purchased from. After waiting months for the item, what was sent was not what was on the website. My credit card was also overcharged for the item.. They refused to refund my purchase even though I said I would return it at my expense. They offered me $3 US dollars, then $5, and finally $10- all of which I refused. Last time I heard from them. Will be in touch with my credit card company.

  23. Mrs C Scott Avatar
    Mrs C Scott

    Rsgs is also linked to Manner Trading Co Ltd.and not on your list.
    Based in UK
    I noted in the UK Gov Companies House record for Manner Trading Co Ltd that it has just 2 Chinese Directors.
    Rsgs apparently has 3 Principles all of the same name but with differing DOBs

  24. Pauline Conlin Avatar
    Pauline Conlin

    My experience so far has been with 'Parameterm' on facebook which leads to '' bottom of page shows Manner Trading Co. Cambridge, UK. Ordered some boots, no email confirmation, no goods money taken do you think I should report to my bank?

  25. helen Avatar

    Blossnow is one of their stores. They are definitely scammers. Their clothes are not made or sent from Georgia, USA as they claim. The items are not linen or cotton. Really crappy products. They are located in China and completely scammers.

    1. Yes, you are right about Blossnow. Here you can find the detailed Blossnow review -

  26. Suzanne Proctor Avatar
    Suzanne Proctor

    Using Facebook ads

  27. C. Lemay Avatar
    C. Lemay

    Beware of online store Blossnow, a Manner Trading Co affiliate. I paid $49 for a dress I never received! I should’ve known not to trust a store I’ve never heard of before. Lesson
    Learned. ?

  28. Fiona McQueen Avatar
    Fiona McQueen

    Inductioy is the name I bought something from. They will not provide be a return address and keep sending the same reply to every email I send.
    Their email says I should request the return address but it may be expensive as its in China. I've requested it 13 times now and am getting nowhere.

  29. Brendan Prestt Avatar
    Brendan Prestt

    See my order below. Now worried I might not see it.
    Order summary

    (?Last Day Promotion - 50% OFF) - 2-in-1 Sports Pants (Buy 2 FREE SHIPPING) × 2
    Black/XL $19.98

    Subtotal $39.96
    Discount -$4.00
    Shipping insurance $0.80
    Shipping Free
    Total $36.76USD
    You saved $4.00

    Customer information
    Shipping address
    Brendan Prestt 32 Finlow St Melbourne Victoria 3977 AU +61 428087824 Billing address
    Brendan Prestt 32 Finlow St Melbourne Victoria 3977 AU Brendan.prestt@techtop +61 428087824
    Shipping method
    Free Shipping (12-20 days) Payment method
    Credit Card — $36.76
    Shipping details have halted
    2023-03-13 04:10:13UTC
    The shipment arrived at the customs of United States
    2023-03-10 04:15:36UTC
    Augusta,04333,United States,The shipment is in transit in United States
    2023-03-08 04:16:09UTC
    The shipment has left the sorting center
    2023-03-06 04:12:12UTC
    Baltimore,21209,United States,The shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin

  30. Penelope Schneider Avatar
    Penelope Schneider

    Need larger instructions for camera

  31. Penelope Schneider Avatar
    Penelope Schneider

    Need larger print for the instructions

  32. Found this company title with scouring, under the brand name 'Rise-planet', through third party platform, 'Shopify'. Glad I found this detailed and informative review, as I was about to purchase many items. Thank you!

    1. You are welcome 🙂

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